Hostess Flyer SHOT at 100

					                              Thank you for being my hostess.
                              I look forward to working with you!

                                  Making Your Girl's Time Out a Huge Success!

Your S.H.O.T. at $100FREE
  YOUR REWARDS                                                        Invite 20 to 25 people to ensure a
  S = SIX GUESTS                                                      great group will come. Let them know
  Have six non-Mary Kay users at your party                           we will begin right on time.
  18 years and older
  $25 product                                                         Let them know that I will be
                                                                      contacting them to introduce myself
  H = HOLD ON ORIGINAL DATE                                           and find out a little more about their
  Hold your party on the original date booked                         skin type so I can bring the correct
  $25 product                                                         samples.
                                                                      Call them the day before to remind
  O = ORDERS OF $300                                                  them of the time and to dress
  When your party has orders of $300 or more                          comfortably. Remember, I will be
  including outside orders both online and on                         sending the postcards too!
  paper. For online orders, have them put your
  name in the comments section                                        Obtain outside orders.
  $25 product                                                         Keep refreshments simple and plan to
                                                                      serve after the party.
  Have two or more bookings from your party
  $25 product
 If the above requirements are not met, you will still
 receive 10% of the sales; 15% with one booking;
 20% with two bookings.
                                                                     Who do you know who:
                                                                       you like having fun with
                                                                       enjoys looking good
  Christy Flater
  Office     801-967-9146                                              has great skin
  Cell/Text 801-792-1038                                               has troubled skin
                                                                       just had a baby
                                                                       just had a promotion
Return your invite list to me via                                      are friends you don't see often
phone or email within 24 hours!                                        loves to be pampered
                                                                       loves makeup
Because this is my business, and I love what I do,                     needs a night out
I will be there rain, sleet, snow or shine!                            wants to help you
I know that I can count on you. Thanks so much!

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