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									Neetu Dahiya


English 9 honors


                                Section Three: Summary Paragraph

         Stories like “Harrison Bergeron,” “The waters of Babylon,” “A very old man with

enormous wings,” and “The ones who walk away from Omelas,” have something in common,

such as going over the limit. This can apply in many ways for each story. In “Harrison Bergeron,”

Harrison is a boy who wants to show people what they don’t want to see. Everyone is masked

to be equal and be average. Though in this story being above average is good. The story “The

waters of Babylon,” a man goes to the place that is forbidden. He crosses his boundaries and

goes to the land everyone else is afraid to. He goes over a limit by doing what others are afraid

to (the limit would be going nowhere). Then in the story “A very old man with enormous

wings,” the sky is the limit. (Do you get it? Wings and sky? I am too funny) On a more serious

note, he was treated to be below average for having wings. Being different is what makes us

beautiful and in this story at first others didn’t think so. Lastly, in “The ones who walk away

from Omelas,” an innocent child is literally below average. Society keeps him locked away

underground away from their perfect world. They don’t even believe he could adapt to being

normal even if he tried. Though there are those who are good and go over the limit when they

decide this torture is not serving justice to a child.
                               Section Four: Short Story


       Bullying. A huge problem all around the world. People are daily tormented for being

themselves. Most people could do something to help victims though they just watch from the

outside, while on the inside victim’s fight alone. This is a story of a girl who comes from the

outside to help a victim of bullying on the inside.

       Sarah, a girl who’s known to be average. She grew up with an older brother and two

loving parents. Her family owned a bakery just on the inside of town. They money made off

from the bakery was just enough to get by and pay their monthly bills. At school Sarah had a

good group of friends, though none of them really understood her.

       Penelope, a girl who’s was marked as being below average. She grew up without any

siblings and the love of a mother, though her father’s love made up for it. Her mother had left

her father and her when she was six years old. Penelope’s father owned a farm a couple of

miles from the town of New Bern, North Carolina. They didn’t make much money from it and

lived very poor. Penelope didn’t really have any friends. Every now and then she would make

small talk with others though not often. She was very reserved and to herself. The sad thing

was she was put down for being different. If you didn’t the right clothes or a good amount of

money, you were marked as being below average.
       High school was like a social food chain. Penelope being at the way bottom, while Sarah

although not at the very top or at the very bottom, she was considered average. Most kids

would get picked on by the girls who were at the top of the social chain.

       “Ready for another day of school?” Penelope had asker herself. Penelope absolutely

dreaded school. She waited nervously everyday for what new idea the other average students

thought of to make her life miserable. Others made fun of her for not having enough money

and not always wearing the most up-to-date clothing.

       Sarah and Penelope both attend the same English class. This week they were studying

Romeo and Juliet. Their teacher Mrs. Williams would be assigning them partners for an

upcoming project. Students anxiously wait to see who they were assigned to. As the teacher

goes through everyone else in the class, Sarah and Penelope and another set of students are

waiting to be paired up. As Mrs. Williams assigns the second to last pair, both Penelope and

Sarah are left to be partners. Both are coming from different parts on the social chain, it was

doomed to be completely awkward.

       Through out the course of high school up till this moment, both the girls had never

talked. They’ve made eye contact every now and then passing each other in the halls. Both girls

gathered their materials and headed towards two empty seats to sit next to each other. At first

it was awkward to get some portion of communication going, though Sarah headed right into it.

       After awhile into working on the project, both girls realized something. This might not

be so bad after all. Sarah had been surprised as to how much she got to know about Penelope
from one class period. At the same time Penelope had be surprised as to how much she had

broken out of her shell.

       Over the course of the next couple of class periods they got to know each other more

and more. Penelope would describe her life on the farm with her dad. Sarah would talk about

funny stories at the bakery. Their friendship was like no other. They got along so well, though

there was still one problem. Both girls were from different parts of the social chain. In other

students eyes, their friendship was weird and a soon enough a lost cause. Though in their eyes

this was really a friendship.

       Sarah knew that if she gave up her time to spend with Penelope then she would be

brought down in the chain. As for Penelope she was thankful to see she was making a new

friend though she thought from Sarah’s point of view and also thought this might die down. She

never believed for Sarah to give up her status.

       Today was a day, like no other. That changed both girls’ lives. Penelope was in the

courtyard of the school getting picked on by the averages. They were tossing her back and forth

making fun of her and teasing her by calling out mean names. Others of course just stood on

the sidelines doing nothing. They just stood there watching. Sarah had heard from others of

what was going on and immediately rushed to see the action.

       She stood there watching her friend being bullied. At that exact moment she had come

to a realization. This was it. This is what she had been looking for all along. This was the missing

piece. Penelope was the true friend Sarah had been looking for. She now realized that being an
average was nothing when all her other “friendships” meant nothing. This was what should

matter more.

       Sarah quickly jumped in the crowd on the inside and told others to stop. The crowd

grew silent as everyone was shocked that someone would risk their status to help someone

that had no status. Penelope too was shocked though she was happy that someone from the

outside came to help her.

       Most people are afraid to help someone in need. They fear the risk of losing everything

they have. Are you that person that watches on the outside while others feelings get torn

down? Don’t be. Be like Penelope and do what’s right. Help others in need, it can lead to the

start of something new and something special.

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