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					Mustang Boss 302R                                                                                   Pure-bred racer… winning in its blood.

         Fully engineered track-ready race car available from your local Ford dealer. Buy one and be a part of Boss history.
                                                          TECHNICAL DATA                      Front Suspension                   Steering                             Ancillaries
                                                                                              •	Ride-height-adjustable	Koni		    •	Ford	Racing	rack	and	pinion	       •	Aluminum	PWR	radiator		
                                                          Powertrain                            inverted	coil-over	struts,		       steering                             with	separate	oil	cooler
                                                                                                compression	and	rebound	         Brakes                               •	Ford	Racing	electrical	harness
                                                          •	Ford	Racing	5.0-liter	V8,		         adjustable	dampers
                                                            four	valves/cyl.                                                     •	Front:	Brembo,	4-piston	calipers   •	Ford	Racing	exhaust	system
                                                                                              •	Adjustable	caster/camber	plate
                                                          •	Ford	Racing	TTC	close	ratio	                                         •	Rear:	Ford,	stock                  •	SPA	cable-activated	extinguisher
                                                            6-speed	transmission              •	Urethane	bushings
                                                                                                                                 •	ABS:	Ford,	recalibrated		          •	Recaro	position-adjustable		
                                                          •	3.55:1,	8.8	in.	Torsen	T2R	       •	Adjustable	anti-roll	bar           production                           racing	seat
                                                            limited-slip	differential                                                                                 •	Sparco	quick-release		
                                                          •	Ford	Racing	clutch                Rear Suspension                    Wheels                                 steering	wheel
                                                                                              •	Multimatic	3	link	with		         •	BBS	18	x	10	in.,		                 •	Sabelt	6-point	safety	harness,	
MUSTANG BOSS 302R                                         Chassis                               panhard	bar                        front	and	rear                       HANS®-compatible
from Ford Racing                                          •	Seam-welded	Ford	steel		          •	Koni	coil-over	dampers;		                                             •	Center-mount	console	switches
Forty years ago, the original Mustang Boss 302              unibody,		integrated	safety	cage    ride-height,	compression		       Fuel System                          •	AIM	digital	dash	system	–		
became a road racing legend. The car’s triumphs           •	Structural	performance:	over	       and	rebound	adjustable           •	ATL	22-gallon,	custom		              data	logging	and	display
included Parnelli Jones’ SCCA Trans-Am championship         20,000	lb.-ft./degree	(torsional) •	Urethane	bushings                  dual-dry-break	fuel	cell
in 1970, driving a Boss 302 prepared by Bud Moore                                                                                •	Walbro	255	L/H	fuel	pumps          Dimensions
Engineering. Now, the new Boss 302R from Ford
                                                                                                                                 •	SK	fuel	pressure	regulator         •	Wheelbase:	107.1	in.
Racing is adding another illustrious chapter to
the legend.                                                                                                                                                           •	Front	track:	62.8	in.
                                                                                                                                                                      •	Rear	track:	63.0	in.
Production of no more than 50 Boss 302Rs is
planned. While they are serialized, these cars are                                                                                                                    •	Dry	weight:	3050	lb.
definitely not street legal – they are proper, full
fledged race cars, ready to race in several classes
of Grand-Am, SCCA and NASA road racing. The base
Boss 302R is equipped with a 5.0-liter, four-valve,
V8 engine, a six-speed manual transmission, racing
dampers and springs, a Brembo brake package,
plus a roll cage, racing seat, safety harness, and
data acquisition system.
A version with even higher performance, homologated
for the Grand-Am Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge
series, features a sealed, high-output engine with an
upgraded cooling system, a close-ratio six-speed trans-
mission with integral shifter, a high-speed-balanced,
one-piece driveshaft, and a seam-welded body.
Be a part of Boss history. See your local Ford dealer
to order your own Boss 302R.


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