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									                      About Jodhpur Sand Stones

Sandstone is termed as future stone by western architecturers. If we consider building
    exterior, since time immemorial , sandstone is being fascinated by kingdoms and
    civilization for its grand look in the form of forts, palace and castles.

Sandstone’s from Western India , it surpasses the stone of other parts of India and
    even Europe aesthetics, but besides attractive appearance, this stone has many
    more plus features which makes it probably a kind of sandstones. It is least
    affected by air, sunshine and rain. The acid rain effects are known worldwide and
    porous walls are not uncommon ancient architectures .This stone further requires
    no surface treatment due to high silica content and it works almost like granite
    while put up on the outer walls of the buildings as a clading.

In recent years demand of Jodhpur sandstone has increased with the induction of new
    tools and technology for cutting and polishing. The sawn sandstone after
    polishing looks attractive, which has increased its application in place of granite
    and marble. Besides, the non – split able sandstone is now finding use after
    cutting and polishing as tiles. The future of Jodhpur sandstone is finding new
    admires every day is safe and secure.

This stone is now further conceived as a material for cladding instead of it’s a brick as
    stone masonry .
Sandstone is a natural Rock abundantly available in Rajasthan. This state has the
    largest deposits of the material. Extensive Sedimentary Formation are exposed
    the state and large deposits of available in north- eastern part of the state.

There are scattered sediments in Western Rajasthan around Jodhpur and Nagaur
    districts. Rajasthan posses geological reserves of 900 million tones contributing
    about 90 percent of country’s sandstone production. There are about 16,000
    quarries under quarry licenses and mining leases.

Jodhpur sandstone deposits belong to Jodhpur Nagaur Cluster.

Mining of Sandstone around Jodhpur is going on prior to its rehabilitation in the year
    1459 as indicated by the historical old fort and building of Mandore garden.

With the increase in population more and more sandstone quarried for the purpose of
    construction forts, Palaces, Castles and other historical monuments. Sandstone
    usage is associated with ancient landmark construction in Rajasthan.

Few popular constructions of Jodhpur Sandstone are as follows:

Mandor Fort, built in 11th Century

Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur built in 15th Century.
Karachi Harbor built in beginning of 1900 Century.

Ummed Bhawan Palace built in 1937.

Palace of Oman’s Sultan built in 1975.

Maurya Shereton Tower , New Delhi built in 1982.

Maratha Shereton Hotel, Mumbai built in 1998.

Pagoda Essel World (100 meter height) in Mumbai is under construction

American Consulate Building in Mumbai Under construction.

Project of Quantum Limited, Pune is Under construction.

Ummed Heritage Residential Villas is in under construction at Jodhpur.

In addition, various impressive major constructions are going around in India as well in
    foreign countries.

It is widely used by leading colonizers and developer across India.

Jodhpur sandstone has already made its presence in many countries, few name to,
    Germany, USA, UK, France, Australia, Korea, Oman, UAE.

Physical- Mechanical Properties:-
It is not only easy availability of the sandstone in the area which prompted for massive
    use of the material but the physico mechanical properties of Jodhpur sandstone,
    which attracted man’s attention for its broader use.

Jodhpur sandstone is resistant to acid, alkali, salinity and thermal variance, which
    makes it suitable for construction building, landscaping, Paving, cladding, Cobbles
    etc. Due to its acid and thermal resistance and zero effect Saline Winds, its widely
    suitable for Multi Storied Building, Swimming Pools, Church’s, Mosque’s, Temples
    , Tombs, Seashore building and any where in extreme climatic conditions.

It is commonly used as roofing material, for making pillars, arches, wall facings and
    other exteriors. Its masonry use in the form of natural stone bricks is quite
    popular . Its use in producing fine art work can be seen in building of different

Texture and Shades:-

Jodhpur sandstone varies is fine to medium          coarse grained, massive hard and
    compact .

It is available in different shades and can be easily dressed, chiseled and polished.

Its Pink, Multicolor Brown and Red are exquisite and attractive looking shades most
    commonly available .

Today, Jodhpur Sandstone is available to the following categories:
Dimension stone blocks for monumental and building purposes

Sculptures and artifacts with various kind of carvings and handcrafted designs.

Cobbles, Cubes, Slabs, Tiles, Landscape Stone etc.

Jodhpur sandstone has tremendous potential as more and more architects involved in
    designing and construction are selecting sandstone as the material of their choice
    for sundry applications.

Jodhpur sandstone catching up fast as the material of choice and likely to have annual
    production of 3 million square meter of 2cm slabs within 5 years amounting to
    million dollar turnover in domestic as well international markets.

Stone Park Mandore, Jodhpur :

The stone park is located on National Highway No. 65 from Jodhpur to Nagaur. This
    Location is 15 Km away from Jodhpur at Mandore got established in 2003 by the
    efforts and directives of SIMDS to carry on mechanized processing of abundant
    stand stone available in Jodhpur and nearby areas.

It has total area of 20.5 million Square meter of land. There are 77 industrial plots,
    each having 1500 square meter area on average.
It has well developed and established manufacturing and processing units equipped
    with state of the art machinery , Gangsaws Block Cutters, Polishing, Sizing
    Machines, Flaming, Shot Blasting and Hand Chiseling.

Number of Sandstone quarries are in radius of 5-10 kilometer from Stone Park, giving
    proximity to raw material, it has a ideal location.

There are 3 Inland Container Depot in radius of 18 to 21 kilometers from the Park,
    thus it gives extra advantage of modern container handling and quick efficient
    transportation to the major shipping ports of India by optimizing time
    consumption and transportation cost.

The nearest rail head is Jodhpur which is 15 kilometer away with similar distance to
    Jodhpur airport, making all kind of Travel less time consuming and easier with
    Major cities of India Like New Delhi, Mumbai. Jaipur etc.

Stone Park Jodhpur is a unique and its kind of place ,dedicated purely to Sandstone

Sand Stone Processing Capacity :-
There are 09 Gansaw, each have capacity on average to process 60-70,000 Square feet
    Stone Slabs of 7.5 Feet in length to 3.5 width in Thickness of 20 mm per month.

There are about 18 Block Cutters giving capacity of 25,000. Square Feet Slabs Per
    month in the size of 10 feet x 2 Feet in the thickness of 20 mm.

Therefore giving 20-25 containers per month capacity of this park every month.

Stone park is in position to supply and process uninterrupted large amount of
    dimensional stone per month.

In addition Stone Park units are adapting with latest technologies and growth and
    inputs in its infrastructure for best performances.

At present there are numerous stones apart from Sandstone, few name to like
    Travertine, Limestone of Jaiselmer popular as Yellow Gold , Ita Gold and Flory
    Gold, also new explored Dolomite Marble of very beautiful and catchy textures
    from Phalodi at North West Part of Jodhpur.

With above details, SIMDS has aimed to export Jodhpur sandstone of their member
    units, who are well established and hold very impressive capacity of sandstone

The unit members of the society has given their written consent for exporting their
    products to overseas markets.
Society has calculated that estimated quantity of Jodhpur sandstone can be exported
    shall be approximately 20 to 25 containers per month.

We assure our best cooperation for materializing any type of business deals and
    prompt services in regards to supply of material.

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