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Lieu Time Policy

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Our prepared Corporate Policies are comprehensive, up-to-date with key concerns, and will provide your organization with a set of guidelines to ensure workplace compliance, safety, acceptable behavior and more!  Make sure everyone in your organization knows what is expected from them when it comes down to Lieu Time Policy

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									Lieu Time Policy
Lieu Time is designed for (Company Name) employees that would rather bank their overtime hours, and save them for later use as paid time off. Lieu Time may be used in addition to any accrued Vacation and Sick time. The use of Lieu Time is not designed to create flexible schedules, e.g. working through lunch to leave early, etc. This Policy Shall: Provide a working definition of Lieu Time; Discuss the documentation and authorization requirements for Lieu Time; Determine the rate of pay and limitations of Lieu Time; Outline procedures for the request of Lieu Time usage; Explain Lieu Time transfers for promoted, demoted, retired, deceased and terminated employees; 6. Define employee expectations; 7. Outline procedures for Dispute Resolution. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

 Lieu time will be granted as leave with pay to compensate employees for working overtime.

Documentation and Authorization
   Lieu time cannot be claimed for any period of less than 30 minutes in a workday. An employee's immediate supervisor must authorize all overtime before it is worked, for the employee to
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