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Be the B.O.S.S.

                     hen the ACS Foundation
                     surveyed university students,
                     it discovered there’s still a
                     need for more information
                     on how to start a successful
career. This year the ACS Foundation is
empowering two BIT students from the
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS)to
organise the first ever student career conference.
Information Age caught up with Cameron
Drury and Alex Giangrasso to learn more.

Information Age: How did you get
involved with the ACS Foundation?
Alex Giangrasso: Cameron and I are students
in the BIT Scholarship program. This program
accelerates career opportunities for high
achievers with leadership potential. One
opportunity we received is a scholarship
industry placement with the ACS Foundation.           been designed from the ground up through            UTS BIT students Cameron Drury and Alex
                                                      a consultation process with a wide base of          Giangrasso, organisers of the first ever student
I A : W h a t d o yo u d o a t t h e AC S             students, academics and industry professionals.     career conference, supported by the ACS
Foundation?                                           We want to ensure the content we’re providing       Foundation.
AG: Cameron’s project is to be a student              isn’t just interesting but is going to make a
evangelist. This project fits well with his passion   real world impact on each attendee’s career.        - Learn from speakers with ‘been there, done
for emerging technologies. My project is to be        Organising this conference has given us the           that’ experience
a talent scout for other students who apply for       opportunity to gain a range of skills and           - Hear C-suite speakers from leading Australian
scholarships with technology companies. We            experience, such as project management, that          ICT innovators
both get to see how ICT and uni graduates are         otherwise we would not have had the chance          - Meet two young guns who are becoming
helping solve business problems and generate          to get.                                               successful entrepreneurs
efficiency.                                                AG: We have arranged speakers from             - Network with around 200 like-minded
                                                      companies including IBM, Westpac and Wise             students, all interested in developing their
IA: Why are you both passionate about                 Tech Global who will be presenting on topics like     careers
the Student Career Conference?                        emerging technology, what uni students can do       - Take action to define yourself as a leader in the
Cameron Drury: One of the main hurdles in             today to further their careers, how they can best     ICT industry
promoting ICT careers is that so few students         engage with recruiters via social media, career     - Receive unprecedented access to
actually have an understanding of what roles          progression to get to executive ICT positions and     representatives of companies searching for
they can get and what skills they need to be          what these positions are really like.                 students
developing now to get them.                                                                               - Attend free networking drinks with industry
     We believe the best way for students to get      IA: You have called this annual confer-               representatives and companies looking to
this information is to hear from the people with      ence the ‘BiG Day In’. Do you have a                  hire. ¢
‘been there, done that’ experience. We know           theme for this year?
students and we believe they’re ready to hear the     CD: Because we know that that our generation          Details
difference between success and mediocrity.            is keen to try their own thing and go it alone,       The ACS Foundation student conference
     Part of the new approach is throwing             we’ve made this year’s theme B.O.S.S. - Building      When: Monday 28 May, 2012.
out the textbooks and the academic hats and           Opportunities for Successful Students.                9am–5:00pm + networking drinks
bringing phenomenal speakers from leading                                                                   Where: UTS Aerial Function Centre,
industry innovators. We want to hear not just         IA: So give us the facts. What are the                Thomas St, Ultimo, NSW
about their careers, but what our careers will        key selling points for students who are               How much: $20 early bird registration
look like too.                                        thinking of attending?                                  Students interested in attending or
                                                      AG: The ACS Foundation/BiG Conference is              promoting the BiG Day In should email
IA: You spoke about a new approach.                   unmissable and different because students will: for
What else is different?                               - Experience a conference designed for students       more details.
CD: The content for the conference has                  by students

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