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					                             Project Plan

Project Name: Child Day Care and Pre-learning

Organisation: Social Action for Community Development Society-SACDS

Sector :     Child Welfare

Address:     Yoshinkhel-11
             Bhaktapur, Nepal

P.O.Box:     3061, Kathmandu, Nepal

Tel:         977 1 6612403


Social Action for Community Development Society- SACDS is a non-governmental, non-
profitable community based-organization.

The mission of SACDS is to provide educational and development opportunities for children,
youth, women, and communities in Nepal, enabling them to gain new skills to improve their

Yoshikhel is located at Bhaktapur Municipality ward no 11 in the eastern part of capital of
Nepal, Kathmandu. Yoshikhel is very rich in historical and cultural value but very much
underdeveloped and very backward community of the city. The per capita income of people of
the community is so low that they its hard to manage their bread and butter. Hence, almost all
members of the family need to go out for the work. In the family where there are small children,
as their both parent have to go out to work, they don’t have any other option then to leave their
children at home without any proper care as for them it's impossible to manage the expenses for
Day care center for their children. So this is becoming the major cause of child health problem
and discipline problem and education problem.
Mothers must go out to work and training and need a safe place to leave their Children. To
provide an Environment where children’s potentials and skills are nurtured and continued
Education is seen as an appropriate goal for all and to provide the opportunity for optimal
growth in all areas of child development

Executive Summary

Child Care and Learning Centre is first project of SACDS under its objective.
SACDS has chose Yoshinkhel Community as its operational area

Mission, Vision, Strategies etc

        Our Vision is to evolve in to a vibrant organization delivering demand driven services to
strengthen the global fight against poverty through sustainable development.

        Our Mission is to carry out developmental activities is as follows:
a) ensure Sustainable Livelihoods for all by helping to build the capacity of the people to engage
in income generating activities
b) promote cross cutting issues like Gender, Environment, Health, Education, Water and

   Knowledge, Integrity, High performance, Compassion, Friendship, Truthfulness, Honesty,
   Respect for women, children, elder people, people suffering from diseases and physically
   handicapped persons, Responsibility, Accountability, Creativity, Motivation, Diversity (Meaning you
   respect people from different culture, religion etc to work together harmoniously), Leadership
   Servant Leadership (Like Mother Theresa and Mahatma Gandhi who served the people as if theywere
   the servants of the people and thus succeeded to become their leaders to lead the people towards
   freedom and prosperity. Similarly by serving the people of your society you shall be acting as their
   leader to train and guide them out of poverty)

                1.   To protect the Rights of the Child.
                2.   To provide high quality basic needs for children
                3.   To educate all children

           1. Strength:
           2. Weakness :
           3. Opportunities:
           4. Threats:


                1. Establish Free childcare Center
                2. Establish an after school program.
                3. Scholarship for children

Present Status


       Progress to date



Product/Service Description:

      “High” quality child care
      Toys and Games: carefully selected toys and games that help to develop children
      High quality learning materials
      Books/art books:
      Hygienic food and water
      Neat and clean space
      Staff Professionally Trained in:
           o Early Childhood Development.
           o Safety and Security - Important for the child's safety
           o State of the art facilities.
      Affordable Fee
      To meet the needs of the Parents / Guardians.


Special Features

Once a month workshops for parents and their children. Workshops will allow parents and
children to explore together and parents will learn how to care children at home.

Once a month health check up by Doctors from hospitals nearby.

Developmental Progress Reports will be completed on each child every 6 months. Teachers will
have time to observe and record children’s developmental progress in the classroom, put it into a
written report and then have a time to sit down and talk with parents.

Profile of target markets

Market analysis

       Customer/Users: Under 5 children of Yoshinkhel


Management & Administration

   a. The project will be managed by SACDS – a community based NGO, with representatives
      of stakeholders in the management board. Particular interest of parents and educational
      authority will be reflected in the management.
   b. 4 Staffs will be hired and assigned their responsibility
      Teacher: 1
      Care Taker: 2
      Helper: 1


Financial Projections

       Key assumptions

       Income statements:
 Projected Income Statement
 Year                                                   1               2            3
 Gross Earnings
 Under 5 children (30 @ RS .100/child)
                                                       $0               $0          $0

 Less Cost of Startup / Maintenance

 Balance                                               $0               $0          $0
 Salaries & Wages
 Other Recurrent exps.
 Total Expenses

 Net Income                                            $0               $0          $0
 Scaling up Fund
 Retained Income                                       $0               $0          $0

       Cash flow projections

       Projected balance sheets

       Sensitivity analysis

Funding requirements & proposals

The Management Committee needs US$ 2800.00 approx. to set up the high quality child care centre and
US$ 4053.00 approx. per year for operational cost.

External Donors


   1. Based on the needs of the community, SACDS will collaborate with existing Charitable
      Organizations and with Private Childcare Providers.
    2. To lease, buy or construct buildings that will be used for childcare centers and lease ,buy
       , get donations necessary furniture , equipments , material etc.
    3. Collaborate with existing National and Local Government Childcare Progams
    4. Finding and contacting organizations to support and advocate for the basic needs of the children
        of Yoshinkhel, Bhaktapur , Nepal
    5. Identify a location or building that can accommodate 30 children during the hours their mother is
        working .
    6. Identify appropriate “caretakers” to staff the childcare center.
    7. Identify “ways to pay or compensate” these caretakers.
    8. Provide a source of food/ water for the children while in center
    9. Provide “learning materials, uniforms and activities” for the children.
    10. Recruit Volunteers to assist in child care center.
    11. Children are charged an admission fee of RS. 300/year and RS.100/ month.
     12. Parent and community involvement will be used to continually promote the
centre. Meetings with Elders, community leaders and band members will keep
the centre up to date with community needs and desires. This will also keep the
families interested and participating. Guest speakers will be invited in from time
to time to assist families and the community with important and vital child
rearing issues.

Output: “ Ensure that all young children of Yoshinkhel ,Bhaktapur get better & safer care and are ready
to go Primary School after getting high quality basic education


        a. Classroom
        i. Attendance Sheet
        ii. Toddler Daily Schedule
        iii. Preschool Daily Schedule

            b. Food Program-
               i. Menu Plan
               ii. Food Check list
               iii. Supply Check list

            c. Health Safety

            d. Employee
                   - Training

            e. Registration
            f. Report
                                     PROJECT BUDGET
Project name:                                        Child Care and Learning Centre
Project Period                                       5 years
Budget Period                                        2006-2011
Budget Currency:                                     US$
Total Estimated Set up Budget                        2800.00
Total Operational Budget                             4053.00
No of Children                                       30
Ages                                                 1- 5 years
Location                                             Yoshinkhel-11,Bhaktapur

                               SET UP COST (Basic requirement)

Description                                                  Amout in Rs   Amount in US$
Furniture                                                      15000           203
Carpet                                                          8000           108
Stationery                                                      9000           122
Equipment                                                      25000           338
Kitchen ware                                                   20000           270
Swing                                                          12000           162
Slide                                                          10000           135
Mattress, Pillow, Blankets                                     18000           243
Curtains                                                        4000            54
Bed Sheet                                                       3600            49
Toys                                                           10000           135
Wooden Toys                                                    14000           189
White/Board (2 qty)                                             6500            88
Teaching Material                                               6000            81
Musical instrument                                              5000            68
First aid kit                                                   1500            20
Uniforms                                                        8000           108
Staff Training                                                 15000           203
Miscelleneous                                                   3000            41
Administration Costs (7 % of Total set up budget)              13552           183
                                                    Total:     207152         2799

DESCRIPTION                                         Amount/month   Amount/year   per year
                                                        RS            RS           US$
Salaries to Teacher (RS 3500 x 1)                      3500          42000         568
Salaries to Baby Care Taker (RS 3000 x 2)              6000          72000         973
Salaries to Helper ( RS 2500 x 1)                      2500          30000         405
Rent                                                   3000          36000         486
Public Utilities                                       1000          12000         162
Meals                                                  6000          72000         973
General supplies(eg office/household supplies,
toileteries etc)                                           1000       12000        162
Others (e.g. repairs, telephone charges, insurance
etc)                                                       1000      12000         162
Contingency (5% of total budget)                                     11900         161
                                              Total       19000      299900       4053
Remarks: 5% of total budget will be added in next each year
Exchange rate: 1 US$=RS 74.00
                                           Employee Documents

    File                                  Criminal                                                    Inservice
                 Application                                    W-4                  I-9
  Checklist                               History                                                     Training

                 Attendance                Staff               Weekly           Personnel            Operations
Time Sheet
                    Log                  Evaluation           Schedule          Handbook              Manual


                                         About Your                                                     Parent
 Registration    Health History                             Emergency Kits    Parent Contract
                                           Child                                                       Handbook

                       Sample                                 Change in         Photograph            Conference
Immunizations                          Drop In Contract
                      Brochure                                Schedule          Permission             Request

                                                Health & Safety

  Medication          Accident                                                  Sunscreen
                                       Incident Report      Illness Report                            Sign In/out
   Release             Report                                                   Permission

                                                                                                      Field Trip
Medication Log   Accident Log            Incident Log         Illness Log     Food Substitute


   Attendance Sheet          Infant Daily Schedule          Toddler Daily Schedule         Preschool Daily Schedule

    Attendance Log               Infant Lesson Plan           Toddler Lesson Plan           Preschool Lesson Plan

 Classroom Deficiency
                                 Infant Daily Report         Toddler Daily Report          School-Age Activity Plan

                                                 Food Program
Blank Menu Plan Breakfast,    Blank Menu Plan Lunch, and
                                                             Sample Food Checklist
       Lunch, Snacks                 two snacks

Sample Menu Plan Breakfast,   Sample Menu Plan Lunch and
                                                             Sample Supply Checklist
        Lunch, Snack                  two snacks


          Sample Emergency List                        Blank Emergency List

              Sample Budget                            Sample Business Plan

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