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					iPhone Wrist Concept

Eternally bored of the traditional watch embracing your wrists? Try these two cool new accessories that
will make your whole arm the cynosure of your general appearance!

The iPhone 5 Bracelet

The Concept? How do you approach the notion of a spider or any sort of arthropods crawling with their
legs touching your sensitive skin? Creepy, isn’t it? But wait till you find out that not all things that
resemble an insect’s hairy legs are spine-chilling. Sometimes, what it can bring you is excitement beyond
description- especially if we are talking about a WRIST PHONE!

Federico Ciccarese, an eminent cell phone concept designer, conceptualized a cell phone design which is
ergonomically better than the industry smartphones that some companies are releasing at the moment.
What he came up with is a cool bracelet phone that acts as the iPhone 5.

Since the above photo only depicts the visual rendering of the design itself and we have no available
technical specification of it, allow us to speculate a bit: As you can see, despite the lovely flexible feature
of the phone-accessories, what raise some moot discussion are the metal legs that wrap around our
hands. Do they heat up easily? Are the girths too big that the metals feel like hell in between our fingers?

I insist to believe that these metals are, let’s say, made of aluminum and don’t heat up easily. Moreover,
they are built to not strain our hands even if the wrist phone hugs our hands for a long period of time. It
is a very resilient phone that can weather semi-harsh conditions like indoor and outdoor temperatures,
frantic movements, and sweaty hands (chuckles!).

For its innards, it should have a dual-core to quad-core processor, an A5x, 2GB RAM, and processing data
capabilities fit for a thin device like this. It should also have a FaceTime camera (since a camera at the
back will be useless) and a version of the newest Apple OS that is suitable for gadgets with smaller

But despite the beauty of the design, a lot of tech consumers have expressed their scorn and dislike of it
online. Yet, this only calls for the majority’s open-mindedness. Remember the Google Glasses? A couple
of years ago, wearing it would have been downright ridiculous and geeky, but now the funky tech glasses
are making waves and possibly building a new market for spectacles-technology.

So why shouldn’t an Apple Wrist Phone make it big?

But for all those who want to get the Apple Wrist Phone, hold your horses first! Why? Because this is not
a real phone! Yes! This is just a concept design that Federico Ciccarese came up for the iPhone 5. Now,
the only question is if Apple would heed his suggestion and make use of the concept for its next
generation iPhone.

Who knows? As far as I know, Apple really gives some skull-hitting surprises.

Nonetheless, get ready for the iPhone 5 and sell your old phone at!


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