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Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey


Our prepared HR Templates are comprehensive, customizable, and will provide your organization with a set of base line documents to cover the key and sensitive situations that arise. This Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey is already pre-developed and ready to be utilized immediately!

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									Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey
Department: _________________________________________ Supervisor: _________________________________________

Part I – Instructions
The Employee Benefits Satisfaction Survey is designed for the employee to anonymously rate the benefits provided by (Company Name). This survey lists the criteria and competencies against which you must rank (Company Name) benefits. In each section rate the benefits according to the table below. Be sure to add comments, thoughts, and observations as these are important to the evaluation process. Once all data has been collected management will communicate openly with employees to address all possible concerns.

1 2 3 4 5

STRONGLY DISAGREE – Consistently fails to meet expectations DISAGREE – Occasionally fails to meet expectations NEITHER AGREE NOR DISAGREE – Performs at a satisfactory level AGREE – Often exceeds expectations STRONGLY AGREE – Consistently exceeds expectations

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