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									         Presentation to the
      Maine Board of Corrections

Maine County Correctional System

         SEPTEMBER 2008
            Fifteen County Jails

• Lincoln and Sagadahoc have the only regional
  jail east of Virginia.
• Cumberland is the largest with 636 beds.
• Franklin is the smallest with 29 beds.
• Average Dailey population is 1732
     • 240 are state/federal boarders.
Maine’s county jail system has historically served the
 community by holding pre-trial clients and persons
 serving short term sentences.

The county based system allowed persons to be held near
  their community and close to support services upon

The county jail system has experienced significant changes
  as the state deinstitutionalized the mental health system
  and the length of time served has expanded as the state
  struggled to manage its prison population.
• Without an adequate community mental
  health safety net our citizens in need too
  often are deposited at the county jail.
• Counties have had a growing dependency on
  the property tax as state funding remained flat
  at about 5% of actual costs and populations
  swelled as the legislature mandated minimum
  sentencing for numerous crimes.
                COST DRIVERS
• Inmate medical costs
    – Mental Health - Substance Abuse treatment.
•   Boarding for overcrowded facilities.
•   Commodities – Food, oil, clothing, etc.
•   Staffing
•   Replacing outdated facilities.
•   Transportation of inmates
            Costs, continued
• The jail portion of the county budget has
  averaged 50% of county spending.
• The property tax assessment for the county
  jail system is now capped at $62,452,804.
• Since 2005 jails have averaged 7.7% to 8.4%
  annual cost increases.
        Alternatives to incarceration
•   Pre-trial supervision
•   Day Reporting
•   OUI Weekends
•   Alternative sentencing programs (LASP)
•   Co-occurring Disorder Court
•   Deferred Disposition
•   Trustee Community Service Programs
•   Numbers of programs offered is variable form
    county to county

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