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					                                            Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
                                            Customer Solution Case Study

                                            Innovative Solution Developer Provides Value,
                                            Boosts Productivity, and Expands Market

Overview                                    “With these rich-client technologies like Windows
Country or Region: United States
Industry: Professional services             Presentation Foundation, Silverlight 2.0, and
                                            Microsoft Surface, we’re doing great projects for
Customer Profile
InterKnowlogy is a Microsoft® Gold
                                            customers all over the world.”
Certified Partner and Microsoft Managed     Tim Huckaby, Chief Executive Officer, InterKnowlogy
Partner specializing in development using
the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft     California-based InterKnowlogy is a Microsoft® Gold Certified
SQL Server®, Silverlight™, and Windows®
SharePoint® Services.                       Partner with a reputation for delivering highly innovative, custom
                                            solutions to customers pursuing endeavors ranging from
Business Situation
To take advantage of the momentum of        warehouse management to leading-edge cancer research.
having been named the 2008 Microsoft        InterKnowlogy has built its success on the expertise of its
Partner of the Year, InterKnowlogy wanted
to deliver even more creative, inventive,   designers, developers, and engineers and their enthusiasm for
and powerful solutions to its customers.    powerful new technologies. In that spirit, the company has used the
Solution                                    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows® Presentation Foundation,
InterKnowlogy used Microsoft technologies   Microsoft Silverlight™ 2.0 browser plug-in, Microsoft Surface™
to develop or port to a new platform a
number of intriguing solutions for          software and touch-computing platform, and other established and
healthcare, government, logistics, and      emerging technologies from Microsoft to deliver inventive solutions
other sectors.
                                            for its customers. By drawing on those technologies, InterKnowlogy
Benefits                                    can make the most of its own expertise and resources, and thus
 Enhanced reputation as an innovator of
  unique solutions                          reach new customers and sharpen its competitive edge.
 Higher productivity for designers and
 Expansion into new markets
 Enhanced competitive edge
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Customer Solution Case Study

Innovative Solution Developer Provides Value,
Boosts Productivity, and Expands Market
“Windows Presentation                      Situation                                        known as Microsoft Surface to develop
                                           Since its founding in 1999, InterKnowlogy        solutions for life sciences and healthcare. In
Foundation helped us to                    has grown rapidly to become a developer of       one project, InterKnowlogy ported a life
provide dynamic and                        unique custom software solutions for             sciences solution developed for the Scripps
                                           businesses and organizations across the          Research Institute to the Microsoft Surface
compelling user experi-                    globe. With a work force of 30 people,           platform. Known as the Collaborative
ences that we could not                    InterKnowlogy has become a global                Molecular Environment, the solution enables
                                           technology leader specializing in the design,    cancer-research teams to collaboratively
have done with earlier                     implementation, and delivery of innovative       visualize, annotate, and archive information
technologies.”                             solutions employing both current and             about cell and protein molecules. Ported to
                                           emerging Microsoft® technologies.                run on a Microsoft Surface–based unit, the
Rodney Guzman, Chief Technology Officer,                                                    solution enables researchers to manipulate
InterKnowlogy                              As a result of the groundbreaking use of         representations of molecules in 3-D space.
                                           Microsoft products and technologies,
                                           InterKnowlogy has been named a Microsoft         At the same time, the Collaborative Molecular
                                           Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft             Environment supports the storage of both 2-D
                                           Managed Partner. In 2008, the company was        and 3-D models in Windows SharePoint®
                                           named Microsoft Partner of the Year. For the     Services 3.0 libraries so that team members
                                           designers, developers, and engineers at          who might not have access to a 3-D client
                                           InterKnowlogy, such an award served as           can access the content through a browser.
                                           welcome recognition for a job well done. It
                                           also has motivated them to push their            According to Tim Huckaby, Chief Executive
                                           technology, their expertise, and their           Officer, InterKnowlogy, his team was able
                                           groundbreaking ideas even further.               to port the Collaborative Molecular Environ-
                                                                                            ment easily. “We did this in just a single
                                           Solution                                         weekend, with just one developer, who simply
                                           In keeping with its long-standing practice of    replaced mouse events with hand-based
                                           developing with the latest Microsoft products,   gesture events.”
                                           InterKnowlogy is embracing Microsoft tech-
                                           nologies for building powerful and highly        In another project, InterKnowlogy took a pen-
                                           interactive user experiences. These tech-        based application for documenting heart
                                           nologies include Microsoft .NET Framework        surgery that it had developed in Windows
                                           version 3.5, the Visual Studio® 2008 develop-    Presentation Foundation, and ported it to a
                                           ment system, the Silverlight™ browser plug-in    Microsoft Surface–based application known
                                           version 2.0, the Microsoft Surface™ software     as VitruView. With this application, a
                                           and touch-computing platform, and                physician can use his or her hands on a
                                           Expression Blend™ design software, among         Microsoft Surface–based unit to “peel back”
                                           others. InterKnowlogy has used these             a 3-D representation of the heart and explain
                                           technologies to design, develop, and deliver a   to colleagues or patients what will be or has
                                           number of complex and creative projects for      been done in a given surgical procedure.
                                           customers in all types of industries.
                                                                                            Developers worked about four weeks to
                                           Developing Solutions for Life Sciences           create the Microsoft Surface–based version
                                           and Healthcare                                   of VitruView, work that included adding
                                           InterKnowlogy developers have used               support for hand gestures and creating a
                                           Windows® Presentation Foundation in              custom, trackball-type control with which
                                           conjunction with the emerging technology         users can revolve the 3-D heart object.
“Because the                             Rodney Guzman, Chief Technology Officer,           technology, this porting required little
                                         InterKnowlogy, credits the Windows                 engineering and code conversion,” he says.
technologies work                        Presentation Foundation for the ambitious          “In fact, we did the entire porting in just 5
seamlessly together,                     time frame. “This was the kind of thing that       percent of the time it took us to develop the
                                         used to require significant effort to build,” he   original solution.”
designers can focus                      says. “But with Windows Presentation
on layout and graphics,                  Foundation, it was straightforward.”               For wholesalers, distributors, and any
                                                                                            organizations that need to manage large
and developers can                       According to Guzman’s colleague Kevin              warehouses, InterKnowlogy developed a
focus on the business                    Kennedy, Lead Software Engineer,                   solution known as Warehouse Floor
                                         InterKnowlogy, VitruView developers took           Command Center, which is based on
logic, all the while                     advantage not only of the Windows                  Microsoft Surface and integrates with the
collaborating efficiently.”              Presentation Foundation and its support for        Microsoft Dynamics® AX business manage-
                                         multitouch user interactions, but also of an       ment software. Using data derived from a
Kevin Kennedy, Lead Software Engineer,   XNA® layer supported by Microsoft Surface.         heat map, the solution shows warehouse
InterKnowlogy                            “With the XNA layer, we delivered input            operations personnel the movements
                                         captured by the cameras underneath a               required for workers to gather and load
                                         Microsoft Surface–based unit into the solu-        various products for shipment. “Just by
                                         tion so the unit could recognize and process       moving the icons on the Microsoft Surface–
                                         various user gestures,” Guzman says.               based unit with their hand, operations
                                                                                            directors can try out bin relocation scenarios
                                         Porting a New Solution to an                       to determine the optimal placement of
                                         Additional Platform                                product bins,” Guzman explains. “It’s far
                                         For the U.S. Library of Congress,                  more intuitive than trying to figure this out by
                                         InterKnowlogy developed a brand-new                reviewing a transaction-based application.”
                                         solution known as History at Your Fingertips.
                                         InterKnowlogy worked with Library of               Benefits
                                         Congress staffers to assemble and integrate        Through solutions such as Collaborative
                                         vast stores of historical content, and deliver     Molecular Environment, VitruView, History at
                                         that content in a Microsoft Surface–based          Your Fingertips, and Warehouse Floor
                                         solution developed with Windows                    Command Center, InterKnowlogy is building
                                         Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.           on its reputation as an innovator by providing
                                         According to Guzman, the team delivered the        unique value to its customers. By delivering
                                         solution in just five weeks—in time for the        these solutions with the help of Windows
                                         2008 presidential nominating conventions—          Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, and
                                         largely because Windows Presentation               Microsoft Surface, InterKnowlogy is boosting
                                         Foundation simplified the assembly of the          the productivity of its talented designers and
                                         various digital assets.                            developers. And because it can deliver
                                                                                            unique value through a highly efficient
                                         After delivering History at Your Fingertips to     process, InterKnowlogy is able to reach new
                                         the Library of Congress, the team made the         markets and enhance its competitive edge.
                                         solution available for Web viewers by porting
                                         it to Silverlight, a process that Guzman de-       Delivering More Value in a “Fraction of
                                         scribes as a smooth undertaking. “Because          the Time”
                                         Windows Presentation Foundation and                According to Guzman, InterKnowlogy
                                         Silverlight are based on the same XAML             developers used the Microsoft technologies
                                         [Extensible Application Markup Language]           to deliver user experiences that would have
“With Silverlight, we                      been “impossible” with earlier or other           into the Web, including very dynamic user
                                           technologies. “Windows Presentation               interfaces that were impossible with other
can rapidly take what                      Foundation helped us to provide dynamic and       technologies,” he says.
we’ve done on the                          compelling user experiences that we could
                                           not have done with earlier technologies, and      Similarly, because of the Windows
desktop and bring it                       with Silverlight we can provide a richness to     Presentation Foundation layer in Microsoft
into the Web, including                    the user experience that simply cannot be         Surface, InterKnowlogy can incorporate a
                                           approached using Flash,” Guzman says.             Microsoft Surface user experience originally
very dynamic user                          “There’s no limit to what we can do with          developed in Windows Presentation
interfaces that were                       these Microsoft technologies.”                    Foundation into desktop or browser-based
                                                                                             solutions with comparatively little effort. This
impossible with other                      Huckaby concurs. “We are doing the kinds of       is yet another productivity advantage that
technologies.”                             work with Windows Presentation Foundation         InterKnowlogy gains from the Microsoft
                                           that in the past only OpenGL or the DirectX®      technologies, Huckaby adds.
Rodney Guzman, Chief Technology Officer,   programmers could do,” he says. “And
InterKnowlogy                              because Windows Presentation Foundation is        “In our business, developer productivity is
                                           part of the .NET Framework, we can do the         essential because it translates to time-to-
                                           same work in just a fraction of the time.         market, and time-to-market translates to
                                           We’re building software that you could only       reducing costs, reaching more customers,
                                           dream about a couple of years ago, and we’re      and being there before the competition,”
                                           building it with teams of four people in just     Huckaby explains. “With these rich-client
                                           weeks, instead of 40 people and two years.”       technologies like Windows Presentation
                                                                                             Foundation, Silverlight 2.0, and Microsoft
                                           Having the Microsoft Visual Studio 2008           Surface, we’re doing great projects for
                                           development system as part of their toolkit       customers all over the world, and those
                                           is another advantage for InterKnowlogy            projects are getting bigger and bigger and
                                           developers, according to Guzman. “Devel-          bigger. Our customers are just ecstatic about
                                           opers who have worked with previous               the solutions we are delivering.”
                                           versions of Visual Studio find Visual Studio
                                           2008 very familiar, so they can just jump
                                           right in,” he says.

                                           Kennedy agrees, citing the common file and
                                           project format across Visual Studio 2008 and
                                           Microsoft Expression Blend design software.
                                           “Because the technologies work seamlessly
                                           together, designers can focus on layout and
                                           graphics, and developers can focus on the
                                           business logic, all the while collaborating
                                           efficiently,” he explains.

                                           Reaching a Broader Audience, Faster
                                           As Guzman emphasizes, another big
                                           advantage for InterKnowlogy is the ease of
                                           porting solutions from one platform to
                                           another. “With Silverlight, we can rapidly take
                                           what we’ve done on the desktop and bring it
For More Information                                            Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
For more information about Microsoft                            The .NET Framework version 3.5 is the
products and services, call the Microsoft                       Microsoft managed-code programming model
Sales Information Center at (800) 426-                          for developing software on the Windows
9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft                             operating system platform. The .NET
Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-                         Framework 3.5 includes Windows
2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-                        Presentation Foundation, Windows
hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone                      Communication Foundation, Windows
(TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in                         Workflow Foundation, Windows CardSpace™
the United States or (905) 568-9641 in                          identity selector, and other technologies. It
Canada. Outside the 50 United States and                        provides a consistent and familiar develop-
Canada, please contact your local                               ment experience, bringing new technology to
Microsoft subsidiary. To access information                     the millions of developers programming in
using the World Wide Web, go to:                                managed code today.
                                                                For more information about the .NET
For more information about InterKnowlogy                        Framework 3.5, please go to:
products and services, call (760) 930-                
0075 or visit the Web site at:

                                                                 Software and Services                             Technologies
                                                                    Microsoft Silverlight                          − Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
                                                                    Microsoft Surface                              − Windows Presentation Foundation
                                                                    Microsoft Visual Studio                        − Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
                                                                     − Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
                                                                       Professional Edition
                                                                    Microsoft Dynamics AX
                                                                    Microsoft Expression Blend

This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT

Document published April 2009

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