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									Employee Engagement Policy
(Company Name) is committed to our employees, and will strive to offer a workplace that supports them through open communication, recognition, career progression opportunities, supervision, training and development. (Company Name) has adopted this policy to ensure that our employees are provided with the highest quality employment experience possible. This Policy Shall 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Outline dedication to open employee communications; Detail our commitment to on-going training and development; Discuss employee career-advancement opportunities; Provide information on the availability of flexible schedules; Determine employee obligations.

  (Company Name) fosters a workplace with open lines of communication between senior management, management, Human Resources and employees. (Company Name) employees are encouraged to raise any concerns regarding their workplace to their superiors through open dialogue, or by submitting an email or suggestion. We take these queries, suggestions and recommendations seriously, and support our employees by thanking them for their input in helping us identify and address issues in the workplace. All employee issues, suggestions, recommendations and queries will be reviewed, investigated and addressed in a prompt fashion.



Training and Developmen
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