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					                                               Nik Kershaw Live – Behind the
                                               scenes with the singer and fans
                                          In the artists dressing room at the Apollo theatre in Manchester
                                          everything is in chaos. A mid-teens teenager with mother in tow
                                          has Nik seized firmly. Quickly out with the pocket camera –
                                          cheese – with a photo of an embrace with the star as proof to
                                          disbelieving friends.

                                          Nik has together with his band of four people, looked for their
                                          stage stuff. Manager Mickey Modern (previous ‘Nine Below
                                          Zero’) hurries them up.

                                          Nik slips of his black leather jacket. On the stage he likes bright
                                          colours. Wide white flabby trousers and an even whiter shirt.
                                          First smooth out the bandage on the left foot (‘ have to strap
                                          the foot for a few days after a jump’), it’s because of that he
has red high-tied baseball boots. A little beige make-up against the pale face.

With Nik’s light blue shirt over his arm Dennis, the tour manager, guides the five boys out through the
door and down the small walkway.

Behind the scene curtain is still some minutes of waiting period, until you can hear the music in the hall.
Nik moistens himself with spit on the hands, draw thereby laterally through the brown hair with blonde
stands, in order to put it up. Guitarist Keith tries to calm his nerves with support-like air jumps.

Then the start signal – soon after nine o’clock – Nik, Keith, Mark (drums), Tim (keyboards) and Dennis
(bass) run up on the stage, in the dark. 2000, 80% female, fans jump as on command, and scream ‘Nik,
Nik’, off their seats, nobody can get them to sit down again for the next 90 minutes. The crowd rush to
the front of the stage.

Already by the first sounds of ‘Cloak and Dagger’ – on the black stage background are projected two
white daggers – everyone sings along, wave their arms in time to the music.

Nik plays guitar in the concerts, but he also handles bass, keyboards and percussion perfectly.
He does it without complex show effects, has his songs from the single and the album ‘Human Racing’
set only by coloured lights and a little background projection – like a jungle with a monkey in ‘Monkey
Business’ – on stage. Only in ‘Dark Glasses’ (B-side of ‘I Won’t Let the Sun go Down on Me) with dark
specs do the band and their small boss 1,62m (5’4”) disguise themselves.

Nevertheless the spark in the public from the first moment ignites. With his super hit ‘I Won’t Let the
Sun go Down on Me’ the tendency reached its high point. The singing of the fans threatens to over come
Nik’s small voice totally. He gives up and lets them sing the chorus alone – again and again – ‘I won’t let
the sun go dow-ow-own…’

In ‘Dancing Girls’, his newest single, Nik gets himself a camera from the wings. ‘In 1-2-3 you all jump,
say cheese and I photograph you’, he orders his public. And the 2000 does as he says.

In the ending song ‘Gone to Pieces’ and the two additions ‘Human Racing’ and ‘Wouldn’t It Be Good’
they are in such a way heated up that they don’t leave, even the drumsticks, which Mark throws into the
screaming multitude, doesn’t make them leave. ‘We want more, we want more’ roars through the whole

Finally the band persuaded to a further ‘I Won’t Let the Sun go Down on Me’. But then the conclusion is
final. Nik is just as exhausted as his repertoire.

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Still while the fans in the hall rave, he has left through the back
door of the theatre with his Canadian wife Sheri, who during the
whole concert modestly stood in the wings and whose size fits
him perfectly…

Left Picture Text:
The brown hair with blonde strands tufted up is Nik Kershaw’s
Right Picture Text:
With dark specs Nik sings ‘Dark Glasses’

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