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Maternity Leave Policy - DOC


Our prepared Corporate Policies are comprehensive, up-to-date with key concerns, and will provide your organization with a set of guidelines to ensure workplace compliance, safety, acceptable behavior and more!  Make sure everyone in your organization knows what is expected from them when it comes down to Maternity Leave Policy

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									Maternity / Parental Leave Policy
Policy Intent
(Company Name) has adopted this policy to ensure that its full-time permanent employees are provided with paid time off to coincide with the birth or adoption of a child. The Maternity and Parental Leave Policy has been designed to allow our employees to recover from childbirth, bond with, and care for their newborn or adopted child, without fear of a negative impact on their employment status or opportunities with (Company Name). This Policy Shall: 1. 2. 3. 4. Provide descriptions of employees eligible for Maternity and/or Parental Leave; Outline the procedure for requesting Maternity and/or Parental Leave; Determine the Benefits available to employees on Maternity and/or Parental Leave Discuss the parameters for the maximum allowable duration of Maternity and/or Parental Leave;

Maternity/Parental Leave Eligibility Requirements
Permanent, full-time employees that have become a new parent in the following regards shall be eligible for either Maternity, or Parental Leave. Maternity Leave  Biological birth mother

Parental Leave    Father Adoptive Parent Domestic Partner

Request for Maternity/Parental Leave Procedure
 To ensure that (Company Name) can make the necessary arrangements to accommodate an employee taking Maternity or Parental Leave, employees are asked

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