Anne of Green Gables - PowerPoint by wanghonghx


									Mrs. King’s

              Mrs. King
              Anne of
              Green Gables
People   Places   Who     Anne-isms   Kindred It’s Rightful
                                      Spirits     Name

100       100     100       100        100        100

200       200     200       200        200        200

          300     300       300        300       300

400       400     400       400        400       400

500       500      500      500        500        500

         People 100

He was late to the train station
        to pick up Anne.

    Who is Matthew
    People 200

She accused Anne of
 having hair as red as
   Who is Rachel
      People 300

Anne hit him over the
 head with her slate.

  Who is Gilbert Blythe?
        People 400
Anne said she looked just like a

Who is Mrs. Blewett?
      People 500

She dared Anne to walk
    the ridge-pole of
Mr. Barry’s kitchen roof.

  Who is Josie Pye ?
     Places 100
The home of Matthew and
     Marilla Cuthbert

What is Green Gables?
     Places 200
The place where Matthew
 first met Anne Shirley.

   Where is Bright River?
        Places 300

The setting for Anne of Green Gables

    What is Prince Edward
    Places 400

Anne Shirley was born

 What is Bolingbroke,
   Nova Scotia?
          Places 500
Where Reverend and Mrs. Allan lived.

            What is the manse?
      Who said… 100

“I wouldn’t give a dog I liked to
     that Blewett woman.”

         Who is Marilla?
      Who said… 200
“Well, they didn’t pick you for your
  looks, that’s sure and certain.”

       Who is Rachel Lynde?
  Who said… 300
“I am well in body although
 considerably rumpled up in

 Who is Anne Shirley?
         Who said… 400
“You’re a queer girl, Anne. I heard before
  that you were queer. But I believe I’m
         going to like you real well.”

           Who is Diana Barry?
          Who said… 500
“Anne Shirley, since you seem to be so fond
  of the boys’ company we shall indulge your
   taste for it this afternoon. Take those
     flowers out of your hair and sit with
                Gilbert Blythe.”

         Who is Mr. Phillips?
     Anne-isms 100

      Puffed Shelves

What kind of dress did Anne
   Anne-isms 200

    Katie Maurice
     and Violetta
Who were Anne’s make-
  believe friends?
     Anne-isms 300
    Rose-leaf complexion
      Starry violet eyes

How Anne imagined herself?
      Anne-isms 400
         Rachel Lynde
     Aunt Josephine Barry

To whom did Anne apologize?
  Anne-isms 500
    Respectfully yours

How did Anne end her
Kindred Spirits 100
  Anne’s bosom friend

Who is Diana Barry?
   Kindred Spirits 200
   He thought Anne was a real
     interesting little thing.

Who is Matthew Cuthbert?
     Kindred Spirits 300
Her imagination was a little rusty, but she
        found Anne to be amusing.

  Who is Aunt Josephine?
    Kindred Spirits 400

Anne didn’t want to do anything
 that she would be ashamed to
        tell this friend.

     Who is Mrs. Allan?
     Kindred Spirits 500
“When she pronounces my name I feel
  instinctively that she’s spelling it
              with an e.”

 Who is Miss Muriel Stacy?
 It’s Rightful Name 100
        The Avenue

What is the White Way of
It’s Rightful Name 200
       Barry’s Pond

      What is the
Lake of Shining Waters?
  It’s Rightful Name 300

The way by which the cows were taken to
  the back pasture and the wood hauled
             home in winter.

    What is Lover’s Lane?
  It’s Rightful Name 400

A little green dimple in the shadow of
      Mr. Andrew Bell’s big woods.

     What is Violet Vale?
  It’s Rightful Name 500

The spruce wood over the brook between
      Green Gables and the Barry’s

What is the Haunted Wood?

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