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					Author being reviewed ("SA Review Author" style)
Title of the book being reviewed ("SA Review Book Title" style)
Reviewer: Your name here ("SA Reviewer name" style)

The first paragraph of your article should be "SA First Paragraph" style. This is flush left, with no
indent. Subsequent paragraphs are automatically indented by the style sheet. You do not need to
enter tabs to indent paragraphs. This is handled automatically.
  The second paragraph is "SA Body," and is automatically indented.

New Section of the Article ("SA Subsection Headline")

All the styles to be used in the magazine appear in your Style menu beginning with "SA". For
example, if you want to cite a long block of text, use:
     the "SA Blockquote" style, used for long quoted references. It is indented on both sides, and
     will be set off from the rest of the text by a healthy spacing.
The next paragraph is flush left again. If you wish to use bulleted lists in your article, use the
      "SA Bulleted List" style
      For creating lists
      The font looks small here
      But it will format nicely

The next paragraph is the bibliographic reference at the end of the article ("SA Review Book Info"
style). It follows the format:

The Title of the Book Italicized Here by The Author. 123 pp. City of publication, State: Publishing
House, 2000 (publication year). $Price.

If you stick to these styles, using this basic template, it will allow us to produce the magazine much
more efficiently, which translates to more timely issues heading your way!

At the end of your article, include a brief biographical blurb about yourself and your activities, that we
may include up-to-date information about the authors contributing to the current issue.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at You may now erase this
text and begin!

When completed, either send us the document via email (please ZIP or Stuff the file to ensure we
receive it in a useable manner) to the address above, or you can upload it to using the username "author" and password "freedom". Please
email us to let us know it's there!

The Editors.

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