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     HIPAA Privacy Myths - Perceived versus Real Barriers to Health
     Information Exchange

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     Thursday, September 13,
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     Duration: 90 Minutes           Instructor: Chris Apgar

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                                                                                       Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                      Chris Apgar
                                                                                                    President, Apgar &
    The HIPAA Privacy, now modified by the Health Information                                        Associates, LLC
    Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, spells out
    how patients and health plan members’ medical and claims                           Chris Apgar, CISSP, CEO and
    information can be used and disclosed with and without                             President of Apgar & Associates, LLC
    authorization. It addresses what covered entities and business                     and former HIPAA Compliance
    associates are required to do to comply with federal privacy                       officer for Providence Health Plans,
    requirements and it spells out individuals’ privacy rights. The                    is a nationally recognized
                                                                                       information security, privacy,
    question remains do covered entities and business associates really
                                                                                       national identifier, HIPAA &
    know what is mandated and are workforce members actually trained.
                                                                                       electronic health information
                                                                                       exchange expert. He has over 13
                                                                                       years of experience assisting health
    Many HIPAA myths abound because of the lack of knowledge about                     care organizations comply with
    the rule, misunderstandings that have grown into those myths and                   HIPAA, HITECH and other privacy
    fear of legal risk. That lack of knowledge and spread of mis-                      and security regulations. Mr. Apgar
    information occurs at the compliance management level and, though                  also has assisted health care, utilities
                                                                                       and financial organizations
    lack of policies, procedures and training, uninformed workforce
                                                                                       implement privacy and security
    members. When it comes to protecting an individual’s privacy or
                                                                                       safeguards to protect against
    sharing health information about that individual, lack of knowledge or             organizational harm and harm to
    missing facts can be damaging to the individual and to the covered                 consumers.
    entity or business associate.
                                                                                       Mr. Apgar is a member of the
    The purpose of this webinar is to assist covered entities and                      Workgroup for Electronic Data
    business associates dispel myths that hamper quality patient care,                 Interchange (WEDI) Board of
                                                                                       Directors member and has served
    lead to confusion and frustration in the workforce and those such as
                                                                                       on the Board for more than six
    family involved in an individual’s care, and other adverse events. It's
                                                                                       years. Mr. Apgar continues to Chair
    sometimes a good idea to go all the way back to the basics and build               the Oregon & SW Washington
    on a sound foundation of knowledge to enhance understanding that                   Healthcare, Privacy and Security
    results in positive events. The audience will be taken back to the                 Forum for the 12th year. Mr. Apgar
    beginning for a refresher before moving on to new HITEH Act                        recently joined the State of
    requirements and some of the more common privacy myths that can                    California Office of Privacy
    hamper the needed exchange of health information and the quality                   Protection project team charged with
                                                                                       developing educational material for
    of care.
                                                                                       health care providers, health plans
                                                                                       and consumers regarding medical
                                                                                       identity theft and prevention. He is
    Areas Covered in the Session:
                                                                                       also a member of the Oregon
                                                                                       Prescription Drug Monitoring
                                                                                       Program Advisory Commission.
       l   Review of the HIPAA Privacy Rule (Parts 160 and 164)
       l   Review of HITECH Act Privacy Requirements
                                                                                       Apgar & Associate, LLC clients range
       l   Common HIPAA Myths & What are the Facts                                     from small to large health plans,
              ¡ Use and disclosure of PHI                                              providers, healthcare
              ¡ Administrative and organizational requirements                         clearinghouses, vendors, non-profits,
              ¡ Patient privacy rights                                                 government agencies and health
       l   Privacy Program – What is Required & What to Look For                       care associations. He has been
       l   Template Review                                                             endorsed by the Oregon Medical
                                                                                       Association to assist members with
               ¡ Compliance checklist
                                                                                       privacy, security and regulatory
              ¡   Notice of Privacy Practices
                                                                                       compliance. Mr. Apgar is also a
              ¡   Consent vs. authorization                                            nationally known speaker and
              ¡   Business Associate contract                                          author. More information about Mr.
              ¡   Sample privacy policy and procedure                                  Apgar and Apgar & Associates, LLC
       l   Q&A                                                                         can be found at
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