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Branch Area Manager

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The Branch Area Manager shall provide leadership, direction and goals for an Area Management Team (AMT). Responsible for supervising multiple landscape projects by managing numerous supervisor/superintendents, leading and supervising multiple projects by managing numerous branch managers and direct reports, as well as assuming a role acting as an intermediary between field operations and management, providing leadership, knowledge, direction and goals for an AMT. The Branch Area Manager shall also hold responsibilities for the achievement of aggressive AMT goals and targets, focusing on high levels of customer satisfaction and overall banking performance.

Job Duties
            Ensures that the AMT understands and believes in the company’s goals and mission statement. Makes sure all employees are working towards a common company objective. Responsible for company monthly and weekly revenue and profit projections. Oversees area supervisors to ensure that daily and weekly labour schedules are in direct relation to daily, weekly revenue. Review monthly sales backlog and develop strategies and time frames in order to determine when the backlogs will be completed. Gives prompt and proper direction to field supervisors as needed. Pr
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