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    Live Webinar          on
      From Six Sigma to Re-Inventing Quality

    Date & Time:                                                                                                               

     Tuesday, September 18,
                                      10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT                             Register Now                       

     Duration: 60 Minutes             Instructor: Dev Raheja

     Location: Online                 Price : $195.00   (for one participant)
                                                                                         Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                       Dev Raheja
                                                                                                 President, Patient System
    Understanding Six Sigma variation, the causes of variation, and why                                    Safety
    it takes about 10 years to implement a six sigma program is the key
    to understanding there is more to quality than the traditional quality.              Dev Raheja, MS,CSP, A respected
                                                                                         and sought out expert on hospital
                                                                                         safety, author of Safer Hospital
    This webinar covers elegant techniques and management methods                        Care: Strategies for Continuous
    for achieving Zero Defects for adverse events and using innovation                   Innovation draws on his 25 years of
                                                                                         experience as a risk management
    to lower the costs. The webinar will also cover how to use the
                                                                                         and quality assurance consultant to
    traditional DMAIC tool efficiently with Deming’s theory of profound
                                                                                         provide hospital stakeholders with a
    knowledge and Crosby’s model of “quality is free.”                                   systematic way to learn the science
                                                                                         of safe care. He teaches “Quality
                                                                                         Improvement Methods in Healthcare”
     Why should you attend :                                                             for the BBA program in Healthcare
                                                                                         Management at Florida Tech
    Even if a hospital achieves the six sigma quality, there is still a
                                                                                         University. He has written over 20
    chance of                                                                            articles on healthcare quality and
                                                                                         safety, and is a member of the
        l   76 newborn babies in the U.S. will be given to wrong parents                 American College of Healthcare
            each month                                                                   Executives. ...more
        l   At least 1000 patients will be getting wrong medications per
        l   107 incorrect medical procedures would be performed every                   Suggest a Topic       More Webinars

                                                                                          Your Necessity is our Priority
    Therefore we need to do much more than six sigma. We need to re-
    invent quality management using more robust methods..

     Areas Covered in the Session:                                                                         

        l   Understanding normal distribution
        l   Understanding Six Sigma variation
        l   Managing common cause and special cause variations
        l   DMAIC concept for quality improvement
        l   Replacing uncontrollable processes
        l   Limitations in Six Sigma quality
        l   Re-defining quality improvement
        l   New Quality Strategies

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     Who Will Benefit:

        l   Quality Assurance Staff
        l   Patient Safety Officers and Analysts
        l   Physicians
        l   Pharmacy staff
        l   Nursing Staff
        l   Hospital Administrators
        l   Risk Managers
        l   Senior Management

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