Christie Charity Bike Ride by wanghonghx


									Press Release

                        Oh we do like to be beside the seaside!

       Gallant fundraisers from New Charter Housing Trust, along with 3 Tameside
       councillors, cycled their way to Blackpool on Sunday through severe heavy rainfall
       in order to raise funds for The Christie Charity.

       The team commenced the journey at a leisurely pace with breakfast at New
       Charter’s head office before being transported to Old Trafford for their arduous
       62-mile ride.

       The team took with them their faithful mascot and loyal follower Daisy, a Maltese-
       Chihuahua cross, who enjoyed the journey with her owner Dolores Lewis on a
       bicycle made for two!

       The journey was not without mishaps with a couple of falls and a drenching when a
       car going in the opposite direction drove fast through a flooded rode and left the
       team looking a little bedraggled.

       But that didn’t deter them and they were soon riding beside the seaside in their ‘Kiss
       me quick’ hats and sampling the local candyfloss.

       The good news is that to date the team have raised £1,800.00 for this very important
       charity but they would like to increase that to £3,000.00 so everybody out there dig
       deep in your pockets and donate on

       And if you don’t they will set Daisy on you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       The team consisted of:

       New Charter’s CEO Ian Munro, Dolores Lewis (and Daisy), David Ward, Steve
       O’Donovan, Emma Marsh, Danny McLoughlin, Gareth Machin, Steve Wilkinson,
       Shaun Gagie, Paul Giles, Ian Schofield with special guest riders Councillors Vincent
       Ricci and Denise Ward

                                                  - Ends -

                               For further press information contact Pete Bird at the Bird Consultancy
                               New Church House, 34 John Dalton Street, Manchester, M2 6LE, UK
                               T +44 (0)161 839 4846 F + 44 (0)161 839 7822

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