Idioms by ewghwehws


									 Idioms 13

            Dime a dozen
• Def: abundant; cheap and common
• Ex: Reality TV shows are a dime a dozen.
              Draw the line
• Def: to set a limit at something
• Ex: I don’t mind if you talk during class, but
  I draw the line at swearing.
          Drop a bombshell
• Def: to announce shocking or startling
• Ex: The teacher dropped a bombshell
  when she told us she was quitting
       Drop in (on someone)
• Def: to pay someone a casual visit, usually
  as a surprise
• Ex: I can’t stay for dinner. I just dropped in
  for a minute to say hello.
           Do a double take
• Def: to react with surprise; to have to look
  twice to make sure that you saw
  something correctly
• Ex: The nurse did a double take when she
  saw that the man had six toes.

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