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10 5 Joint Parenting Agreement Dissolution of Marriage or Civil Union by CQEc64cf


									                       IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS
                             DOMESTIC RELATIONS DIVISION

IN RE THE MARRIAGE/CIVIL UNION OF:                    )
________________________,                             )
      Petitioner,                                     )
and                                                   )       Case No. ______________________
________________________,                             )       Calendar _____________________
      Respondent.                                     )

                                  JOINT PARENTING AGREEMENT
Petitioner ______________________________________and Respondent ______________________
agree to the following with respect to their child or children:
________________________________________ date of birth ________________________
________________________________________date of birth ________________________
________________________________________ date of birth ________________________
1. The parties agree that they are both fit and proper persons to have the joint legal custody of their
   child or children (hereafter, for convenience, referred to as “children” even though there may be
   only one child), and both recognize the continuing need of the children for close and frequent
   contact with both parents and the importance of both parents remaining actively involved in the
   lives of the children.

2. The parties agree that they shall have the joint care, custody, control, and education of the children.

3. The physical residence of the children shall be with ___________________.

4. _____________________ shall have frequent and liberal visitation, which shall be at such
   reasonable times and places as the parties may agree, but not less frequently than the schedule set
   forth herein.

5. Each party shall make the day-to-day routine decisions concerning the children when the children
   are in their care, except as otherwise herein provided.

6. Either parent may take the children from the State of Illinois for visitation, trips, or vacation
   purposes without further leave of Court or consent of the other party, provided that the party
   intending to take the children shall give the other parent reasonable notice of his or her intention to
   do so, and shall supply the other with information regarding the contemplated period of time
   outside the state, the address and telephone number where they will be located, and shall permit
   reasonable telephone and electronic communication between the children and the parent who is not
   with the children. Each party agrees to execute all reasonable documents necessary to facilitate the
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   travel by the children with the other party upon presentation of the documents by the traveling
   party. Nothing contained in this provision shall be construed to permit either parent to remove the
   permanent residence of the minor children from the State of Illinois without first securing the
   approval of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.

7. Each party agrees to do everything within his or her power to foster the respect, love, and affection
   of the children of the parties for the other party, and to make every possible effort to agree on all
   questions involving the children so that they may have proper physical and emotional growth and
   retain their respect and affection for both of their parents. Neither party shall prevent or hinder
   telephone or other communication between the children and the other parent. Neither party shall
   make disparaging remarks about the other parent to, or in the presence of, the children, and shall
   request that friends and relatives refrain from doing so as well.

8. Each party agrees that they will not question, discuss, examine or interrogate the children with
   regard to the conduct, habits, social activities, monetary expenditures or purchases of the other

9. Each party agrees that they will not discuss any aspect of this litigation with or in the presence of
   the children, including matters related to custody, visitation, support, monetary or financial
   information, vacations, or court dates.

10. The parties agree that they shall jointly discuss and jointly determine major decisions concerning
    the children, including, but not limited to: (a) education; (b) choice of child care and after-school
    care; (c) religious training; (d) medical care and choice of physicians, dentists, and the like; and (e)
    all other significant questions relating to the health, welfare, and education of the children, except
    in the case of an emergency. Upon the happening of a medical emergency, the parent with the
    child, or first making contact with the child, shall make all necessary decisions during the
    emergency and shall promptly notify the other parent. Medical and school records, as well as all
    other information concerning or related to the children, shall be made available to both parties.
    The non residential parent be notified of any and all communications between the school and the
    residential parent concerning the children, and both parents shall be welcome at parent activities,
    such as teacher conferences, and attendance at the children’s extracurricular activities. Both parties
    shall have the right to communicate with teachers, school personnel, counselors, and physicians to
    discuss the children’s standing and progress.

11. The non residential parent shall have liberal and reasonable parenting time with the children. See
    Exhibit A for visitation schedule.

12. Each parent shall be responsible for driving the children to routine activities scheduled during the
    time they are with that parent. Neither parent shall schedule activities that occur during the other
    parent's time with the children without the prior consent of that parent, and, whenever possible,
    such activities shall be scheduled so that they do not disproportionately interfere with parenting

13. The parties shall encourage ongoing telephone contact between the children and the absent parent.

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14. The parties agree to confer with a private/professional mediator or counselor before going to court
    to settle any conflicts in implementing this Joint Parenting Agreement. If seeking mediation
    assistance, parties may call The Mediation Council of Illinois for referrals at (312) 641-3000 or the
    Center For Conflict Resolution at (312) 922-6464.

____________________________________                 ____________________________________
Petitioner (Printed Name)             Date           Respondent (Printed Name)             Date

____________________________________                 ____________________________________
Petitioner (Signature)                Date           Respondent (Signature)                Date

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