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									Layoff and Closure Policy_________________________
This policy is intended to provide (Company Name) employees with direction in the event of a necessary Layoff, Temporary Layoff, Indefinite Layoff, or Closure. (Company Name) strives to be a successful organization at all times, and has adopted this policy as a tool to ensure our preparedness for any potential difficulties caused by economic forces that will dictate our ability to conduct business. In the event of any necessary layoffs, either temporary, indefinite or permanent, or the closure of a (Company Name) location, (Company Name) will meet all legal obligations specific to the situation at hand, including any Federally or Provincially / Territorially mandated workplace compliance legislation, or as per any collective bargaining agreement. This Policy Shall Determine the Policy and Procedures For: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Layoffs; Temporary Layoffs; Indefinite Layoffs; Employee Recall from Temporary of Indefinite Layoffs; Closures; Rationale Used When Determining Layoffs.

In the event of economic or industry forces that dictate (Company Name) requirements for work are diminished, stream-lining of operations are required, a re-organization is necessary, or a lack of funds causes an inability to maintain staffing levels, (Company Name) may be required to reduce our workforce through layoffs. (Company Name) will provide as much warning as is possible / necessary to ensure that workers are aware of any pending changes to their employment. Notices will be made in writing and delivered to the employee by their immediate supervisor, manager or designated HR employee to ensure their reception of the notice. In the event that the employee cannot come in to work for any reason, a copy of the notice will be mailed to their residence based on information provided to HR. Notice of Layoff will include information pertaining to the effective date of the employee layoff, and will provide information regarding their severance pay, and date of final paycheck.
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In the event of any necessary layoff, (Company Name) will provide the employee with the appropriate amount of severance, and include any accrued vacation / sick leave pay that is owed to th
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