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   Subject:   Northern Region Burn Boss Refresher

       To:    Forest and Grasslands Supervisors

On March 12, 2008, the Forest Service added a refresher training course requirement to the
Prescribed Burn Boss Type 1 (RXB1) and Prescribed Burn Boss Type 2 (RXB2) positions. The
newly required course is a Prescribed Fire Workshop (RT-300FS) that is required every other
year to maintain currency for RXB1 and RXB2.

The Foundational Doctrine and Guiding Principles for the Northern Region Fire, Aviation and
Air Program contain the following doctrinal principle under Training/Development/Mentoring:
“As we move from a rule-based performance system to a doctrine-based system, our training will
teach employees how to think and make appropriate decisions. We will help our employees
achieve success and safety through education and training not solely by regulation.”

In order to satisfy the Burn Boss Refresher requirement and apply our Doctrine, the Northern
Region Forest and Grassland Fire Management Officers will have the discretion to determine
content and format of the Burn Boss Refresher. Examples used by the Forest and Grasslands to
date include burning on adjacent units, teaching related courses, presentations on prescribed fire
methodology to other agencies, technical review of burn plans from other units, escaped
prescribed fire reviews, and coaching/mentoring of ignition and holding specialists. Experiences
based on peer to peer communication in the field have proven to be very valuable to Burn Bosses
seeking continued education.

These examples are provided as ideas and guidance to assist units in structuring opportunities for
their Burn Bosses to expand, refine and build depth in their technical, communication and
leadership skills. Once a Burn Boss has met “refresher” intent to the satisfaction of the
Forest/Grassland Fire Management Officer, the training will be recorded as required for entry
into the Incident Qualification and Certification System.

Please refer questions regarding Burn Boss Refresher to Pat Garbutt, Assistant Director,
Prescribed Fire, (406) 329-3266.

/s/ Patricia L. Koppenol
Director of Fire, Aviation & Air

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