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									6 Simple Steps in Adding a
 Voiceover in Powerpoint
For PowerPoint presentations, which are usually
   informative or instructional, the voiceovers
  should be short, concise and clear. You should
 ensure that you perfectly time your PowerPoint
 voiceover to match the correct slide. When you
 record the audio, use PowerPoint's slide timing
features, which you can set up if you want to run
         the presentation automatically.
1 Check if your microphone is ready:
 turned on, not muted, sound mixer
 set at a balanced level.
2 Create a new folder and label it
3 Save a copy of the PowerPoint file
 you'll be working on.
4   Set up Narration Recording in PowerPoint and follow
   the instructions below:

a. Select the slideshow option in the menu bar.
b. Click "record narration".
c. Choose "change quality".
d. Select "44.100kHz, 16 bit, Mono".
e. Click "set microphone level" and test your microphone.
f. Tick the "link narration" box.
g. Choose "browse" then open the new folder you've created from the previous
     step and select the folder.
h. Click the "OK" button and begin recording voiceovers on your slides.
i. Choose "yes" every time you're asked to "save timings on the slides".
j. Save the completed PowerPoint presentation again.
5 Review the audio quality of your
6 Run the entire PowerPoint
 presentation to check if voiceover
 and slides are well synchronised.
When you are working on a professional or business
presentation, especially if it's to be used for sales and
marketing, it's recommended that you consider hiring a
professional voiceover talent to ensure that the final product is

With a professional voiceover talent, you get to choose a voice
that's attractive, confident and experienced in capturing the
targeted audience's attention.

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