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									Big enough to deliver – Small enough to care
- a complete Health, Safety, Environment & Quality Enterprise solution

      Omega AS, established in 1991, is a Norwegian software company with 700+ staff with offices
      in Norway, Australia, Singapore, Denmark, Lithuania, UK, US and Canada. Omnisafe was first
      delivered to Brunei Shell in 1997 and has since then been employed by companies world-wide
      and offers a very wide range of modules aimed at the Health, Safety & Environment
HSEQ management

HSEQ – Health, Safety, Environment and Quality management involves every
single aspect of a company. It is a very complex and varied effort which shows
up in many shapes and sizes.

The complete picture can be hard to see, it may appear as if there are
hundreds of unrelated efforts, but in fact they all represent a HSEQ culture.

While most safety systems focus mostly on Incident Reporting and associated
functionality Omnisafe has a very strong Incident Reporting component, but
does not stop there; our 38 HSEQ components cover virtually all aspects of
any company’s HSEQ effort, and we take great pride in working with every
single one of our customers to ensure that if their specific need is not met
already, we will configure existing components as well as create new
components on demand.

• Compliance; to not be in violation of regulatory/legal and
  self-imposed/internal requirements is a base requirement.
  Ensuring compliance with internal and external
  requirements requires actively managing your HSEQ

• Continuous improvement is the next step beyond
  compliance. The dedication and resolve to go above and
  beyond your compliance level and improve continuously is
  a hallmark of most major companies, and we feel Omnisafe
  is particularly suited for this task as we offer several
  components that go beyond compliance

• Financial; minimizing risk means less cost. Accidents,
  spills, legal violations and other undesired events are all
  risks nobody should take without actively managing them
  and mitigating their potential impact. While it is sometimes
  hard to put a money value on, there should be no doubt that
  managing HSEQ has a significant financial impact.
Core system values
• Workflow as a core feature on every level enabling what is a manual process of
  moving the information through the process ensures compliance

• Adaptability to local and corporate needs is a requirement for a successful
  implementation. All implementations of Omnisafe is configured to meet those
  needs for every single module.

• Accessible software is key to system loyalty. Low barrier to entry, low level of
  training required and never asking for more data than the user has a relationship
  to are all elements that go into making a highly accessible system.

• Continuous improvement involves the system being involved in every level of
  the HSEQ effort, not just one or two areas. Omnisafe provides the toolbox for all
  areas of HSEQ work, and should a customer have requirements beyond what
  Omnisafe delivers, we make that for them.

• Connecting the dots, making sure all different components share the same
  Action Item Database and workflow methodology ensures there is no isolation
  between discipline efforts.

• Available data; making sure the data that is put into the system is readily
  available through personal dashboards and very strong ad-hoc reporting where
  the user can organize, search, filter and manipulate the data presentation

• Web-based means easy distribution of the solution to a very wide audience with
  limited effort, helping the HSEQ effort to become a corporate-wide effort with all
  levels involved on some level.
What is Omnisafe
Omnisafe is a complete software solution enabling the core of HSE work; Continous Improvement

Where other software packages address one or a few areas with their offering Omnisafe is unique in that we
offer a comprehensive package with 8 modules consisting of a total of 38 components from very simple Unsafe
Act modules to very complex Incident Reporting and Equipment Safety components.

                       Omnisafe Personal – making individuals responsible for their contribution to safety

                  Omnisafe Safety – discipline components with a primary focus on compliance and reporting

              Omnisafe Manager – pro-active components with a focus on Continous Improvement and prevention

                  Omnisafe Environment – environment and permit management around air, waste and water

             Omnisafe Health – the intersection between Health and Safety with focus on safety-impact and injuries

                         Omnisafe Quality – procedure and compliance focus with non-HSE elements

            Omnisafe Chemicals – specialty components addressing managing chemicals in high-risk environments

       Omnisafe Shipping – collection of components from the above modules aimed specifically at maritime environments
Omnisafe modules
     Safety            Management                 Health               Environment              Quality              Chemicals

                                                  PERSONAL SYSTEMS
  Self Assess              Alerts                                                             Action Items
Safety Checklists        Surveys                                                             Work Quality
      PPE                Training                                                            Respirator Fit
                                                  DISCIPLINE SYSTEMS
    Incidents           Deviations            Injury Reports           Air Release         Process Upsets       Hazardous Mts
   Behaviour          Change Mgmt        Medical Reports                 Waste                   Drills               MSDS
  Unsafe Acts
  Unsafe Acts           Exposure         Industrial Hygiene              Water                  Audits          Chem Inventory
   Claims            Activity Planning                                    Mud                 Inspections
Manual Handling
Manual Handling          Meetings                                                             Feedback
      JSA              Risk Register                                                          Equipment
                       Web solution                                                        Fully configurable
                Personal portal & dashboard                                                    Security
                         Workflow                                                    Ad-hoc and standard reporting
                 Personal My Quality & Safety
                                   a personal safety and quality portal promoting awareness and personal responsibility

Where most Omnisafe modules are aimed at the Safety professional with
input from end-users, Omnisafe My Q&S is aimed directly at end users with
safety professional input. This module has 2 sub-modules

Assessments & Qualifications: People who require permits or permission to work from
home, work on boats, particular locations etc are required to complete a self-assessment
form before such permits can be made. The system will track all such permits, both in terms
of in-house requirements such as online assessments as well as externally required permits
such as external training or certifications.

Quality: When a job order is issued My Q&S will follow up the person doing the job with a
self-assessment form asking how well prepared the job was, if procedure was followed, if
the conditions on-site matched requirements etc. If an issue is addressed the system will
prompt for more information specifically for that type of question / issue. Eg. Tools required
where not present, the system will then ask additional questions to determine the cause of
this failure. The outcome of this is then routed to the correct authority for follow-up.
Integration with job-order systems for instance SAP ensures that both the type of work and
any procedures outlined in the job-order system is carried through to My Q&S.
                  Personal Safety Checklists

                                                   The Safety Checklist module
                                                   is designed for worker-level

•   Predefined activity based safety list          implementation of policy and
                                                   procedure to ensure all work
•   Produces work floor suitable paper based       that is carried out are done in
    checklists for on-site review
                                                   a safe and proper fashion. By
                                                   identifying the activity and
•   Additional activities with associated
    hazards, controls, precautions, equipment      work area and the system will
    requirements etc can be added                  produce a Safety Checklist
                                                   that contains all precautions,
                                                   equipment, procedures etc
                                                   that need to be in place prior
                                                   to work, during work and after

                                                Key value : Hands-on documentation to the person
                                                performing the work.
                Personal Personal Protective Equipment

                                                Tracks PPE issued to staff with issue and expiry date, ensuring all
                                                PPE requirements are met and up to date. In addition this module

•   Overview per person of special needs        provides a library of all types of PPE available, special issues,
    with PPE                                    instructions on how to perform fit tests along with documentation
                                                on the equipment
•   A record of all PPE equipment issued, fit
    tests performed

•   Tracks expiry dates, notifies on PPE

•   Provides record of all PPE available with
    fit test instructions and other special

•   Documentation, User Manuals etc
    attached to the PPE categories

                                                Key value : ensures and documents appropriate and
                                                current PPE are issued and tracked to all staff
                 Personal Alerts

                                              The Alerts module captures learning and experiences from all
                                              safety work for publication and notification to a wide audience.
                                              Experience and learning are easily lost in larger organizations or
•   Describe the learning / experience /
    alert                                     dynamic environments, and by setting up publication rules to
                                              email, intranets or others you ensure all relevant staff are kept up
•   Identify Importance Rating
                                              to date on all experience-gathering from managing Health, Safety
                                              and Environment.
•   Set up rules for distribution of alerts

                                              Key value : Ensure that conclusions and learning
                                              that may or may not be actionable are spread to a
                                              wider audience.
                 Personal Surveys

                                            The Surveys module is a generalized survey tool much like the
                                            Audit tool in that it allows for the creating, scheduling, distribution
                                            and collection of surveys. Create a survey with multiple questions,
•   Multiple sections, free format
                                            schedule to a group of recipients as a once-off exercise or on a
                                            regular basis. These are then sent by email to the recipients,
•   Schedule once-off or recurring          scored and returned for review.

•   Define participants and distribute by
    email to all recipients

•   Review scores and compliance

•   Produce reports

                                            Key value : Allows for information gathering from
                                            end-users, stakeholders, asset owners and others
                                            on a scheduled basis.
                Personal Training

                                                   The Training Module captures all
                                                   certification and training requirements
                                                   of staff on site, ensures training

•   Captures training and certification per
                                                   requirements are met and
    person                                         certifications do not lapse. This
                                                   register provides a per-person view of
•   Notifies of deadlines
                                                   their current training and certification
                                                   along with any duration or refresh
•   Planning future training and timing for this

                                                   Key value : keep track of certification and training
                                                   requirements ensure adherence to policy and
                   Personal Action Items

                                              This is a cross-functional module, meaning
                                              it has input in all other modules, action

•   Assign actions from any source
                                              items are created on Incidents, Audits,
                                              Inspections etc into this module. Assign
•   Email notifications of actions            responsibility, prioritize and track action
                                              items regardless of source and verify
•   Confirmation and signoff of action
                                              completeness. Ensures a consistent
                                              process for addressing outstanding work to
•   Escalation rules for overdue actions      be done and escalation of outstanding work
                                              both on an individual level and
•   Approval rules for completing and
                                              department/business unit/company.
    verifying actions taken

•   All actions gathered in one location

•   Track actions by person or larger group
                                               Key value : Tracks actions from all sources
                                               regardless of source. Ensure decisions are being
•   Documentation of action given and
    action taken                               implemented and followed through.
                 Personal Respirator Fit Test

                                                 In-depth tracking of respirators issued with support for Medical
                                                 Questionnaire, Qualitative test as well as quantitative test for each
•   In-depth recording of respirator fit tests   respirator issued.

•   Supports all aspects of the fit test
    (Medical, Quality, Quantity)

                                                 Key value : Respirators are complex PPE which
                                                 requires broader functionality than ordinary PPE,
                                                 this module covers aspects potentially not required
                                                 by other PPE tracking modules or tools.
                 Safety Incident Reports

                                                The Incidents Module is a highly work-flowed module where the data input
                                                is adaptive to both the progression of the workflow and the data required.
•   Adaptive data input based on stage
    and existing data
                                                At initial entry the data entry requirements are very basic, but as more
                                                information is recovered and the incident goes through the discover and
•   Configurable Risk Assessment Matrix         investigation process more data can be entered. A leak incident will not
                                                ask for vehicle data, a near-miss will not ask for injury information etc.
•   Incident is workflowed

•   Supports reporting non-recordable
    data, eg. Contractors, outside parties.

•   Escalation support

•   Frequency (LTIF/TRCF) support

•   In addition to traditional incidents also
    supports Security and Spill incidents.
                                                  Key value : Enables compliance reporting in
                                                  addition to providing the basis for both incident
                                                  investigations as well as overall identification of
                                                  focus areas and lack of performance
                Safety Behavior Observations

                                               Behavior Observations is a questionnaire directed at ad-hoc or
                                               planned workplace inspections where how work is being performed
•   Captures dangerous events before they      is observed and reported. While the Unsafe Act module is
    become accidents
                                               intended for ad-hoc reporting by end-users this module facilitates
                                               targeted inspections of safe or unsafe behavior across multiple
•   Facilitates organized and targeted
    behavior inspections                       people.

•   Well defined behavior guidelines pre-
    loaded to help in the inspection process

                                               Key value : organized inspections with targeted
                                               questions and observation points which will pick up
                                               unsafe behavior or actions before accidents occur
                  Safety Unsafe Acts

                                                 The Unsafe Acts module is designed to give end-users a way to
                                                 report acts or conditions they observe as hazardous or outside
•   Captures dangerous conditions before
                                                 procedure. A key point here is to not ask for too much data, users
    they become accidents
                                                 should not experience the entry of an unsafe act as cumbersome
•   Broad categorization of WHAT, WHY and        as these observations make the foundation of the safety pyramid.
    General Failure Types                        Structure of the data for future analysis is also very important, with
                                                 categorized WHAT was observed and WHY did this happen on a
•   People Involved are not stated, the intent
                                                 very high level.
    is not to create investigations but to
    capture trends

•   Associate Action Items and Notification
    emails directly

                                                 Key value : enable early detection of unsafe trends
                                                 in the organization before they materialize into
                Safety Claims

                                The Claims module links to the
                                Incidents module to track claims made
                                against the organization resulting from
•   Links to Incidents          Incidents. Tracks progress of claims,
                                counterparty details including legal
•   Records Claim details
                                details and financial data and payment
•   Records Legal details

•   Records Financial details

                                Key value : Follow-up on claims which is the
                                financial side-effect of incidents leads to clearer
                                responsibility and visibility of the financial
                                importance of incidents in the organization
            Safety Manual Handling Risk Assessment

                                              This module makes it possible to maintain a library of
                                              Manual Handling Risk Assessments for specific jobs on
                                              specific locations through-out the business. Reduces
•   Define purpose of drill
                                              the risk of injuries due to Lifting and Carrying in addition
                                              to Pushing and Pulling. The goal of this functionality is
•   Define recipients of report from drill    to reduce cost of sickness absence and reduce injuries
                                              from manual handling materials.

•   Describe Scenario, Observers and
    Sequence of Events

•   Capture Positive and Negative
    observations with conclusions from the

•   Assign actions and responsibilities and
    monitor these

                                              Key value : Reduces injuries and associated cost
                                              resulting from improperly handling heavy lifts and
                                              manual labor.
                 Safety Job Safety Analysis

                                             The Job Safety Analysis module is
                                             used to identify job related hazards
•   Identifies the job, location and job     before they occur and to identify
    function to be analysed                  the relationship between the
                                             worker, the task at hand, and the
•   Breaks down the job into a sequence of
                                             working environment.
                                             Taking the time to perform a job
•   Identifies potential hazards             safety analysis will add value to
                                             your safety program, reduce many
•   Identifies need of training and PPE
                                             injuries, and provide a direction of
                                             steps on the job tasks for your
•   Determining preventive measures to
    overcome these hazards                   employees. This will help in
                                             maintaining your safety culture in
                                             your daily process of operation.

                                             Key value : Ensure and promote safety in the work-
                                             place and stay on target with JSA
               Safety HazOp

                                    The HazOp module provides basic support of the HazOp
                                    methodology. This module is aimed at an environment

•   Equipment TAG support           where HazOp should be performed, but are not due to low
                                    risk/low activity rating.
•   Guidewords and Deviations

•   Attach documents and drawings

•   Assign actions.

                                    Key value : Enables the implementation of HazOp in
                                    environments where this is not being performed
                Manager Deviations & Exemptions

                                              The Deviations & Exemptions module is used to either apply for an
                                              exemption to operating, safety or other procedure, or reports a

•   Supports both applications to deviate
                                              deviation after the fact of same procedures. Enables a work
    and reports of deviation                  flowed processing of applications and after-the-fact reports to
                                              ensure correct processing.
•   Workflow to enable Technical and
    Operational staff to be involved in the

•   Assign risk and potential to the

•   Assign actions prior to deviation or as
    reaction to deviation.

                                              Key value : Workflow process of applications and
                                              quality assurance of reported deviations.


                            Manager Change Management



                                                         Record and review risks associated with
                                                         change, implements change plan
  •            Captures proposed date including          according to corporate process, monitor
               description, justification, priority,
                                                         and manages the change request,
               affected areas and trigger for change
                                                         prioritize and execute cost-benefit analysis
  •            Workflow enables correct procedure for    of the change and track actions associated
               treating change requests                  with the change request.

  •            Establish Change Request, assess
               Change Request and issue Change

  •            Identify affected documents and

  •            Cost benefit and risk analysis integral
               part of the process
                                                         Key value : Simplify change management;
  •            Track actions associated with the         visualizing and automating a complex process with
               change                                    complex information


                           Manager Exposure Hours



Chemicals                                             Exposure Hours are tracked to provide baseline for benchmarks
                                                      against other organizations or business areas such as 1 First Aid
  •            Record exposure hours
                                                      Case per 10 000 hours worked. This module allows you to tracks
                                                      hours worked / exposed to risk in one interface, supports
  •            Supports integration with HR systems
                                                      interfacing to ERP systems or Excel spreadsheets to load data.
  •            Can capture alternate exposure (e.g.   Group and categorize the hours based on several criteria including
               Kilometers driven)
                                                      Company/Contractor, Onshore/Offshore, Departments, Location
  •            Categorization of exposure

                                                      Key value : Enables benchmarking of safety data vs.


                            Manager Activity Planning



Chemicals                                          Plan and schedule activities such as audits, inspections, certifications and
                                                   other recurring events. Monitor status of planned activities and overdue

   •            Plan activities once-off or        activities.

   •            Auditable records of all planned
                and future events

                                                   Key value : Failing to plan is planning to fail


                           Manager Meetings



Chemicals                                                 The Meetings module captures minutes of meetings from any type

  •            Plan meeting, define agenda                of related meeting. Actions from these minutes are automatically
                                                          added to the action list in Omnisafe, ensuring that actions from
  •            Capture actions from meetings              meetings are treated the same way as all other actions from every
               allocated to individuals
                                                          module. Furthermore the meetings module can electronically

  •            Electronically distribute the minutes of
                                                          distribute minutes to participants.

  •            Action Items allows for follow-up on
               status and progression.

                                                          Key value : ensure actions agreed in meetings are
                                                          found alongside all other HSE related actions


                        Manager Risk Register



Chemicals                                              Supports a bottom up approach to risk
                                                       assessment, assigning risk areas to
  •         Assign risk area
                                                       business areas/domain, process, activity
                                                       and location. Assign owners and
  •         Identify starting risk rating
                                                       descriptors to risk, prioritize importance
  •         Identify controls and actions              and impact, establish the inherent
                                                       (starting risk) through a configurable Risk
  •         Identify resulting risk rating
                                                       Assessment Matrix (RAM), identify
                                                       controls and barriers with associated
  •         Full risk development history
                                                       assign action items to these controls and
  •         Workflow process for each risk category    barriers to ensure risk mitigation takes
                                                       place and identify residual risk after
  •         Linking risks from Incidents to identify   controls are implemented.
            related barrier and control failures

                                                       Key value : Systematic and proactive risk mitigation
                                                       is enabled through structured risk identification as
                                                       well as identification of related risk when controls
                                                       and barriers are breached


      Manager              Environment Waste Management



                                                        Records waste shipment and waste management for permits and
                                                        tracking of waste. General waste information, minimization,

  •            Record general details regarding the     treatment, transport and disposal information tracked and financial
               waste shipment                           impact monitored and accumulated.

  •            Record Minimization including Reuse,
               Recycle and Reduce along with cost of
               this operation

  •            Record any treatment done to the waste
               (Biological, Chemical, Thermal or
               Physical) along with cost.

  •            Record transportation method and

  •            Record disposal details including
               discharge, landfill and injections

                                                        Key value : Tracks and records waste shipments
                                                        along with relevant treatment data.


      Manager           Environment Water Management



                                          The Water Management is used for Water Quality Inspection,
                                          captures water quality, well locations, properties and status. In
                                          addition record measured pollutants and other elements found in
  •         Captures well details
                                          the water over time.

  •         Captures water quality data

                                          Key value : Manages water quality of either
                                          produced water or groundwater


      Manager                Environment Air Release Management



                                                   Air release management is used for planned or accidental releases
                                                   to air. Flaring data, planning details, notifications and approvals
  •            Captures general as well as event   are recorded along with the chemical composition of the vented or
                                                   flared gas.

  •            Notification records and approval

  •            Gas composition records.

                                                   Key value : Provides detailed data of all air
                                                   emissions, both planned and unplanned.


                        Environment Drilling Mud


                                                          Record and track all elements of

                                                          drilling mud, brine and slurry usage

  •         Track mud recycling
                                                          including lifetime additions and
                                                          removals of additives. Casing
  •         Track all additives used; Pre-mix, Drilling   recording and tracking. Onshore
            and Clean-up
                                                          recycling, shipping and rig added
                                                          additives. Multiple reports for
  •         Lifecycle cumulative calculations
                                                          internal and government reporting
  •         Record mud loss and location                  including DTI/UKOOA forms,
                                                          chemical additive alias support and
  •         Brine tracking
                                                          HOCNS support. Predictions on
                                                          future usage based on planned
  •         Slurry tracking
                                                          well details.

  •         Well section and casing tracking

  •         Calibration recording

                                                          Key value : Keep track of all mud
  •         Chemical alias and HOCNS support
                                                          additives and losses


                           Health Injuries



Chemicals                                                    Injuries is a module aimed at on-site medical
                                                             personal who treat injuries from workplace
  •            Allows medical staff to create injury
               reports without having to establish an
                                                             accidents. This module allows capture of all
               Incident in advance as Incident reports       relevant medical injury data while providing a
               tend to be created after medical treatment
                                                             link to incident reports when an incident report
               has been started
                                                             is made for the same injury. Medical reports

  •            Captures all injury details required by the   require more information than Incident
               medical staff to track, which is above and    reports, so this is captured in a separate
               beyond what an incident report requires
                                                             module from which a sub-set of the data is
                                                             linked to incidents when required.
  •            Avoids double entry of data between
               medical injury reports and incident injury    Furthermore, Injury recorded by medical staff
               reports                                       without associated Incidents indicate a lack of
                                                             incident reporting

                                                             Key value : Gives medical personnel a module for
                                                             capturing early information while tracking the entire
                                                             injury case


                            Health Occupational Health



                                                          Records general health data of staff along with various screening
                                                          and test results from physical examinations. Supports conclusions
  •            Full record of physical examinations and
                                                          in terms of Fit for Work and follow-up of medical issues.
               testing/drug screening for all staff

  •            Records corrective measures for the

  •            Allows linking to incidents for
               documentation of physical conditions in
               the case of non-injury incidents

                                                          Key value : audit trail in physical examinations for
                                                          staff, tracks recommendations and corrective


                           Health Industrial Hygiene



Chemicals                                                  Designed to capture all external factors around a specific work
                                                           area. Tracks factual working conditions in terms of noise,
  •            Recording of actual working conditions      ventilation noise, vibration, light, temperature, air, climate,
               together with requirements
                                                           radiation, chemical and biological hazards and equipment.

  •            Controls for reducing risk in these areas
               identified and followed up

                                                           Key value : Provides overview of all working
                                                           conditions across a large area, tracks requirements
                                                           and actual for follow-up, approvals and sign-offs for
                                                           acknowledging risks inherent in the area


                          Quality Process Upsets



Chemicals                                           The Process Upsets module is a variant of Incident Reporting that
                                                    is used for quality/production incidents that does not have an
  •            Supports TAG database interface
                                                    impact on People, Environment, Assets or Reputation. Production
  •            Shutdown and Status recording        line stops, process train trips etc. Uses the same methodology as
                                                    used in Incident Reporting for capturing, recording, investigating
  •            Root cause recording
                                                    and producing statistics on quality and production incidents.

  •            Uptime/Downtime reporting

  •            General Failure Types and trending

                                                    Key value : Applies statistical safety approach to
                                                    Quality management.


                           Quality Drills



                                                         Record results of a wide variety of drills such as Fire Drills,
                                                         Evacuation Drills, Blowout drills etc. Define the Drill scope and
                                                         participants in advance, and capture observational data from the
  •            Define purpose of drill
                                                         drill. Also capture actions that arise from drill with associated
  •            Define recipients of report from drill    follow-up.

  •            Describe Scenario, Observers and
               Sequence of Events

  •            Capture Positive and Negative
               observations with conclusions from the

  •            Assign actions and responsibilities and
               monitor these

                                                         Key value : Records findings from drills


                           Quality Audits



Chemicals                                     Enables the creation of questionnaires and the definition of scoring
                                              of each question. In addition, consolidated scoring is supported to
  •            Configurable audit format
                                              provide an overall assessment of the audit. Links to the Planning
  •            Section and question format    tool for scheduling and assigning audits to auditors. Automated
               with weighted scoring          alerts and issue of audits.

  •            Assigning audits to auditors
               and scheduling

  •            Upload documents, pictures
               and other files

  •            Assign actions and follow up

                                              Key value : Fit for purpose audits ensures process


                           Quality Inspections



Chemicals                                           The Inspections module is used to plan inspections and record results of
                                                    planned or ad-hoc inspections, who participated in them and what the
  •            Multiple inspection formats
                                                    outcomes were. Assign action items for follow-up.
  •            Assign action items to inspections

  •            Supports Safety Safaris

  •            Attach documents and pictures to

                                                    Key value : Plan, execute and record findings from
                                                    inspections and safety safaris.


      Manager             Quality Feedback



Chemicals                                            The Feedback module records multiple
                                                     types of feedback including Service
                                                     Feedback for internal service delivery,
  •            Record and categorize feedback from   Public Feedback from the general public
               internal and outside sources          and Customer Feedback for feedback on
                                                     services delivered to customers. Records
  •            Assign responsibility and monitor
                                                     outside customer feedback, complaints
                                                     and other input from the community,
                                                     authorities or general public. Enables the
                                                     tracking, assignment of responsibility and
                                                     monitoring of these.

                                                     Key value : Captures external feedback and
                                                     complaints for organized and structured
                                                     assignment of responsibilities and review.


                         Quality Equipment



Chemicals                                                   The Equipment module is directed
                                                            at movable assets / tools on a
                                                            maintenance schedule as well as
  •            Full asset database
                                                            subject to inspections to determine
  •            Import of external inspections               status of safe or unsafe,
                                                            quarantine or scrapped equipment.
  •            Inspection status
                                                            Certificates for issuing scrapped or
                                                            quarantined equipment with
  •            Quarantine/Scrapped workflow
                                                            authority checks to ensure a new
  •            Location and area defined with responsible   inspection takes place prior to re-
               asset owner                                  issue of the equipment.

  •            Move assets between locations, maintain
               history while assigning new owners

                                                            Key value : Only use equipment and assets that are
                                                            safe to use


    Manager                Chemical Hazardous Substance Risk



Chemicals                                 Using chemicals or other hazardous substances at work can put
                                          people’s health at risk, causing diseases including asthma, dermatitis or
                                          cancer. This module makes it possible to control substances that can
     •      Tasks and Procedures
                                          harm workers' health with basis in COSHH regulations. The
                                          Substances are imported to the Assessments from the MSDS module.
     •      Exposure and Limits

     •      Risk Evaluation

     •      Controls

     •      Assessment Revision History

     •      Action Items

     •      Attachments

                                           Key value : Helps comply with procedures and
                                           guidelines to make it safe to work with hazardous
                                           substances on various locations through-out the
                                           business premises


      Manager          Chemical Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)



                                                This module lets you register your
                                                Chemical products as a basis for
  •     HazChem codes
                                                doing Hazardous Substance Risk
  •     Hazard Classes
                                                Assessments, and Hazardous
  •     Health Hazard Groups
                                                Substance Inventory. It makes
  •     Drafts and Revisions
                                                sure that your Chemical Inventory
  •     Exposure
                                                data and Hazardous Substance
  •     PPE
                                                Risk Assessments can be held up
  •     Phrases for health hazards, First Aid
        Measures, Fire-Fighting, Handling and   to date as Chemical properties
        Storage, disposal and more.
                                                gets updates in the MSDS module
  •     Attachments

  •     Action Items

                                                Key value : maintain and keep a database of MSDS’s,
                                                for online printouts and as bases for Hazardous
                                                Substance Inventories and Risk Assessments


      Manager          Chemical Chemical Inventories



Chemicals                                         This module helps keep track of and do revisions of
                                                  quanta of chemical substances through-out locations of
                                                  your business. This module integrates with the MSDS
                                                  and Hazardous Substance Risk Assessment modules.
  •     Captures Susbstance groups by location

  •     Captures Hazard reference and HazChem

  •     Tracks limits and max quantities

  •     Tracks review dates of locations

  •     Attachments

  •     Action Items

                                                 Key value : maintain a chemical inventory as well
                                                 as it informs whether or not it exist Hazardous
                                                 Substance Risk Assessments for the substances at
                                                 the respective locations.
    System Technology
•   Omnisafe is 100% web-based and runs on any Internet Explorer browsers. Most modules run of other browsers,
    talk to an Omega representative for details.

•   Omnisafe can interface to Active Directory for access and people lookups and SAP and other ERP systems as

•   Data from Omnisafe can be exported to MS Word and MS Excel in addition to interface text formats such as XML,
    CSV etc.

•   Omnisafe can either be installed on customer site and hardware or Omega can host the application for customer.

                                                                  Key value : Web delivery means easy distribution
System Portal Dashboard
•   The home-page of Omnisafe is a portal page
    with movable and configurable gadgets

•   Gadgets are boxes of information, these can
    be data text, charts in various formats, RSS

•   Each gadget can be moved around the
    dashboard according to user preference

•   End users can add and remove gadgets from
    their dashboard as they please

    Key value : Dashboard gives a
    personalized or departmental
    summary view of important
System Configuration
•   All functionality, data capture, data processing, reports, workflow etc can be configured to meet customer needs.

•   Customers can themselves modify workflows, lookup-lists, user security, templates and many more elements

•   The system supports any number of languages based on user profile of the individual user including double-byte
    character sets like Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew etc. Also supports right-to-left input and text presentation.

•   Workflows, email templates, predefined data and all other elements are under the full control of the customer

                                                                                 Key value : We will configure
                                                                                 Omnisafe to match customer
                                                                                 requirements 100%
System User view
•   Individual users can have completely different user
    experiences, access to modules, fields, reports,
    language settings, portal dashboard are all based
    on the individual user profile

•   All Action Items allocated in the system, regardless
    of which module it originates from, is seen by the
    user in the same area, My Action Items.

•   Users can subscribe or unsubscribe to additional
    email notifications as needed

                                                Key value : Different users have different
                                                value drivers from the use of the system, and
                                                the system will enable max value for all
System Lists
•   All data lists in every module works the same way; learn
    how to use one and you know them all

•   Group by dragging a field above the others. There is no
    limit to the number of subgroups you can drag up

•   Any field can be added to be shown in the list, giving the
    users exactly the data fields they want to see

•   All fields in the list can be moved around, changing the
    order in which they appear

•   All fields can be sorted up or down and filtered on data

•   All organizations of data can be saved as a Saved Search
                                                                  Key value : Lists of data that can
    which enables the user to repeat that exact organization
                                                                  be manipulated completely and
    of data at any time without having to redo the search
                                                                  easily allows for easy ad-hoc
•   All data can be exported directly to Excel for further
                                                                  reporting, dramatically increasing
    manipulation in Excel
                                                                  the usage of the data
•   Strong charting tool directly from the list organization of
System Reports
•   Reports are run directly from the web browser
    where the user gets a PDF file to ensure all
    formatting is consistent across browser settings.

•   Reports can be modified or created using the
    integrated Report Designer in the c/s version.

•   Omnisafe supports text based reports, charting
    and composite reports.

•   User can specific filters for data in reports if
    reports are designed to use them. E.g. Monthly
    reports where the user can select the month she
    wants the report for.

•   Our strong list functionality addresses most ad-
    hoc reporting needs, resulting in reduced workload
    on PDF reports                                       Key value : Producing data output
                                                         is key to any HSE system, and
                                                         Omnisafe supports multiple
                                                         avenues of data output.
System Workflow
•   Workflows are integrated into the backbone of the system

•   Visually represented workflows ensure a common
    understanding of how the information flow and approval
    processes work in the system for each customer and user

•   Date schedules are taken from the workflow ensuring there
    is no double entry of data

•   Workflows can branch into multiple decision trees with
    integrated electronic signoff and email notifications of new

•   All workflows are created to reflect the customers
    procedures 100%
                                                                   Key value : Feature-rich workflow
                                                                   ensures the information flows
                                                                   without human intervention
                                                                   according to customer policy and
Omnisafe customers
Examples of global implementations across all continents in multiple industries
Practical Experiences
Every Omnisafe implementation starts with a Scoping Workshop with the customer where we discover their
needs in terms of components, and what we need to configure for that customer to ensure a successful

The elements we go through on a scoping workshop are

         Modules and Components to implement
         Changes required to functionality
         Workflow
         Lookups / Prepopulated lists
         Translations for multilingual installations
         User groups and security profiles
         Interfaces with other systems
         Reporting requirements
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