Family Case Manager with a speciality in Court Advocacy Focus

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					                    HELP AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE, INC
                          PORTSMOUTH, VIRGINIA

                                    JOB DESCRIPTION
Title: Family Case Manager, with Specialty in Court Advocacy Department: Crisis Services
Type: Full Time, hourly            Reports To: Lead Case Manager

Job Summary: Responsible for implementation of individual case management and crisis
intervention for the entire family. Will serve as the Family Case Manager from the time the
family enters the shelter and up to 9 months after exiting the shelter. In addition, will provide
safety planning and education to all clients who have experienced domestic violence, as well as
assess and aid in the process of any legal needs the family may have.


   1. Completes Individual Client Assessment Packets (ICAP) with every adult that enters
       shelter as well as the Children’s Intake and Individual Service Plan (ISP), if applicable,
       within 72 hours of entering shelter.
   2. Completes Safety Planning and Legal Assessment within the first full week of client
       entering shelter.
   3. Performs direct case management with entire family.
   4. Reviews, prioritizes and takes appropriate action in advocating for clients as needed.
   5. Creates and maintains collaborative partnerships with other service providers for the
       benefit of clients and agency. Engages in collaborative efforts region wide for Domestic
       Violence (DV) prevention.
   6. Serves as the contact person for any legal or court advocacy agencies, including but not
       limited to; law enforcement, court systems, and local law firms.
   7. Accompanies clients to legal appointments, and court dates as appropriate.
   8. Maintains accurate and timely reporting of grant documentation, compliance, monthly,
       quarterly and annual reports.
   9. Communicates with local court personnel as required.
   10. Coordinates and provides transportation for women and children when needed.
   11. Co-facilitates Monday night Support Groups for adults and/or children as needed.
   12. Responsible for rotating childcare and/or managing volunteers for childcare during
       scheduled groups, court dates, employment searches, etc.
   13. Maintains an understanding of domestic violence, mental health issues, child
       abuse/neglect, and Child Protective Service procedures.
   14. Makes arrangements for school transportation and school enrollment.
   15. Assists clients with employment screenings, resume writing, and job readiness skills.
   16. Continue providing Case Management up to 9 months after family exits shelter.
   17. Develops Aftercare goals, provides home visits, ongoing support as well as advocacy for
       families after they leave shelter.
   18. Actively participates in training seminars, staff meetings, and program meetings,
       speaking engagements and other agency functions actively.
   19. Maintains a professional demeanor with supervisor, co-workers, clients and other
       organizations representatives. Communicates effectively and courteously. Brings
       appropriate issues to the Executive Director’s attention. Adheres to H.E.R. policies and
       procedures, including the Standard of Conduct.
   20. Works with community clients that are not in shelter that have court advocacy needs
   21. Performs all other duties as assigned

Requirements: Undergraduate degree in Human Services, Social Work, Counseling or related
area preferred. Must possess strong proficiency in computer software programs. Case
Management experience helpful.

Personal Qualifications:
   - Ability to work independently to accomplish program goals
   - Ability to collaborate with other service providers and maintain partnerships that benefit
      the clients and agency
   - Professional and sensitive attitude, which reflects the philosophy of the H.E.R. Shelter.
   - Excellent driving record, valid driver’s license, certificate of insurance from an insurance
      carrier licensed in the state of Virginia
   - Knowledge of domestic violence issues
   - Ability to communicate orally and in writing
   - Ability to multitask and manage multiple needs of work load appropriately
   - Project Management experience helpful

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