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Dear boss;


									Dear boss;
In response to your enquire about the interview that I have done to the applicant I
should say that is the best applicant for the job.
His name is Marti is a tall man, middle age, with brown hair and green eyes. He is
intelligent and very creative and he feels very comfortable speaking in front of a lot of

All things considered I feel very strongly that he is de perfect applicant

The person I admire most from the twentyoneth Century is Michael Jackson. I regard
his as one of the energetic and most smiling people the world has ever Known. He was
always in a good mood and he was enthusiastic about everything.
Physically he was a tall man, slim with wavy hair and pale skin and he liked wearing
casual dresses. He died in his late fifties due to a drug overdose.
Apart from his problems with drugs and children Michael Jackson was not also a selfish
person as well as the best pop singer in 80ths and 90ths from the past twentieth century.
I admire Michael Jackson not only because he was a generous and kind-hearted person,
but also because her accomplishments have influenced people all over the world. He
donated a big quantities of money a children from all the countries an nationalities, and
different governors built schools, hospitals and developed social politics due to his
generous donations.
In conclusion, In my opinion, Jacko was one of the best persons that I knew when I was

- Does he /she answer the topic? Yes
- Is the register correct? Yes
  Does he/she mix registers? (formal and informal) No
- Structure: Correct
Is there an introduction/ body/ conclusion Yes
Are paragraphs/ideas clearly separated? Yes
Is the explanation of the ideas clear/ thoroughly enough? Yes
Cohesion? Yes
Comments: Check the use of commas, possessive adjectives and object pronouns.

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