David Fearnley � Medical Director Deputy Chief Executive by HC12080916743


									                      Dr David Fearnley – Medical Director

David did his postgraduate studies in psychiatry in South Wales and moved to
Merseyside in 1998 to train as a forensic psychiatrist before being appointed as
Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at Ashworth Hospital in 2001. In August 2005 he
was appointed Medical Director for Mersey Care.

Some of David’s achievements include: improving standards of care, especially
seclusion; reducing locum costs and increasing recruitment to long term vacant
consultant posts across the Trust, demonstrated by increased patient satisfaction
with their psychiatrists in successive national surveys. He has also developed an
action learning approach to leadership for trainee psychiatrists.

David won the 2009 Royal College of Psychiatrists’ (RCPsych) Psychiatrist of the
Year award. For three years he has been the College Special Advisor on Appraisal.
Currently lead for quality in the Trust. He is also a member of the AQuA (Advancing
Quality Alliance) Board.

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