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									Job Description – Sales Supervisor
Sales Supervisor

Reports To
[Name of Sales Manager]

The Sales Supervisor is responsible for managing an assigned team of both inside and outside sales representatives. This will be accomplished by working with the Sales Manager to forecast sales figures for that supervisor’s team. The Sales Supervisor shall have additional duties including the recruitment, training, and development of his or her sales staff and achievement of established sales goals and revenue objectives. This individual will also identify and mentor key team members.

Job Duties
           Manage the efforts and activities of a sales team in alignment with sales goals and revenue objectives. Supervise sales staff, including recruitment, termination, training, performance evaluations, work allocation, and conflict resolution. Analyze the effectiveness of sales programs; recommend and implement changes based on findings. Monitor sales staff’s reports – including shipping, receiving, and order fulfillment – to ensure customer satisfaction. Assist Sales Manager in implementing strategic plans for the sales function; administer practices and procedures to enhance operations. Verify and qualify actual sales on a case-by-case basis; update database as required. Assist Sales Manager in developing and implementing distribution strategies, reselling agreements, and other growth opportunities. Develop, manage, and nurtu
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