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					                        Digital Citizenship

Simon Chute

Problem Statement

The problem is that people are not being good digital citizens and they need to
be. This problem is for younger students. The problem is happening right now
and it has been for the last 5 years or so. The problem is all around the world
and that is part of the problem because people everywhere are being bad digital
citizens. It is a problem because many people are being disrespectful and
offensive online. They are saying things that might be very offensive and thinking
that it will be ok, but they don’t know who might be watching.

Design Brief

I will design and create a presentation that will teach about the 9 digital
elements and being a good digital citizen. I will make the presentation using
Power Point, Word, and others. I will use my knowledge on the 9 elements and
put it in my presentation. This product is for younger students, especially 4th or
5th graders. I will do this because they need to know how to be good digital
citizens so that when they grow up they can be.

Design Spec. My product must….

      Teach about being a good digital citizen
      Have the 9 elements
      Have lots of color to make it interesting
      Use words that younger students will understand


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                     Research and analysis

Simon Chute

Example 1:

Who: this video is designed for teenagers and parents

What: This is a video containing tips about being a good digital citizen.

Where: this is a website on the internet at

When: This is for right now because people these days are being bad
digital citizens.

Why: This was made so that teenagers and parents will be able to be good
digital citizens

1. It is very easy to just simply watch the video and use the tips in their life.

2. People these days are very lazy, but with this you can just click on the
video and not have to do anything else.

3. It is very organized and easy to use. It even has a blog where you can
post things that you have learned and want to share.


1. You can only access this site through the internet, and many places don’t
have the internet so lots of people will not be able to use it.

2. There is lots of writing on this site and many people are too lazy to read
it so they would not be getting the info that they need.

How to fix the problems:

1. The people who made this site could take their idea and turn it into a
book so that people can have it wherever they are.

2. They have pretty much already solved the second problem because they
have made a video so that people do not have to read the other stuff.
Example 2:

Who: This site is completely for teenagers

What: This is a website about good digital citizen. It has a forum, videos,
and much more.

Where: This is a website on the internet at

When: This is right now. Teenagers especially are being bad digital

Why: This site was made so that teenagers can learn about being a good
digital citizen.

1. This site has a forum that allows people to communicate and ask
questions about being a good digital citizen.

2. It also has lots of specific videos that people can watch to be informed
about digital citizenship.

3. It is very interactive and there are many things to do. It is not just like a
page of writing that you are forced to read.


1. It is a little bit disorganized and confusing. All of the info is kind of just
plotted around the page and not really in order or anything.

2. In order to do anything you have to make an account. This account asks
you for some personal information about you. Very easily someone could
hack your account and say something embarrassing or offensive. (But that
would be being a bad digital citizen!)

How to fix the problems:

1. You could easily reorganize the order of the things on the site.

2. You could make it so that you do not have to have an account so you
could just comment whenever you want.
Example 3:

Who: This site is really for anyone. It can be used by kids, parents, and
even teachers.

What: This site is to teach all people about what digital citizenship is, and
how to be a good one.

Where: This is an internet site at

When: This is for modern day when people are not being good digital

Why: This site was made so that people can learn about being a good
digital citizen.

1. It is very organized and has many different ways to learn about being a
good digital citizen.

2. This site is for a wide variety of ages of people. Teachers, parents, and
children can use it.

3. There are many ways to learn about this. There are videos, pictures, and


1. The video on digital citizenship was a little confusing and it might be
hard for a younger person to understand it.

2. On some of their topics there is a lot of writing. They use some confusing
words like framework, comprehensive, and consultation that some
children would not understand. (Even I don’t.)

How to fix the problems:

1. They could make the video again and this time use other words that
younger people will understand.

  2. They could separate the sections (teachers, parents, and children) so
   that they would all be able to understand the videos and things better

Here is my Domo animation about Digital citizenship.
                                      Design Spec
Simon Chute

1. Pictures
My product must have pictures that are linked with my project so that they know what it is
about. So if the younger audiences are not great at reading, the pictures will help them to know
what it is about.

2. Length
My product will have at least 12 slides. It needs to be pretty long in order for my audience to
understand the concept.

3. Colour
My product must have lots of colour. My product is for a younger audience and they will get
bored if all it is black and white. But if I add colour then they might stay interested and like it

4. Easy words
In my product I need to use easy words. My product is for younger people and they might not
understand some of the words that I would use. If I use easier words they will be able to
understand it better.

5. The 9 Digital Elements
My product must have the 9 digital elements. It is about them so I kind of have to. It needs to
have these because if they know them then they can be them and use them when they are being a
good digital citizen. (From Taran)

6. Special affects
My product must have special effects. If it was boring then my audience would get bored and they
would drift away. (From Taran)

7. Organized
My product must be organized. If it was messy then no one would understand it and then it
would be pointless. (from Rana)

8. Simple
It must be simple because they must be able to understand it. If it was confusing then they
wouldn’t get any of it and they would be utterly confused.

9. (Possibly) Story match
It would be a bit complicated but I could try to put some of the characters that they know from
TV shows into it so that it will make more sense to them.

10. Summary of key points
At the end I could have a slide of all of the key points that I said. That way it would reinforce what
they should have learned.
1. I will look at the pictures and make sure that they are simple enough for younger people to understand.
Survey. I will show these to 5 people and if 4/5 people think they are good then I will keep them.

2. I will make it at least 12 slides and see if they are good and interesting enough.
Survey. I will show it to 4 people and if ½ of the people think that they are interesting enough then I will
keep all of them.

3. I will make my slides very colourful and with different styles on every one.
Survey. If 4/5 people think it is colourful enough then I will keep the same colours.

4. I will ask some of the people in my class if the words are easy enough and if they say no then I will have to
change them.

5. I will ask my friends if they have them and if it doesn’t then I will make it so they do.

6. I will ask Taran if they are good because he is the techy guy in the class. If he likes them then I will keep

7. I will show it to Kathryn because she is VERY picky about being organized so if she says its good then its

8. I will ask my classmates and if half of them say it is then I will keep it.

9. I will look at the original story and see that it matches and it is accurate. (I probably wont do this one)

10. I will look back at the power point and make sure that I have covered all of the main points.

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