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									Job Description – Retail Store Manager
Retail Store Manager

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The Retail Store Manager is responsible for the daily operations and profitability of the establishment according to set goals and business objectives. Daily operations include staff management, customer satisfaction, neat product presentation, inventory management and carrying out seasonal changes and promotional activities.

Job Duties
              Greet and assist customers in a manner that models exemplary conduct to other staff. Make sure all customer complaints are addressed and handled professionally, leaving the customer with a positive resolution. Ensure that all health, safety and security regulations are adhered to and required standards are met. Maintain adequate stock through efficient inventory management. Take inventory as scheduled and provide inventory reports. Increase sales, expand markets, and promote business to meet given goals within provided guidelines. Ensure an adequate process is in place for checking deliveries and packaging slips. Verify invoices against packaging slips and track all expenditures. Make sure that merchandise is always presented neatly and that items are 
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