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Nathan T. Cox                                                    5675 Old Redwood Hwy #6                                              Penngrove, CA 94951
     To join a team that will frequently ship critically acclaimed games.
     Having led the design department on a major project, proven my creative and technical abilities, I am
     in the perfect industry for my skill sets. I am unwavering in my pursuit of a game’s vision. The
     missing element from my work experience is to develop the type of game that inspired my career.

     Specialization in cross discipline collaboration
     Production minded
     Crafting Pitch Materials
     Experience working with publisher s
     NSI Proprietary Editor               Maya                               Documentation
     Unreal Editor 3.0                    3ds Max                            Word
     Medal of Honor Editor                Photoshop                          Excel


     Nihilistic Software Inc.                                                           March 2007 – Present

     RESISTANCE: BURNING SKIES            Senior Designer                    Ships: May 2012
     PlayStation Vita                     Level/Systems
         •   Worked with the team to define our streaming & visibility pipeline and drove the first production
             level through, proving our tech on the PS Vita
         •   Defining milestone & weekly deliverables for usability focus testing
         •   Level Development, Systems, Encounter Scripting, Cinematic Scripting & Mentoring

     PLAYS TATION MOVE HEROES             Project Lead                       Shipped: March 2011
     PS3 Move Controller                  Management/Design
         •   Lead the Design of PlayStation Move Heroes
         •   Directed collaboration between departments, management, and Sony producers
         •   Crafted presentations, deliverables and sold the design to the publisher
         •   Sony responded with phrases like “blank check” and “favors this project over others”

     INTERNAL IP: PROTOTYPING             Acting Design Lead                 Shelved In: Spring of 2010
     3RD PERSON SHOOTER                   Level/Systems
         •   Led a small team to retrofit the assets from a concept video into a playable prototype
         •   This prototype was key in landing the Resistance FPS project on VITA
         •   Prototype also spurred movie production deal involving well known writers & directors
    NARNIA: VOYAGE OF THE DAWN            Senior Designer                    Canceled: December 2009
    TREADER                               Level/Systems
    PS3/Xbox 360
      •     Developed third person camera & platformer control systems
      •     Game was canceled after 1 year of development due to relinquishment of rights from Disney

    ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE                     Senior Designer                    Shipped: September 2009
    PSN/XBLA                               Levels/Systems
      •     Built demo level and tuned instrumental gameplay that sold the game to the publisher
      •     Developed levels and encounter system that managed zombie horde progression

    CONAN                                 Designer                           Shipped: October 2007
    PS3/Xbox 360                            Levels/Bosses
      •     Learned Nihilistic tool sets quickly and drove levels to completion
      •     Innovated navigation obstacles, encounters and use of camera system
      •     Implementation of Sorceress Queen Boss and Graven the final boss on very tight schedule

    Electronic Arts – Los Angeles                                                October 2006 – March 2007

    MEDAL OF HONOR: AIRBORNE              Designer                           Shipped: Nov/Sept 2007
    PS3/Xbox 360                            Levels
      •     Entry level position, working on first AAA title
      •     Drove level from conception to completion with little supervision

    MEDAL OF HONOR: VANGUARD              Designer                           Shipped: March 2007
    PS2/Wii                          Levels
     • Learned PS2 Medal of Honor Engine while maintaining currency of MOH: Airborne in UE3
     • Level Development and scripting

    Tulga Games                                                                         May 2006-June 2006

    HORIZONS: EMPIRE OF ISTARIA           Asset Manager                    MMO Patches & Updates
    PC                                    Art
      •     Managed asset pipeline
      •     Worked with programmers to optimize assets for implementation of new occlusion system

    University of Advancing Technology                                                May 2003 – April 2006

    Graduated: April 2006                                 Project Work
    B.A., Multimedia                                      Unreal – FPS Mod
    GPA: 3.85                                             Source – FPS Mod
    Accolade: Innovation Award                            Unreal – RTS Mod

    Rainbow Studios                                                                May 2005 – October 2005

    MOTOCROSS GENRE                       Intern                           “Next Gen” Art Samples
    Marketing                             Key Art Modeling

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