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									                    Baxall CCTV –
                 The Transition to IP
John Goy
Applications Mgr – Networks
Baxall Limited

Bredbury Park Industrial Estate
Stockport SK6 2SU
United Kingdom
email: john.goy@baxall.com
phone: +44 (0) 161 406 6611
Web: www.baxall.com
Yesterday’s Data Networks


              Coax                                  Coax


  Terminal                                                 Terminal

                                              Main Frame

             Coax                                   Coax

  Terminal           Coax                                  Terminal

           Today’s Data Networks

                        Ethernet - Copper UTP

                                                   File Server
                                                                         Back Bone

               Ethernet - Copper UTP      Ethernet - Copper UTP   Ethernet - Copper UTP   Ethernet - Copper UTP

Work Station          Work Station               Work Station             Work Station           Work Station
    Tomorrow’s Networks
                 Server                 IP Phone
       Workstation                                   1 2
                                                     4 5
                                                     7 8
                                                     *   8


File Server

                                                                       1 2     3
                                                                       4 5     6
                                                                       7 8     9
                                                                       *   8   #

                                                                 IP Phone


                                         1 2     3

                                         4 5     6
                                         7 8     9
                                         *   8   #

                                    IP Phone
 Today’s CCTV Systems
Camera n

Camera n           Coaxial Analogue

Camera n                                                        CCTV Monitor

Camera n                                                Coaxial Analogue
Camera n

           Central Control/


    Tomorrow’s CCTV Systems
                                  PTZ IP Camera

Fixed IP Camera    Fixed IP Camera       Ethernet - Copper UTP
                                                                   Fixed IP Camera     Fixed IP Camera

                                                                                                     Back Bone

         CCTV Monitor

                                                      Fixed IP Camera           Fixed IP Camera

                                        Dome IP Camera

                    IP Keyboard
                   AVVID Networks
                                             IP Phone
                                IP Encoder                        NVR Client
                                                        1 2 3
                                                        4 5 6
                                                        7 8 9
                                                        *   8 #

               IP Camera
                                                                               Desktop PC

File Server
                                                                          IP Decoder


              NVR Server

                           IP Camera
                                              1 2 3
                                              4 5 6
                                              7 8 9
                                              *   8 #

                                       IP Phone
What IP-CCTV Isn’t!
      The Misconceptions:
 What Live Networked Video Isn’t

Web cams !
  × Low frame rate (1,2 frames per sec)
  × Difficult to scale
  × Low resolution
  × Poorly integrated
  × Low quality
  × USB connectivity
   Why choose Baxall
Network Video Solutions ?
                    Destiny IPTM

• Cameras with integral video server
• Video Server
• Hardware Client
• PC Viewer and
• Keyboard with integrated system
  control element
• PTZ integration, BaxNet
• Network Video Recorder
Software Development Kit
Custom GUI
Integration into BMS / Access       SDK              Multiple points of control
Available via VNI only                          Unlimited cameras & monitors
                                               CCTV / Access / BMS / Intruder
                                  Controller        Admin, View , and Record

View, Record & Control
up to 16 cameras by job or
Alarm /event
                                 Lite & Plus
                                                Single point Control and view
Colour & motion detection
                                               Unlimited cameras & monitors
                                 PC Viewer
                                               Record 1 camera / view 1 to 4
                                                alarm functionality and audio

Distributed viewing
                                 Web Server
MS Explorer / Netscape.
Alarm reporting & FTP facility
Remote Control
                   Why Baxall?

•   Technology Agnostic – Analogue/ATM/IP
•   End to end – Camera/TX/Display/Sys Mgt/Control
•   Net Stds Interoperability – 802.1p/802.3/IGMP/H.261etc
•   Built to last – Company and product
•   Investment – 10% sales returned to internal R&D

           “CCTV Vendor creating true IP-CCTV
            solutions for the security industry”
       Top 5 Pre Spec Questions
Q1 How much bandwidth does a camera require?
    – H.261 (Upto 1.5Mbs) MJPEG (Upto 2Mbs) MPEG2/4 (up to 8Mbs)
Q2 How much storage do I require?
    – 16 cams for 30 days = 4.7TB (8 @ 750Kbs, 8 @ 1.2Mbs)
Q3 I have been told that Multicasting is a bad thing!
    – No problems using using Layer 3 Switched, IGMP enabled networks
Q4 How do I control movable cameras?
    – Interface via standard RS232, 485, or 422 serial comms
Q5 How many cameras can I deploy?
    – Using distributed rec, ctrl, and viewing over a correctly designed network
      there are no real limits!!! (Caltrans 17’000 cams, Brussels 700 cams etc)
              Case Studies
 Utilities
 Education
 Rest of World
Case Study 1

             Utilities Case Study
• Responsible for the Delivery of electricity to 2.4 million customers
  over a 26,000 sq. kms service area
• Power derived from nuclear, oil, gas and wind
• 47’500kms of overhead line, 32’500kms of underground cable,
  70kms of submarine cable
• Extensive distribution network into Southwest England and South
• 105 remote substations varying in step-up capacity 132KV up to
• >70,000 km of quality ITU-T G652 fibre installed on the power
  transmission lines owned by them and operated by their sister
                   Utilities Case Study
•   A pair of real time eyes in the remote substation is essential to monitor coolant levels
    within high voltage transformers.
•   Unplanned power interruption must be kept to a minimum – avoiding wide spread
    disruption and customer disappointment
•   Extensive Cisco metro Ethernet network already deployed typically Gbit Ethernet to
    remote substations. Some WAN links as low as 128Kb/s
•   Chosen solution must be flexible enough to grow as and when new substations are added
    into the power distribution network.
•   Video must be fit for purpose with minimal latency when using PTZ dome cameras
•   Technology must support multicast video – allowing for efficient use of network bandwidth
    and enabling multiple operators access to the same video stream
•   Ability to ensure remote substation is secure and audio back to remote site to deter
              Utilities Case Study
• Full implementation if IP CCTV surveillance was deployed and based on
• Dome camera deployed with remote substation allowing service
  operator to monitor coolant levels with in 400KV transformers, giving
  visual indication of working status.
• Smooth integration of multicast video due to Cisco architecture
  supporting multicast with out need for costly network configuration
• Easy upgrade path for future camera/recording additions made possible
  using DestinyIPTM
• Acceptable/Usable PTZ latency typically <300ms over Metro Ethernet
  offering responsive PTZ operation
• Remote audio capabilities presented back to remote substation allowing
  operator to deter anti social/dangerous behaviour
           Utilities Case Study
• Removed the need for multiple field coolant
  engineers, coolant checks managed from HQ.
• Coolant level sensor also migrated onto IP network -
  video providing visual verification of alarm
• Minimises possibility of unplanned interruption, early
  deployment of rapid response teams.
• PTZ, Video, and Audio over single cable – cost
  saving over and above the analogue equivalent.
• To enable better emergency response to life or
  death situations
          Utilities Case Study
Further Uses
• To enable early warning of criminal activity.
• To provide notification and visual verification of
  intruder alarm triggers.
• Integration of access control – providing visual
  verification of person entering substation.
• Migration of existing external CCTV cameras on to IP
• Two way audio/video between HQ and on site
  engineer/contractor – verification of work carried
Utilities System Schematic
Case Study 2

      Education Case Study
• Many distributed sites within towns, cities,
  boroughs and counties
• Discrete buildings to large sprawling campuses
• Normally open access to sites at all times bar
  dead of night
• Typically low budget CCTV installs but sizeable
  IT spends
• High cost of guarding for large campuses
  (£10k’s pa)
• Hitherto additional cost of dial-up or leased
  line to transmit remote video now broadband
  Internet services (£10k’s)
        Education Case Study
• Improve the consistency of quality of security and
• To maintain free and open access to individuals but to
  enable protection against crime
• Police requirement for visual verification of alarm
• To maximise the use of network video for non-security
  applications and hence place more justification within
  the IT spend
• To minimise the cost of manned guarding wherever
• To minimise the daytime load on the broadband WAN
  service, but to make use of during night time
         Education Case Study
• Using existing council owned/run town centre monitoring
• Ability to link legacy systems via transparent video / audio
  and data links
• Daytime alarm verification by admin staff further reducing
  costs of on site/visiting security guards
• Increase in effectiveness due to use of highly trained/skilled
  operators and system intelligence
• Reduced insurance premiums through improved emergency
  response effectiveness
• Better analysis and control of some business processes
  (supplier mgt)
• Night time uses existing broadband links that are dormant out
  of school hours
      Education Case Study

• Distance learning / e-seminars

• Sick or problem child contingency learning

• Distributed group video conferencing

• Virtual open days

• In-room coaching and mentoring tool for first
  year probationary teachers
Education System Schematic
HQ Control of Current Install
Addition of New Cams via IP
Complete IP Solution
              Other References
 Caltrans – San Diego

 Cisco Comms rooms – Bedfont, Manchester, Glasgow

 The Vatican, Vatican City

 Schipol Airport, Amsterdam, NL

 Fire & Emergency Services – Denver, Colorado

 St Helens Town Centre

 East Lancs CC

 Thyssen Krups Manufacturing – Midlands

 Humberside CC
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