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Last Chance Agreement by HRDownloads


Our prepared HR Templates are comprehensive, customizable, and will provide your organization with a set of base line documents to cover the key and sensitive situations that arise. This Last Chance Agreement is already pre-developed and ready to be utilized immediately!

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									Last Chance Agreement______________________________________________
Date: Name: This Last Chance Agreement has been prepared following discussions related to XXX issues impacting your [i.e. unauthorized absences from Date through Date, 2009 or unacceptable behavior related to XXX]. During the period of the noted [absences/issues] you [did not contact Company Name] and your employment could have been terminated for [Job Abandonment or XXX]. The Company has grounds to terminate now but is agreeing to forego that right in exchange for the employee’s commitment to abide by the conditions outlined on the following Last Chance Agreement: You accept the following conditions: 1. You will provide Company Name with a letter attesting to your admission to an accredited program of treatment and rehabilitation for substance abuse by date. The period of time spent in a treatment will be considered an approved [paid or unpaid] medical leave of absence. You agree to fully participate in the treatment plan as outlined by XXX and grant authority for the treatment organization to advise Company Name Rep’s Name of your attenda
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