Minutes – Opening Session

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					                                                    Minutes – Opening Session
                                              Tennessee Building Officials Association
                                                 Annual Meeting, Gatlinburg, TN
                                                     Monday, April 11, 2011

President Tim Earles called the meeting to order.

Past President Steve Mills, City of Hendersonville, gave the opening prayer and pledge of allegiants to the American Flag.

President Tim Earles introduced Mike Hill, Mayor of Gatlinburg.
         Mayor Hill addressed the membership.

President Tim Earles recognized of First Timers by asking them to stand.

President Tim Earles introduced the Board of Directors
         1st Vice President – AB Crofford, City of Bartlett
         2nd Vice President – Linda Dansby, City of Eagleville
         Treasurer – Eddie Plunkett, City of Fayetteville
         Secretary – Keith Bruner, City of Kingsport
         Past President – Tim Ward, City of Oak Ridge
         Associate Member – Mark Richardson
         Associate Member – Bob Melton

President Earles welcomed our honored guest:
         Jimmy Brothers, President,ICC Board of Directors
         Dwayne Garris, ICC Board of Directors,Ga
         Alex Olszowy, ICC Board of Directors, Ky
         Mel Cosgrove, ICC District Manager
         Gary West, Tennessee Assistant Commissioner of Commerce & Ins.
         Chris Bainbridge, State Fire Marshal’s Office Dir. Code Enforcement
         Al Hancock, SFO Asst. Dir. Of Code Enforcement
         Jimmy Sanders, SFO Middle Tennessee Supervisor
         Terry Singleton, SFO West Tennessee Supervisor
         Ricky Harris, State Fire Marshal’s Office
         Roger Hawks, Director, Tennessee Fire and Codes Academy

Tennessee Chapter Presidents were asked to stand.

Introduction of Exhibitors – Linda Dansby & Mark Richardson
         Centurion Stone
         Cox Industries, Inc                                           Omega Flex, Inc.
         DuPont Tyvek                                                  Power Fasteners
         Epiphany Foam Insulation                                      Rehau Construction LLC
         Ferguson/Knoxville                                            Safeguard
         Hilti                                                         Simpson Strong-Tie
         Icynene                                                       Smart Vent Flood Vents
         International Code Council                                    Styro Systems, Inc.
         iLevel by Weyerhaeuser                                        Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy
         Litesteel Technologies/Lite Steel Beam                        Underwriters Lavatories
         LP Building Products
         NSF Internation

Past President Tim Ward introduced Assistant Commissioner of Commerce and Insurance Gary West
         Assistant Commissioner West addressed the membership.
1st Vice President A. B. Crofford presented the nomination of Honorary Members to the TBOA membership:
         Tim Ward

Motion to accept nomination made by Jim Brown, seconded by Karl Cooler. Motion approved.

Report of the Nomination Committee made by Committee Chairman Jim Snyder with the following officers being nominated for
        President – Tim Earles, Sullivan County
        1st Vice President – AB Crofford, City of Bartlett
        2nd Vice President – Linda Dansby, City of Eagleville
        Treasurer – Eddie Plunkett, City of Fayetteville
        Secretary – Keith Bruner, City of Kingsport
        Associate Member- Mark Richardson, Simpson Strong Tie
        Associate Member- Bob Melton, Masonry Institute

President Tim Earles ask if there were nominations from the floor for each office:
          President: No nominations. Motion Steve Mills seconded by Jim Snyder for Tim Earles. Motion approved
         1st Vice President–No nominations. Motion Steve Mills seconded by David Buck for AB Crofford. Motion approved.
         2nd Vice President- Motion from the floor by Tom Connable for Denny Boss seconded by David Bodkin. Ballots were
         handed out by the nomination committee with Denny Boss winning the election.
         Treasurer-No nominations. Motion Steve Mills seconded by Travis Blevins for Eddie Plunkett. Motion approved.
         Secretary- No nominations. Motion Don Bombailey seconded by Steve Mills for Keith Bruner. Motion approved.
         Associate Board members- No nominations. Motion Jim Brown seconded by David Bodkin for Mark Richardson & Bob
         Melton. Motion approved.

President Earles introduced Ralph Ramsey from the Tennessee Fire Safety Inspectors Association.
Mr. Ramsey addressed the membership.

Opening Session adjourned by President Earles.

Respectively submitted,

Keith Bruner

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