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									Integrated Marketing

              Search Engine Marketing
              Chapter 1

              Instructor: Dawn Rauscher
       Brief Marketing History
• When Did it Begin?       • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  – 1800’s -- Newspapers      – Scanner Data
  – 1900’s -- Radio & TV      – Consumer Interviews
• Types of Marketing?      • Web Marketing
  – Direct Marketing          – Banner Ads
  – Database Marketing        – Bulk Email
  – Profiling                 – Portals
  – Clustering                – Search Engine Marketing
  – Segmentation
   Offline Marketing Lessons
• TV Road Blocks
  – 1960’s
     • 4 Ads for 2 Nights targeted 90% audience
  – Today
     • 85 TV Ads
• Problems
  – Thousands of channels
  – Newspapers
  – Radio Stations
  – Billboards
  – Web pages
       Digitization Changes
• Countless Choices
  – Example: Music (MP3, ipod, ipad, Pandora)
  – Example: Newspaper
• Manage Ad Campaigns
  – Web allows for segmentation
  – Target specific audience
• Transformation
  – Few Campaigns/Year
  – Thousands of Campaigns Simultaneously
• Media
  – Mostly make money by displaying advertising
      New Marketing Model
• Analytics
  – Digital Media sends data to the analytics
  – PPC, SEO, banner adds, bulk email, ect.
  – Traditional Media have been added to this stream
    of information
• Benefits
  – Where is the traffic coming from?
  – How much does it cost per lead?
  – How much does it cost per sale?
  – What is the value per visitor?
• Results
  – What is going on?
  – What can we do about it?
  – Change campaigns accordingly
               Google’s Role
• AdWords (Easy, popular, successful)
• Ads on AM/FM radio
• Ads on TV (CNN, MSNBC, Animal Planet)
  – Upload a video, select markets, place bids
• Newspaper Market
• Mobile Device ads
Limits of Traditional Marketing
• Connections of TV ad views to sales
  could not be tracked
• TV stations did not know if the show
  was being watched
• Radio stations didn’t know if people
  were listening
• Newspapers could only track sales and
Unique URL’s & Tracking Codes
• Send the customer to a webpage
• Unique URL’s included in all ads
  – for TV
  – for radio
• Tracking tools record visits, actions,
• Unique URL’s with a redirect to the main site
             Buying Cycle
1.   Awareness of a desire or need
2.   Research the market
3.   Compare products
4.   Purchase the product
       Length of Buying Cycle
•   Low cost products = A few days
•   Large purchases = Month
•   Industrial Equipment = Six Months
•   Real Estate = Years
                                  Integrated Marketing
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             The use of two or more marketing
              channels to sell a product or service.

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         Digital Marketing Tools
• Analytics --- Software to track campaigns

• PPC (pay-per-click) ---Place Ads on search results

• Multivariate Testing (MTV)
      Software to test permutations of web pages

• Targeting Messaging
      Databases, analytics, behavioral targeting,
      customer profiles to send targeted messages

• Business Intelligence (BI)
      Software that collects sales & financial activity

     Software to track customers
Integrated Marketing Strategies

 – Divide up customer base into categories
 – Display message at audience through
   multiple channels
 – Point viewers to unique URL
Enterprise Marketing Management
 • Uses various tools to manage marketing
   strategies and tactics
   – Reduces costs
   – Increases productivity
   – Grows revenue
 • Other Names
   – Marketing Resource Management (MRM)
   – Marketing Operations Management (MOM)
 • Unica is the market leader
• Google AdWords allow marketing to be a
  trackable activity

• Digitized Marketing offers new tools for
  automated distribution of campaigns across
  multiple channels

• Traditional Marketing and Online Marketing
  have merged into one package
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