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									Laptop Loan Policy
Intent [Company Name] understands and supports the necessity of employees requiring the use of laptop computers. In order to meet this need, laptop computers are available for shortterm loans from [name department]. Laptops are available for use by employees who: need to perform off-site work duties (e.g. field work such as off-site research and data collection, or special projects requiring mobility); are required to record meeting notes, conferences, seminars, etc.; must conduct business presentations, conferences, or seminars where visual demonstrations are required. All employees who wish to reserve and borrow a laptop must read and sign this policy statement before they may initiate their first loan. Loan Procedures Only one laptop per employee is permitted. Laptops are available for loan between [name time and day] and [name time and day]. Borrowing a laptop overnight may be permitted in certain situations (i.e. extended travel). Laptops are loaned on a “first come, first served” basis. As such, reservations for laptops must be made in advance by filling out a Laptop Loan Form available from [name department]. Laptop availability is not guaranteed. Loans extending longer than […] day(s) require pre-authorization by the employee’s manager or supervisor. Laptops not returned by the predetermined date will result in a late charge of $[…] levied against the borrower.

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