; PART THREE QUESTIONS 11-15 Read the article on bad bosses
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PART THREE QUESTIONS 11-15 Read the article on bad bosses


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									PART THREE: QUESTIONS 11-15

Read the article on bad bosses and match the titles (B - J) and the paragraphs
(11 - 15) in the table below.
The order is not important.
There are four extra titles. Do not use them.
(0) has been done for you as an example.

     (0) Most of us have to report to a manager, the person we call boss. And
         most of us have sometimes had a bad boss. They miss meetings to go
         golfing or shopping. They steal your ideas. They tell jokes about you.
         But no matter how bad your boss is, you need to have a working
         relationship with him or her.

     (11) Firstly, try to understand that your boss maybe doesn’t know that he is bad.
        Talk to this boss. Tell him what you need from him. Be polite and focus on
        your needs. Telling the boss he’s a bad boss is not productive and won’t help
        you achieve your goals.
     (12) Ask the manager how you can help him achieve his goals. Maybe your boss
        has so much work to do that he can’t provide support for you. Perhaps he has
        been promoted too quickly without training. Make sure you listen to his
        problems well and really try to help.
     (13) If you’ve taken these actions, and they haven’t worked, go to your boss’s
        manager and ask for help. If you decide to do this, understand that your boss
        may never forgive you. It may be a good idea to ask your HR manager for
        help in presenting the problem to your boss’s boss.
     (14) If nothing changes, or you think the problem is that the HR manager, and
        your boss’s manager don’t believe you, ask your colleagues who have the
        same problem to join you. Visit the boss’s manager to make him see the size
        of the problem.
     (15) If all this doesn’t work, find out if transfer or promotion is available. If not,
        start searching for a new job. Running away from a bad boss is always a good
        option, because if you stay you will feel frustrated, unhappy, and demotivated.

A.      Working with a bad boss.
                                                           (0)          A
B.      Think of the firm’s interest first.
C.      Tell him what you think of him.                    (11)
D.      Explain what you want from him.                    (12)
E.      Offer to help the boss at his work.                (13)
F.      Never talk behind your boss’s back.
G.      Speak with the higher authorities.
H.      The HR sector may be the problem.                  (15)
I.      Get together for maximum effect.
J.      Make sure you have where to go.

Now turn over the page for PART FOUR.
(0) A
(11) D
(12) E
(13) G
(14) I
(15) J

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