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					On Beauty

What are the effects of beauty on consciousness? How is beauty defined?
Beauty as an expression, it’s meaning. How is it that we define ugliness,
what is it that ugliness really is?

        I am given a very detailed image of our brain and our consciousness
and our perceiving apparatus: how we receive and perceive reality, how we
organize within the brain the forms around us, the experience around us.
The question of beauty is a very integral question, there is the inbuilt,
inherent ability within conscious beings to see synchronicity, to see God, to
see divine attribute, to see the harmonious meaning, the alignment that is
divine being-ness in form. One description of beauty could then be: the
alignment of divine being-ness creating form. Divine being-ness utterly
allowed to take shape un-interfered with while descending into form. The
pure thought manifesting unbroken into form, a perfection of manifestation
into molecular shape. Therefore beauty is a message, beauty is a key to
understanding the synchronicity, divine alignment, the meaning, the
purpose, the intention of the creative principle of God nature.
        In metaphor, if you allow any molecular substance to take shape in its
most un-interfered progression, it will arrive into a perfectness of itself. In
actuality, non-metaphor, the quartz crystal is the molecule of silica when it is
absolutely allowed in peace to take shape. Seeing then the perfect lines, the
absolute clarity, this is beauty. The human being, the conscious being
recognizes it as beauty, as divine alignment of silica.
        Take any atomic substance, any mineral and any seed, which you are
embedded in, and allow it to take perfect shape in its own name and its own
identity, it will produce forms of perfection. Take the seed of a tree and give
it the conditions of peace, fertility and steadiness and watch it develop into
the perfect expression of itself, the divine alignment within itself.
         The conscious being sees divine alignments of form as beauty. And
so this is one ultimate manifestation, the uninterrupted perfect descent from
the idea of form into the substance of form into the full manifestation of
form. In this worldly matter, in this material world of substance, diamond
carbon sits in many uninterrupted forms and you can look at these
interruptions of carbon development and see them as beauty. But what is
held in the human conscious being as the ultimate beauty is carbon in its
uninterrupted form as diamond. Carbon in its most uninterrupted
manifestation is the diamond.
        Understanding that aspect of beauty defined, understanding also that
the conscious being has an inherent readiness, a place within their
consciousness that notices divine alignment and as soon as it notices divine
alignment it begins to divinely align within itself. Noticing perfect silica,
quartz crystal, begins to create divine alignment within ones being on all
levels. Noticing the perfected shape of a mountain, a tree, a flower
unblemished in its opening, creates divine alignment within the conscious
form and even then more powerfully, the divine alignment of the human
being. Such as the Christ, the perfect flower, such as the beings that have
fully entered into the flowering of consciousness within form. These beings
create divine alignment in all those that love, all those that attend and listen
and revere. Divine alignment occurring in the complexity of the human
        One can look for this perfected form of being on all levels; the
mineral, the plant, the animal, the human and in the infusion of the spiritual
identity, the divine mind. It goes on from there, into the realms of the non-
physical. Into the perfected placements, the perfected nexus of development
at each level.
        We move from here into the variations, what we call the disruptions.
Even the beautiful rose quartz is disrupted silica infused with mineral. And
all the beautiful stones and gems that have color are interrupted and infused
with other elements of becoming. Or the tree that has had to withstand the
strongest wind on the hilltop and doesn’t grow straight is a disrupted tree
form, and yet beautiful. Or the human being who has been jailed as a
murderer and then comes forward into the world to be a divine servant, this
is a disrupted process and yet ever the more beautiful. What makes it
beautiful? What makes the rutilated quartz with its strands of asbestos
glinting in it any different than the pure quartz? Or the human being who
has been in the darkness of mind, and then in the dawning of mind…what is
that then?
        Beauty is the essence of all beings; beauty is the source, the journey
and the end of all forms of manifestation. Beauty is another name for God,
and God is an ever moving, ever dynamic process of becoming. God is the
molten silica sometimes finding itself in a protected place to develop into
perfection, sometimes not. It is all beauty, it is all the substance of God. It
is all the substance of the indefinable name of creation.
        Beauty is then the conscious being recognizing that the divine
manifestation, the divine expression of God, is beautiful every step of the
way and is moving every step of the way. It is the essence of hope, the
essence of faith and the essence of consciousness that sees that the beauty of
the twisted tree is as beautify as the straight tree because the tree stayed
living, became stronger, became more conscious because of the wind. And
the crystalline substance of quartz with its inclusions is beautiful because it
continued into crystallization around its inclusions. In essence there is
nothing but beauty, and to the conscious being, everything is beauty even the
dump. Even the dump is just the process of trying to crystallize around
inclusions. Before there is ever a completed product where it shows the
result, there is the confusion. What will occur on the Earth’s body itself,
when the dump has been incorporated, crystallized or shaped around? What
magnificence will arrive from that that you may see in a life a thousand
years from now?
       We could say that ugliness is focusing in on one moment and seeing
the confusion of disruption. Seeing the unknown result, seeing only that
moment. Seeing only the broken crushed crystal, and not understanding the
indestructibility of atomic matter itself; it will always reshape and there is a
calling within all substance towards shaping into alignment. We see the
resultant forms, we see the old tree in its beautiful shape and we celebrate.
But we must learn to celebrate when it’s a young sapling whipping around in
the wind looking tattered with branches torn off of it. We must look to see
what it can become by sitting there in that tempest and know that we are
watching beauty in formation. We could then define ugliness as beauty in
       We must learn not to look at ugliness and let it create a lack of
alignment in our being. Learn to not let it create despair and confusion. We
must look at the apparent momentary disruption and ugliness with patience
and with wisdom, knowing that it will become the best it can be in most
remarkable ways. There is only beauty, there is only God, and there is only
divine purpose in every aspect of manifest creation. And yet when we are in
an undefined struggle of consciousness, when we are in need, we must
resource ourselves around the perfected aspects of beauty: the unbroken
forests, the flower gardens in full health. We must immerse ourselves in the
shape of manifesting divinity. Allow it in, allow it to reach deep and create
that flowering and alignment in the heart and the soul. Furthermore, turn to
the masters of perfected consciousness, and allow them in. Allow them to
create the streaming alignment to the highest extent.

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