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BOSS 2012


									                                                                                    Group Discounts

 BOSS 2012

                                                                                     Brian Thorburn
                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer

                                                                                     pGA AuStrALiA

                                                                                     Kate Palmer
 This is your guide to the business of sport in 2012. A strategic event              Chief Executive Officer
 devoted entirely to the macro issues in sports business management crafted          NetBALL AuStrALiA
 exclusively to deliver strategy and tactics for sports industry leaders. This is
 your opportunity to be part of this influential event. REGISTER NOW

                                                                                     David Malone
                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer
KEYNOTE                                                                              v8 SuperCArS
David Gallop
Chief Executive Officer
NrL                                                                                  Patrick Delany
                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                     Fox SportS

Ian Ayre
                                                                                     Jann Kohlman
Managing Director                                                                    Group Manager
LiverpooL FC                                                                         Sponsorship

VISIONARY                                                                            Cormac Barry
Erich Wolf                                                                           Chief Executive Officer
Global General Manager
reD BuLL Air rACe
                                                                                     Shane Richardson
                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                     SoutH SyDNey
GLOBAL                                                                               rABBitoHS
Giles Morgan
Global Head of Sponsorship
HSBC                                                                                 Greg Swann
                                                                                     Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                     CArLtoN FootBALL

                                                                                     Matt Carroll
Trevor O’Hoy                                                                         Deputy Chief Executive
Former CEO Foster’s Group & Director                                                 Officer
                                                                                     AustrAliAn rugby
CriCket AuStrALiA &                                                                  union

NortH MeLBourNe FC
                                                                                     Ben Crowe
  BOSS BUSINESS OF SPORT SUMMIT                                                                                                  w

0830   Registration & Refreshments                                              GoverNMeNt ADDreSS
0915   Opening Remarks from the Chairman                          1220   Developing Our Sporting Future – ASC Strategies
                                                                         for 2012
                 keyNote ADDreSS                                         • Reviewing current initiatives
                                                                         • Underlying the mechanics of the ASC collaborative
0920   Governing the sports board – leading a modern                        approach
       sports business when the stakes are high                          • Increasing participation and international success
                                                                         • Embracing professionalism, commercial practices and
       • Managing the duties, responsibilities and demands of               new technologies
         the modern sports business                                      • Looking ahead to London
       • Working effectively with internal and external
         stakeholders                                                    Simon Hollingsworth
       • Reputational challenges in a complex media                      Chief Executive Officer
         environment                                                     Australian Sports Commission
       • Building effective partnerships with sponsors, clubs
         and broadcast media                                      1250   Buffet Lunch & Networking

       David Gallop                                               1400   ROUNDTABLE 3: Creating the Ultimate Event
       Chief Executive Officer                                           Experience: delivering compelling world-class events
                                                                         • Creating and maintaining an international brand for
1000   ROUNDTABLE 1: Consumer Insight and the Economic                     your event
       Outlook for Sport in 2012                                         • Ensuring spectator appeal and experience
                                                                         • Creating service excellence for all stakeholders
       • The changing face of the sports fan: a portrait of the          • Delivering value and activation for sponsors and
         new consumer                                                      partners
       • What will the economic environment look like for                • Successfully working with agencies and government
         sports clubs and leagues?                                         to produce and expand your event
       • How will sponsorship budgets and strategies fare?
       • Industry challenges and opportunities ahead – how               Brian Thorburn
         should the sports industry respond?                             Chief Executive Officer
                                                                         PGA Australia
       Ben Crowe
       Director                                                          David Malone
       GEMBA                                                             Chief Executive Officer
                                                                         V8 Supercars
       Chris Styring
       General Manager Sports & Entertainment                            Matt Carroll
       Sweeney Research                                                  Deputy Chief Executive Officer
                                                                         Australian Rugby Union
       Martin Hirons
       Director, Market Research                                  1450   ROUNDTABLE 4: The Theatre of Sport: Rethinking the
       Sport Business Partners                                           Sports Property in the Wider Business of Sport

1050   Morning Refreshments & Networking                                 • Assessing key sector issues from the property
1130   ROUNDTABLE 2: Change and the consequences of                      • Core objectives for facilitating successful sports
       change: how sports business models are evolving                     events
                                                                         • Finding ways to work better with clubs, federations
       • The changing economics of running a sport                         and leagues
       • The inter relationships of running a participation              • Maximising in stadia revenues
         franchise and a consumer franchise                              • Innovating to maximise fan experience
       • Tools for achieving commercial sustainability
       • Prioritising business levers to affect change                   Brian Morris
                                                                         Chief Executive Officer
       Kate Palmer                                                       Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust
       Chief Executive Officer
       Netball Australia                                                 Trevor Dohnt
                                                                         GM - Event Operations
       Andrew Stark                                                      Melbourne Cricket Club
       Chief Executive Officer
       Surfing Australia                                                 Karen Grega
                                                                         Chief Executive Officer
       Michael Haynes                                                    Sydney Olympic Park Business Association
       Chief Operating Officer
       Basketball Australia                                       1540   Afternoon Refreshments & Networking
DAY ONE: Tuesday 27 March                                     BOSS BUSINESS O
                                                                  0830   Registration & Refreshments
  1620   ROUNDTABLE 5: Issues in Club Management:
         developing a high performance business framework         0915   Opening Remarks from the Chairman

         • Creating better long term partnerships with sponsors                      GLoBAL ADDreSS
         • Managing reputation on and off the field
         • Corporate governance and club management – how         0920   HSBC at the Heart of Global Sports
           are models changing?
         • Identifying the role for clubs in developing sports           •   Where does sport sit in global marketing strategy?
           codes                                                         •   Deriving sponsorship value
         • Challenges and opportunities ahead                            •   Innovating to find greater ROI
         Shane Richardson                                                •   Leveraging sponsorship across digital channels and
         Chief Executive Officer                                             platforms
         South Sydney Rabbitohs
                                                                         Giles Morgan
         Greg Swann                                                      Global Head of Sponsorship
         Chief Executive Officer                                         HSBC
         Carlton Football Club

         Brendon Gale                                             1000   ROUNDTABLE 6: Sponsorship Synergy: innovating to
         Chief Executive Officer                                         enhance sponsorship value
         Richmond Football Club
                                                                         • Creating better long term partnerships with the sports
                MASterMiND ADDreSS                                         industry
                                                                         • Harnessing maximum value from sports and sports
  1710   Success Breeds Success: Converting Victories on the               events
         Field to Triumphs in the Boardroom                              • How can the sports industry provide a better product
                                                                           for the corporate marketing mix?
         • Bringing Liverpool to the global audience                     • What would be the best way to approach sponsors?
         • Strategic directions for maximising on field success
           into commercial reality                                       Jann Kohlman
         • Making the most of merchandising                              Group Manager Sponsorship & Community
         • Creating joint ventures with fellow clubs and                 Optus
           maintaining relationships with sponsors
         • Embedding sustainability into commercial practice             Jack Mesley
                                                                         Brand Sponsorship Manager
         Ian Ayre                                                        Lion Nathan
         Managing Director
         Liverpool FC                                                    David Hebblewhite
                                                                         Sponsorship & Events Manager
  1750   Summary & Closing Remarks from the Chairman                     IAG
  1755   Networking Drinks Reception
  1855   Close of Day 1                                           1040   Morning Refreshments & Networking

                                                                  1120   ROUNDTABLE 7: Examining the Relationship between
                                                                         Sport and Gambling

                                                                         • Assessing key sports sector issues from the sports
                                                                           betting perspective
                                                                         • Reviewing how sports organisations generate income
                                                                           from sports betting
                                                                         • Gambling technological developments and their
                                                                           impacts on sports, integration and customer service
                                                                         • Addressing the regulatory environment
                                                                         • Challenges and opportunities ahead

                                                                         Cormac Barry
                                                                         Chief Executive Officer

                                                                         Josh Blanksby
                                                                         Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs

                                                                         Andrew Harding
                                                                         Chief Executive Officer
                                                                         Australian Racing Board
                                                                   DAY TWO: Wednesday 28 March
OF SPORT SUMMIT                                          

               BoArDrooM ADDreSS                                     1540   Afternoon Refreshments & Networking

 1210   The Power of Sport – From Pitch to Boardroom                                  viSioNAry ADDreSS
        • What role can sport play in delivering joy passion and     1610   Merging Brands and Sport – The Red Bull Air Race
          achievement to participants and fans worldwide?
        • How sports administrators and executives shouldn’t                •   Aligning a strong brand with a unique sports event
          underestimate sport’s greater role in society?                    •   Creating an intellectual property
        • Sport as an engine of business and social regeneration            •   Providing compelling content
                                                                            •   Finding your market niche
        Trevor O’Hoy                                                        •   Championing brand ambassadors
        Former Chief Executive Officer
        Foster’s Group                                                      Erich Wolf
        Director                                                            Global General Manager
        Cricket Australia &                                                 Red Bull Air Race
        North Melbourne FC

 1250   Buffet Lunch & Networking                                    1655   Summary & Closing Remarks from the Chairman

 1400   ROUNDTABLE 8: Extending the sports fan experience            1700   Close of Summit
        in the Australian broadcast media environment

        • Creating secure long term partnerships with the sports
        • How broadcasters are delivering a multi-platform
          experience for sports viewers
        • Realising 3D sports broadcasting
        • Current issues affecting sports TV broadcasting and
          implications for the future
        Gus Seebeck                                                                                                    Regi ates
        Managing Director                                                                                               dele ends
        ESPN (Asia Pacific)                                          How to reGiSter                                        att
                                                                                                                        4th EE!
        Patrick Delany
        Chief Executive Officer
        Fox Sports

        Patrick Moloughney
        Sport Sales Manager                                             
        Seven Network

 1450   ROUNDTABLE 9: Radical Innovation: re-thinking the
        sports fan experience in a digital media world

        • Key digital drivers expanding the fan experience
        • Identifying the right content for the right platform                    phone:
        • Successful implementing and navigating the risks of                     +61(0)2 8004 8590
          social media
        • Determining revenue streams and maximising returns

        Lance Peatey
        Executive Producer
        Wide World of Sports Online
                                                                                  Fax: complete form and
        Richard Burnet                                                            fax to +61(0)2 8079 6133
        Chief Commercial Officer
        Essendon Football Club

        Paul Templeman
        Head of Online Business and IT Services
        Australian Rugby Union
                                                                                  and request registration

                                                                                              LiMiteD SpACeS AvAiLABLe
Thought Leadership
•	David Gallop, Chief Executive Officer, NRL
•	Ian Ayre, Managing Director, Liverpool FC
•	Erich Wolf, Global General Manager, Red Bull Air Race
•	Giles Morgan, Global Head of Sponsorship, HSBC
•	Trevor O’Hoy, Former Chief Executive Officer, Foster’s Group &
  Director, Cricket Australia & North Melbourne FC
•	Brian Thorburn, Chief Executive Officer, PGA Australia
•	Kate Palmer, Chief Executive Officer, Netball Australia
•	Martin Whitaker, Chief Executive Officer, V8 Supercars
•	Patrick Delany, Chief Executive Officer, Premier Media Group                               Why attend BOSS?
•	Matt Carroll, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Australian Rugby Union
•	Larry Sengstock, Chief Executive Officer, Basketball Australia                             The Business of Sport Summit is an
                                                                                             event like no other, a unique opportunity,
•	Andrew Harding, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Racing Board                           congregating board and executive level
•	Shane Richardson, Chief Executive Officer, South Sydney Rabbitohs                          representatives from across the industry
•	Greg Swann, Chief Executive Officer, Carlton Football Club
•	Andrew Green, General Manager, Sweeney Sports                                              This is your guide to the Sports Industry
                                                                                             in 2012, a strategic event devoted
•	Martin Hirons, Director, Sport Business Partners                                           entirely to the macro issues in the
•	Brendon Gale, Chief Executive Officer, Richmond Football Club                              business of sport crafted exclusively for
                                                                                             and delivered by key influencers in the
•	Richard Burnet, Chief Commercial Officer, Essendon Football Club                           industry.
•	Brian Morris, Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust
•	Stephen Gough, Chief Executive Officer, Melbourne Cricket Club                             •	   Hear the latest thinking on what the
                                                                                                  economic landscape will be for the
•	Cormac Barry, Chief Executive Officer, Sportsbet                                                Sports industry in 2012
•	Josh Blanksby, Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs, Betfair                                •	   Gain forward insight on consumer
                                                                                                  trends, sponsorship and events
•	Andrew Stark, Chief Executive Officer, Surfing Australia
                                                                                             •	   Learn from the leaders shaping
•	Jann Kohlman, Group Manager Sponsorship, Optus                                                  modern sports business
•	Jack Mesley, Brand Sponsorship Manager, Lion Nathan                                        •	   Engage with your peers within this
•	Gus Seebeck, Managing Director, ESPN Asia Pacific                                               sports industry - only event

•	Paul Templeman, Head of Online, Australian Rugby Union                                     •	   Network effectively at dedicated
                                                                                                  lunches, breaks and networking
•	Brad van Wely, Head of Sport, Yahoo! 7                                                          drinks sessions
•	Patrick Moloughney, Sport Sales Manager, Seven Network                                     •	   Determine the year ahead so that
                                                                                                  your business is prepared
•	David Hebblewhite, Sponsorship & Events Manager, IAG
                                                                                             •	   Meet sports industry leaders from
•	Ben Crowe, Director, GEMBA                                                                      across the nation

                                             Meet the people who matter                                                    availab
                                             Why you should be part of the experience:
                                             BOSS is an event like no other, a unique opportunity, congregating board and executive
                                             representatives from across the industry spectrum in Australia.
                                             Being a sponsor of the Summit maximises your brand awareness before, during, and after
                                             the event, and increases your credibility in the minds of Sports decision-makers. BOSS can
                                             provide you with the following marketing and business development opportunities:
                                             • Accelerate marketing and sales cycles     • Increase your marketing reach
                                             • Dedicated face time                       • Strengthen your industry alliance
                                             • Expand your brand exposure                • Demonstrate leadership

                                             Would you like to know more?
                                             To take advantage of the unique opportunities and advantages which can be gained from
                                             our sponsorship packages please contact:

                                             Ian Devlin // Commercial Director // Connect Events
                                             Tel: +61 431 845 790 // Email:
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