Ronald Reagan

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					Ronald Reagan
      He was the oldest man to be elected President

Many people thought he lacked the intellectual credentials to
occupy the White House. Many people who met him were
quite amazed that he had ever got there.
•He became an active trade unionist in 1947
   •President of the Screen Actors Guild

                            He began as an orthodox Roosevelt
                            Democrat. Two issues swung him
                            to the right:
•Ronald Reagan restored the presidency after
four failed presidencies: Johnson in Vietnam,
Nixon with Watergate, Ford and then Carter.
•In 20 years, Americans had seen a President
assassinated, a war lost, humiliation in Iran,
and a sense of breakdown in American
•One of his aims was to

•He was the first President to
"Government is not the solution to our
problems; Government is the problem.
It is time to check and reverse the
growth of Government. It is my
intention to curb the size and influence
of the federal establishment, and to
demand recognition of the distinction
between the powers granted to the
Federal Government and those reserved
to the States or to the people."
Much of Reagan's electoral support was due to

In the election of 1980 he asked Americans to consider
whether they were better off than they had been four years
before. It was a difficult question to answer "yes" to
because America was suffering from double digit inflation,
unemployment at 10%, falling output and trade.
     A Conservative Revolution
The revolutionaries were not on the ____ but those on the _____.

 The revolutionaries were not the student radicals, but very
 __________________, in three-piece suits, with respectable
 ___________________, who were talking about ending the
 ________________________, of rolling back the frontiers of
 ______________, reducing ____________ provision and
 restoring ______________________________________.
The "Reagan Revolution” - the greatest attack on the __________
since Roosevelt.
It propelled Reagan to the White House and Republicans won
the __________ for the first time since 1952.
His first major plan was to reduce ______ and increase ______
        -He reduced ______________ by ____
        -He raised ______________ considerably, restoring new
_____________________ that had been abandoned by Carter.
        -He reduced the budget of many ______________, some
of them helping the _________________, such as ___________
and ______________, but he did not touch _____________ or
.       -A large ___________ resulted.

By the end of his term, there had been ______________ in
federal programs, and the National Debt had ________________
million, partly due to the fact that _________________________
Reaganomics" was the most serious attempt to ______
______________________________________ of any
administration since the New Deal.
 Reagan's 1981 Program for Economic Recovery had
 four major policy objectives:
Inflation was _____ by the end of his term from ____% to just
under __%.
Unemployment ____ from __% to __%;
7 million _______________ were created by Reagan's economic

Reagan strongly supported ____________, but pressure
from _________________ and __________ led to a
substantial increase in new ___________________.
Consequently, the administration added more _______
__________________ than any since Hoover.
                  The Evil Empire

•Ronald Reagan was convinced that the Soviet Union was an

•The rate of growth in the Soviet Union had been _________
steadily since the 1950s.

•1/5 of the population was in __________________________

•He felt the Soviet system was ____________.
                  Star Wars
He was determined to _______________________
_______________________, knowing that they
_____________________ and would therefore break

In 1983 he introduced a ________________________,
the famous ______, nicknamed Star Wars.

The idea was that ______________________________
_______________________________ so as to render the
Soviet nuclear force powerless.

By 1988, the United States had spent almost __________
on this project.
           The Iran-Contra Affair
  "The United States gives terrorists no
  rewards. We make no concessions.
  We make no deals."

Televised hearings from May to August in 1987
investigated publicly the dealings of Lt. Col. Oliver
                                                        Col. Oliver North testifies
North, National Security Advisor John Poindexter,       before a Senate Committee
Former Head of the CIA William J. Casey, Former
Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, as well as
many other high ranking government officials. It
was subsequently found that Poindexter had
personally authorized the diversion of money from
arms sales to Iran to the Contra rebels and had
withheld that information from the president.
Shortly after the end of his presidency, the USSR

He redefined, for better or worse, the relationship between
the ________________________________, and the next
Democratic President, Clinton, reaffirmed that when he
told Congress in 1996, "The era of ____________ is over."

He understood that the job of the President was not to
______________________, but to _____.
At the time Reagan left office, his rating was

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