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									                           Odyssey in Outer Space
                                Day 5 - Skit
(Kevin is in “bed” with his pillow, blanket and a heating pad on his head. He has a
clipboard in his hands and a drink by his side, in front of the piano. He is looking
over his clipboard and then calls Danny, who is eating cereal and playing video
games with Steve & Brian. Allyson is hanging out with them listening to her I-pod.
Connie is dusting. Cell phone goes off and Danny stops to answer it. They are up
on stage.)

Danny – Yeah

Kevin – Good morning Danny. Am I waking you up?

Danny - No, I got up ten minutes ago. Mom made me get up. (Shoots a dirty look
at Connie.)

Allyson - Danny! It is 2:00 in the afternoon! Mom wasn't all that unreasonable!

Danny - (shoots a dirty look at Allyson) What’s up?

Kevin – I have a mission for you, your sister and your friend.

Danny - Which sister and which friend? I do have more than one of both of those.

Kevin - You do? Man, I forget their names. They are sort of tall and thin. I think
     he has brownish hair. He turns pretty dark in the summer. I can't remember
     what he does to turn that way, but I think he's the man I need for this job.

Danny - You mean Steve?

Kevin - Yes, that's it! I think. Good work Danny. I need his sister too.

Danny - You mean his brother, Brian?

Kevin - Yes, yes, that's who I'm looking for.

Danny - Now, do you still need one of my sisters? If so, which sister?

Kevin - You got more than one of those too?

Danny - Unfortunately

Connie - Danny!
                       The “Odyssey in Outer Space” Program is licensed under a
            Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Kevin - I must want the oldest one. What's her name?

Danny - Allyson

Kevin - Yeah, yeah, that's the one I need.

(Steve, Brian and Allyson are looking at each other and start pointing to each other
      and miming going into space)

Brian - Does he have a mission for the three of us?

Danny - (shakes his head “yes”)

Allyson - What is it? Where are we going?

Danny - (shrugs)

Brian - What do you mean you don't know? He always tells you exactly what the
      mission entails and supplies everything you need for it.

Danny - I mean I don't know. I think the old man is losing it.

Steve - Give me the phone! (Grabs it from him) Hello?

Kevin - Hello Allyson

Steve - What! I hope I don't sound like Allyson. This is Steve! Do you have a
     mission for us?

Kevin - Yes I do. Are you in?

Steve – Can you give us some details? Where are we going?

Kevin - I can't remember and I can't find my trusty little clipboard that tells me
     everything I'm thinking and need to say.

Steve - Isn’t your clipboard right in front of you on your lap? That's where it always

Kevin - You’re right! Maybe I just have to flip the page.

Steve - Boss, you don't sound good. You hang on. Brian and I will be right over.
     (Hangs up)
                      The “Odyssey in Outer Space” Program is licensed under a
           Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Allyson - Is something going to self destruct? Something always does.

Steve - I don't know! He didn't say.

Brian - Well, I'm taking NO chances! (Starts throwing cereal bowls & video games
      out the window)

Allyson - My I-pod! (She throws it & there's an explosion on the screen)

Connie - I don't like the looks of all this. I know Kevin is a genius and a great boss,
     but the truth of the matter is he's getting old! He's losing it, or maybe has
     already lost it. I don't think you guys should go on ANY mission right now.
     You're liable to get out there and not have what you need. He won't
     remember you're out there or how to get you back!

Brian - I hate to admit it, but I think you're right. He's an absolute genius and a
      great astronaut. There isn't another person around right now that can fill his
      shoes, but it does feel too dangerous to go on a mission when you can't trust
      your boss to remember your name or where you are or where you're going.

Allyson - Or to tell you that something is going to explode in front of you or where
      his notes are that are in front of his face and on his lap!!

Connie - I know you're not asking for my opinion, but I say you two (points to Steve
     & Brian) should go over there and check on him and postpone or abort the
     mission for your own safety.

(Brian & Steve get up to go.)

Brian - I think you're right. Let's go Steve. Thanks for the cereal Connie. It was

                       The “Odyssey in Outer Space” Program is licensed under a
            Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Before Skit 5

MC - Let's quick review where we've been in our skits and what we've learned this
     week. Where did we go on Day 1? 2? 3? 4?
     Day 1 – Moon. We learned that God is the Creator of everything & everyone
     Day 2 – Mars. We learned that God is enormously huge
     Day 3 – we got stuck in the Asteroid Belt. We learned of our sin & disobedience
            and Jesus' perfection & forgiveness
     Day 4 – we went way out to cold, dark Pluto for a rescue mission. We learned
            of the greatest rescue mission of all time – God came to earth to rescue
            us from our cold, dark sinful lives!
     Let's wrap it up today

After Skit 5

MC - (I'm sure you'll have something funny to say after this one!) How would you
     have felt taking a trip out to space if the one in charge was as forgetful and
     old as I was made out to be in this skit? It would be dangerous, very scary and
     not very smart, wouldn't it? Who on earth gets old and forgetful? It's hard to
     believe at your ages, but everyone does, right? God never gets old and
     forgetful, sick or tired. He has always been faithful and will always continue
     to be faithful, forever and ever. We can trust Him today and can continue to
     trust Him for the rest of our lives and eternity. That's what we'll be learning

                      The “Odyssey in Outer Space” Program is licensed under a
           Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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