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									Professional Development Policy
This policy has been adopted by (Company Name) to enhance professional and program development opportunities for staff by supporting participation in professional conferences, and educational activities relevant to post secondary continuing education and program development practice, and by encouraging the sharing of knowledge gained through participation in professional development activities.

Activities Eligible for Support
The general types of professional development activity that this policy is intended to support include the following:   Professional conferences and special events relevant to program development practice within the context of continuing education; and; Educational programs, including but not limited to seminars, certificate programs, undergraduate and graduate study, that are relevant to the programming strategy or to assist in preparing for other employment opportunities within the organization.

1. As part of the annual budgeting process, a reasonable expenditure, given the policy objectives and the financial position of the operation, will be committed to support the two types of professional development activity previously identified. 2. Academic and support staff actively employed in a continuing position are eligible to apply for professional development support; however, of the funds designated for conference attendance, approximately (XX)% is intended for academic staff. 3. Support related to conference attendance and participation in educational programs will be provided for the following types of expenditures: registration and tuition fees, reasonable transportation and accommodation costs, and a per diem as per an approved budget. 4. In general, preference will be given to applicants who: o Have not received professional development support within the budget year; o Request partial funding; o Demonstrate the relevance of participation to their assigned duties and to specific professional/program development objectives they hope to achieve;
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