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Succession Planning Policy

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Our prepared Corporate Policies are comprehensive, up-to-date with key concerns, and will provide your organization with a set of guidelines to ensure workplace compliance, safety, acceptable behavior and more!  Make sure everyone in your organization knows what is expected from them when it comes down to Succession Planning Policy

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									Succession Planning Policy
(Company Name) has enacted this policy to ensure that effective and logical replacements for key job incumbents in executive, management, technical, and professional positions are developed within the organization. This policy is designed to cover the grooming of middle management positions and above. Succession planning will identify and groom candidates for future openings in key positions due to lost leadership, new markets and new environments. Effective succession planning is a result of an integrated human resources system utilizing forecasting, career planning and development, assessment and performance appraisal. Succession planning can decrease our turnover rate, and time-to-fill for vacant positions, and will ensure that employees placed in these positions are prepared to succeed immediately. The tenets of success for the (Company Name) Succession Policy will be: Identify critical positions within the organization, future vacancies in those positions, the employee’s best suited to fill those vacancies, the training and development of potential candidates, and ultimately the filling of vacancies in key positions with employees that are qualified, have met all training goals and expectations, and are fully prepared to succeed in the new position, thus ensuring the on-going success of (Company Name).. This Policy Shall: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Determine the Expected Results; Identify the need for a Succession Planning Committee; Detail the need for Performance Reviews; Outline the Process of Data Tracking; Discuss Relevant Training and Development; Provide Guidelines for Implementation.

Expected Results
  Accurately identify employees with a high-potential for rapid advancement within the (Company Name) corporate structure. Ensure the systematic and long-term development of individuals to fill key job vacancies as the need arises due to deaths, disabilities, retirements, and other unexpected losses. Provide a talent pipeline to meet (Comp
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