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					Employee Files Policy
The purpose of the employee files is to maintain current employee data and information for business and employment related purposes, or where authorized or required by law. A personnel file is a record of facts about the employee and related employment status changes. It also contains a record of events including promotions, transfers, absenteeism, performance appraisals, letters of discipline and so on. Employee files are the property of (Company Name).

(Company Name) shall maintain three (3) separate personal files for each employee, which will include Personnel information, Payroll information, and Medical information. All 3 files will be stored in separate locations, and kept confidential using appropriate safe guards. No one will indiscriminately reveal such information to anyone without permission from the employee unless required by law or as permitted under the Freedom of Information policy. Notwithstanding the above, access to Personnel Files is permitted without the employee’s permission to the employee’s line management representative. An employee may inspect, in the presence of a designated Human Resources representative, his/her personnel file during normal working hours upon a request to the Human Resources Services Advisor. All information placed in the employee files is confidential in nature and it will only be divulged to individuals who have been authorized to receive such information. The right of every staff member to privacy shall be recognized and protected, consistent with (Company Name) policy guidelines and legislative and collective agreement provisions. Documents that the employee may not review include: references or reference checks, records of any investigation undertaken by man
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