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Our job descriptions are unique in the industry, and offer a full Job Responsibilities and Qualifications, Job Posting Information, and insightful Interview Questions with a mix of standard and behavioral questions.  This Information Technology Manager job description will help you effectively hire the right employee for that title for your organization.

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									Job Description – Information Technology Manager
Information Technology Manager

Reports To
[Name of IT Director, V.P. of IT, or CIO]

The Information Technology Manager is responsible for the effective operation of information technology (IT) services and support across the organization. This individual oversees IT project management, resource management, supervision of IT staff, as well as communication with executive team, business unit leaders, and end users. The IT Manager is also responsible for IT strategic and tactical planning, as well as identifying, selecting, and deploying the appropriate technology resources that will support corporate goals and objectives.

Job Duties
         Plan, develop, and manage all IT services, programs, and support throughout the enterprise. Assist senior management with the direction and facilitation of IT strategic and tactical planning. Research, design, and implement the appropriate technologies to support and improve corporate communications, access to information, and enduser productivity. Oversee project management for IT-related undertakings, including clear capture of business requirements, provision of functional deliverables, milestone planning, and project post mortems. Ensure that applicable project management practices are followed throughout project lifecycles. Hire, staff, and supervise a skilled team of IT professionals; help guide t
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