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Week 3 ESS
       August 22, 2011
         Daily Journal Question

What is a goal?
• There are a variety of goals you can
  – Personal
  – Educational
  – Family
  – Social
  – Career
  – Financial
          Wish VS Goal
• Wishes can sometimes seem like a goal.

• *Not every wish can be a goal. For
  instance, you may wish you could live and
  stay young forever, but since there's
  nothing you can do to make that happen,
  it could never be considered a goal.
Did you know…..
• That by writing your goal down
  on paper you have a higher
  chance of meeting them!
  3 Time Frames for Goals
• Long-Term

• Mid-Term

• Short-Term
             Long Term
• *Long Term Goals represent major
  targets in your life.
• 5-20 Years to achieve
• Sometimes even a lifetime
• Examples-
  – Educations, relationships, travel, financial

     What do you want to accomplish in life?
              Mid Term
• *Mid Term Goals are objectives you can
  accomplish in shorter time.
• 1-5 Years to achieve
• Examples-
  – School, buying a car, making a team or club.
  – These goals support your long term goal

    What are some of your mid term goals?
              Short Term
• *Short Term Goals are goals that you
  can accomplish fast.
• A few months-1 year
• Examples-
  – Making a good grade on math test, running
    faster, getting the class on time etc.

  What goals require action now or in the near future?
     Activity & Assignment # 1
• Write down 1 goal on your paper and
  then support your goal with three ways
  you will achieve that goal.

• Consider ways your might be blocked
  from making this goal? What are they?
          Goals - Day 2
         Daily Journal Question
             August 23, 2011
• This year what goal do you want to
  accomplish? How will you accomplish it?
            Vague VS Specific
                Vague Goal                Specific Goal

Get a good education.        Graduate High School with honors by

Get more Sleep               Go to bed 20 minutes earlier each

Eat healthier                Eat more vegetables and fruit each day.
       Goals & Wishes
Goal    Wish            Similarities Yes/No
 Activity & Assignment #2
• Picture yourself 10 years from now.
• Write a letter to yourself about what
  you wish to accomplish by then.
• What do you look like?
• What have you done?
• What are some of the goals today you
  wish to accomplish by then?
  – Education? Financial? Family? Career?
            Day 3
        August 25, 2011
• Daily Journal Question

What's the difference between failing
 and being a failure?
  The 4 steps to achieve a
1.Define the goal.

2. Outline the steps needed to achieve it.

3. Consider possible blocks and ways of dealing
  with them.

4. Set deadlines.
Activity and Assignment # 3
•   Groups 2-5
•   Work together on their goal.
•   Use the 4 steps to achieve their goal
•   Be prepared to share with class in 10-15
        “Bumps in the road.”
• Sometimes
  Activity & Assignment # 4
• On a piece of paper make sure your name
  period and date is on it.
• Number it from 1- 8
• Write down if you feel the statement is a
  success or a failure.
1. ____ Politician: Ran for political office seven
   times and was defeated each time.
2. ____ Cartoonist: All he wanted to do was to
   sketch cartoons. He applied with a Kansas City
   newspaper. The editor said, "It’s easy to see
   from these sketches that you have no talent."
   No studio would give him a job. He ended up
   doing publicity work for a church in an old,
   dilapidated garage.
3. ____ Writer: His first children’s book was
   rejected by 23 publishers
4. ____ Inventor: In the first year of marketing his
   new soft drink, he sold only 400 bottles.
5. ____ Actor: He went to Hollywood as an 18 year
   old, and after a couple of parts was unemployed
   for two years. As he ran out of money, he sold
   off his sectional couch, one section at a time,
   and lived on macaroni. He had no phone. His
   office was a phone booth at Pioneer Chicken.
6.____ Athlete: As a baseball player, he struck out
   more than any player in the history of baseball:
   1,330 times.
7. ____ Politician: Flunked the sixth grade. As a
   sixteen-year-old in Paris, a teacher had written
   on his report card, "Shows a conspicuous lack
   of success." He wished to become a military
   leader, or a great statesman. As a student, he
   failed three times in his exams to enter the
   British Military Academy.
8. ____ Athlete: As a high school student, he felt
   so unpopular with the girls that he thought he
   might never be able to find a wife. That's why
   he took a cooking class. He thought he might
   never have anyone to cook for him.
• The answers to the test? Whether you
  answered success or failure, you all made a
  100%! Each of these people were both
  failures and successes.

• Let’s look at these people, one by one.
1. Abraham Lincoln
2.Walt Disney
3. Dr. Seuss
4. Coca-Cola
5. Michael J. Fox
6. Babe Ruth
7. Winston Churchill
8. Michael Jordan
• Becoming A Master Student by Dace Ellis
  pages 67&68
• by Elkind+Sweet Communications, Inc.

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