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									                                                                            BMW Club of Northern California
                                                                      March 14, 2010 - Second Sunday Breakfast
                                                                                                        8:00 AM
                                                                                                Scrambl’z Diner
                                                                                               775 E Dunne Ave
                                                                                          Morgan Hill, CA 95037

Scramblz Diner                                              0 ft
Get on E Dunne Ave and drive southwest                     89 ft
Turn left onto E Dunne Ave                               250 ft
Henry W Coe Park - Stop for Photos                      12.4 mi
Get on E Dunne Ave and drive northwest                  12.4 mi
Turn left onto Hill Rd                                  23.3 mi
Turn right onto Tennant Ave                             24.3 mi
Turn right onto Oak Glen Ave                            28.3 mi
Chesbro Reservoir                                       30.5 mi
Turn right onto Uvas Rd                                 33.1 mi
Calero Reservoir                                        38.4 mi
Turn left onto McKean Rd                                41.7 mi
Turn left onto Almaden Rd                               42.1 mi
Almaden Quicksilver                                     44.4 mi
Turn right onto Hicks Rd                                46.0 mi
Turn left onto Mt Umunhum Rd                            47.7 mi
Sierra Azul Rest Stop                                   47.7 mi
Get on Mt Umunhum Rd and drive east                     47.8 mi
Turn left onto Hicks Rd                                 47.8 mi
Guadalupe Reservoir                                     50.5 mi
Turn left onto Shannon Rd                               53.1 mi
Turn left onto Kennedy Rd                               53.7 mi
Turn left onto Los Gatos Blvd                           57.1 mi
Turn right onto Los Gatos Saratoga Rd                   57.2 mi
Take the Ca-17 S ramp to the right towards Santa Cruz   57.6 mi    By accepting this map/directions sheet and
Take ramp to the right towards Bear Creek Road          60.7 mi    participating in the club ride, I do hereby agree to
Turn right onto Bear Creek Rd                           60.8 mi
                                                                   indemnify and hold harmless the NorCal BMW
Turn left onto Hwy 17                                   60.9 mi
                                                                   Club and their officials, agents and volunteers
Turn right onto Alma Bridge Rd                          61.4 mi
                                                                   from all loss, cost and expense arising out of any
Lexington Reservoir Park                                62.0 mi
Turn right onto Aldercroft Hts Rd                       66.1 mi    liability or claim of liability for injury to persons or
Turn left onto Bear Creek Rd                            68.6 mi    damage to property sustained by anyone in
Turn right onto Montevina Rd                            68.7 mi    conjunction with my participation in this club
Turn left onto Black Rd                                 69.0 mi    breakfast and ride. I further acknowledge and
Black & Skyline Rest Stop                               73.4 mi    agree that the NorCal BMW Club and their
Turn right onto Hwy 9                                   79.8 mi    officials, agents and volunteers assume no
Turn left onto Redwood Gulch Rd                         82.9 mi    responsibility for any loss, theft or damage to my
Turn right onto Stevens Canyon Rd                       84.3 mi    vehicle or property.
Stevens Creek Park                                      87.2 mi
Turn right onto Stevens Canyon Rd                       87.3 mi
Turn right onto Stevens Creek Blvd                      89.7 mi
Ride Ends at Cupertino Union 76                         90.6 mi

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