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                                                                                Typically, this traveller, among other things, will enjoy the
              WHAT WE DO AND WHY
                                                                                authenticity of the New Zealand experience. They value and
              International tourism has grown to become New Zealand’s
                                                                                are prepared to pay for quality experiences and will try to do
              largest earner of foreign exchange, pumping around
                                                                                as much as they can while they are here.
              $8 billion annually into the nation’s economy.
                                                                                Complementary to the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign,
              Understandably, an industry of this magnitude does not grow
                                                                                Tourism New Zealand also facilitates other marketing activities
              by itself and deep within the engine room of the New Zealand
                                                                                aimed at taking our products directly to the consumer.
              tourism industry is an organisation fuelling the desire of the
              world’s travellers to visit these shores.                         The International Media Programme hosts and supports
                                                                                foreign media to produce international coverage of
              Tourism New Zealand is this organisation. In what is a fiercely
                                                                                New Zealand as a quality visitor destination. This coverage is
              contested market, Tourism New Zealand is responsible for
                                                                                invaluable, providing entry into media that would otherwise
              ensuring New Zealand remains attractive internationally as
                                                                                be inaccessible.
              a visitor destination. The competitive nature of the market
              dictates that fresh ideas are always needed to differentiate      Trade familiarisation trips, or famils, are organised to allow
              New Zealand, its culture and breathtaking landscapes from         the international travel trade the opportunity to experience
              what the rest of the globe has on offer.                          New Zealand product first hand. Research has shown that
                                                                                those who attend famils go home not only better equipped to
              The major tool in this undertaking is Tourism New Zealand’s
                                                                                sell New Zealand, but far more enthusiastic about doing so.
              award-winning 100% Pure New Zealand campaign. The
              campaign is continually evolving to maintain its effectiveness,   Educating the trade does not end with famils. Training days
              but the core message is always the same: showcasing the           with New Zealand operators and online training modules are
              experiences visitors can have in New Zealand’s landscapes         among other techniques Tourism New Zealand uses to equip
              and with its culture and people.                                  the trade with the tools, resources and information they need
                                                                                to sell New Zealand as a visitor destination.
              To achieve the maximum yield from limited resources, the
              marketing effort is particularly directed to a certain type of    The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign makes a promise of
              consumer who will most enjoy what New Zealand has to offer.       a visitor destination second to none, so when visitors arrive
                                                                                here it is crucial that this promise is fulfilled.

         Our industry has grown at an
        impressive rate, pumping around
         $8 billion dollars annually into
             the nation’s economy.

The Visitor Information Network runs the i-SITE network,
which provides visitors with quality information from staff
who are expert in their local area. The growing prominence
of the Qualmark quality accreditation standard identifies
products that have passed a rigorous quality assurance
inspection, so visitors can rest safely in the knowledge they
are in very good hands.

Tourism New Zealand is committed to delivering a message to
the world. It’s a simple message that tells of the warmth of the
people and the depth of the experience that can be enjoyed
in the unrivalled beauty of New Zealand. It tells the story of a
land that many in their busy lives are dreaming of – perhaps
a land that demonstrates life as it should be. Certainly one
that has been a life changing experience for many who have
visited. It’s an experience that can be found nowhere else on
earth but – 100% Pure New Zealand.

                                                                   WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   3
                                                                                New Zealand is in an ideal position to offer these visitors
              THE WORLD OF TOURISM
                                                                                an authentic, invigorating experience.
              International leisure travel has grown phenomenally over the
              last fifty years, with global arrivals now exceeding 840 million
              and generating more than US$733 billion annually.
                                                                                NEW ZEALAND
                                                                                Tourism is a significant success story for New Zealand.
              Key trends behind the record international tourist arrivals and   International visitor numbers grew from 1.5 million in 1999 to
              expenditure include the increasing number of people who can       2.46 million in the year ended December 2007. International
              afford to travel, most notably from the giants China and India;   visitor spending has grown even more strongly, doubling
              and the advent of low cost carriers.                              from NZ$3.6 billion to over NZ$8 billion in the same period.
                                                                                Combined with our domestic market, total tourism spending
              As more and more countries are seeing the benefits of tourism
                                                                                represents approximately NZ$18.6 billion, or nearly 9% of GDP.
              there is also increasing competition between up-and-coming
              ‘hot’ destinations and more traditional destinations.             It plays a key role in New Zealand’s economy, directly and
                                                                                indirectly contributing $12.8 billion (8.9%) to total GDP
              Amongst the top-earning destinations are the US, Spain, France,
                                                                                in the year ending March 2006 and supporting 183,000
              Italy, China, UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey and Austria.
                                                                                full-time equivalent jobs (9.9% of the total workforce).
              But countries experiencing some of the strongest growth in
              visitor arrivals in 2006 included Africa, the Middle East and
              North-East Asia, in particular China and Hong Kong, with          THE OUTLOOK
              regions of Central America among those achieving record growth.   The forecast long-term annual growth rate of global tourism
                                                                                is 4.1% with international travellers expected to exceed
              These trends are expected to continue, with the Asia-Pacific
                                                                                1.6 billion by 2020.
              region predicted to be the largest source, and destination,
              for travel by 2020.                                               Several significant issues could affect growth in international
                                                                                travel. These include terrorism, although it appears that
              As travellers change and seek new experiences, they are
                                                                                consumers have weighed up the risks and are relatively
              becoming more experienced and want to interact with
                                                                                undeterred. The increasing cost of fuel and carbon emissions
              communities and learn about destinations at more than
                                                                                are a concern, particularly for long-haul destinations like
              a superficial level.
                                                                                New Zealand.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Photo Getty
The spread of avian flu if transmissions of the virus become                                     This is a clear indication, says the United Nations World
common between humans could also have a serious impact                                          Tourism Organisation, that the tourism industry has gained
on the tourism sector, with media hype and panic potentially                                    substantial resilience to world events.
just as damaging as the disease itself.
                                                                                                For the latest statistics visit The Ministry of Tourism website:
Despite the challenges, destinations worldwide added some                             
100 million international arrivals between 2002 and 2005.


                                                                       ACTUAL                                                                             FORECAST

1200                          MIDDLE EAST

1000                          AFRICA

 800                          ASIA AND THE PACIFIC



       1950                  1960                     1970                     1980                     1990                     2000                     2010                   2020

*Source: World Tourism Organisation
The substantial growth of the tourism activity clearly marks tourism as one of the most remarkable economic and social phenomena of the past century.
The number of international arrivals shows an evolution from a mere 25 million international arrivals in 1950 to 898 million in 2006, and a predicted 1.6 billion in 2020.

                                                                                                                                                                      WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM     5
                                                                                We, as New Zealanders, would be naive to think that beautiful
              WHY DO THEY COME?
                                                                                landscapes and heavenly scenery did not exist anywhere
              New Zealand’s majestic landscapes and breathtaking scenery
                                                                                else in the world but here. While every true blue Kiwi will
              continue to be, as they have been since the very dawn of
                                                                                tell you ours are superlative, our snow covered peaks, crystal
              tourism in New Zealand, the main reason visitors are drawn
                                                                                clear water and miles of unspoiled coastlines are not unique.
              to our doorstep. The Pink and White Terraces may be long
                                                                                However, we do possess something that no other country
              dissolved by the fury of the eruption of Mt Tarawera, but the
                                                                                can lay claim to, the tangata whenua, the Mäori people of
              tranquil shades of our native rainforests are unforgettable.
                                                                                Aotearoa, New Zealand.
              Scenes of the savage ocean hammering the black sands of the
              west coast beaches have kept the visitors arriving in droves,     The desire to experience Mäori culture is also high on the list
              departing fulfilled and longing to return.                         of reasons to visit New Zealand, with 47% of our target market
                                                                                citing it as a drawcard. Rituals like the wero (traditional
              The majority of our target market – 72% – say that the scenery
                                                                                challenge of welcome) and the blood curdling haka offer an
              and natural wonders of New Zealand are the key reasons that
                                                                                insight to how this indigenous culture lived in an age long
              they chose to make New Zealand their holiday destination.
                                                                                before European settlement. Today, there are a wide range of
              This attraction is amplified by the many opportunities visitors
                                                                                opportunities for visitors to get an insight into Mäori culture,
              have to interact with the land, waterways and seas. For the
                                                                                from traditional performances, to learning how to carve and
              40% who cite physical activities as a key reason they would
                                                                                weave or staying overnight on a marae.
              come to New Zealand, it is experiences like skimming along
              a river in a high powered jet boat, or plunging into it from      The idyllic landscapes of New Zealand are what make it a
              100 feet above at the end of an elastic cord. Around 41% of       tourists’ paradise. The warmth, openness and willingness
              visitors come to New Zealand to observe the wildlife, leaving     of New Zealanders to share is just what you’d expect from
              all the getting wet to the birds while they observe in wonder,    those who live in a paradise.
              aboard a guided wildlife cruise or walk. From young to old,       So why do the tourists come? Stop. Take a look around and
              thrill-seeker to easy-rider, New Zealand provides an experience   a deep breath of fresh New Zealand air. It’s 100% Pure and
              with nature that will be remembered forever.                      simple isn’t it?

              OUR VISION
              That New Zealand is regarded as the essential
              experience for interactive travellers.

              OUR MISSION
              To motivate travellers to come now, do more and
              send others.

              OUR FOCUS
              Tourism New Zealand has a team of over 100 staff
              around the world who work to achieve this vision for
              tourism to New Zealand.

                                                                                The 1900s saw the department take on many different names,
                                                                                roles and responsibilities. The continually evolving tourism
               In 1901, long before gifting the world the Hamilton Jet and
                                                                                landscape meant roles as diverse as building and managing
               bungy jumping, New Zealand pioneered something else that
                                                                                accommodation, booking and planning activities for visitors
               would catch on across the globe, by establishing the world’s
                                                                                (the Government Tourist Bureaux), operating coach tours
               first national tourism organisation – The Department of Tourist   (Tiki Tours) and overseas promotion were all, at one stage or
               and Health Resorts.                                              another, roles of the national tourism organisation.
               Established by the Prime Minister of the day, Sir Joseph Ward,   In 1991, the organisation became the New Zealand Tourism
               the Department was charged with promoting New Zealand            Board, a crown agency (a private sector-led Tourism Board
               overseas, as well as developing the infrastructure and           as a Crown-owned entity).
               resources required to attract visitors to our shores.
                                                                                Tourism New Zealand became the trading name of the
               Tourism was well under way in New Zealand before the             organisation in 1999. The 100% Pure New Zealand
               Department was set up. As early as the 1840s, the Te Arawa       campaign, New Zealand’s first ever global marketing
               people of Rotorua were hosts and guides of international         campaign, was also launched in that year. This brand is
               visitors. They came to marvel at the natural hot springs,        now globally recognised and works to get our target market
               the unique culture of Mäori people and, before they were         to think about a visit to New Zealand as a ‘must do’.
               destroyed in 1886 by the eruption of Mount Tarawera, the
                                                                                Over a century has passed since the establishment of the
               astonishing Pink and White Terraces.
                                                                                first national tourism organisation and the industry in
               So by 1901, New Zealand had gained an attractive reputation      New Zealand has undergone some colossal changes.
               as a ‘thermal and scenic wonderland’ and the number of           But the message Tourism New Zealand is sending to the
               tourists arriving to experience this for themselves was such     world is not so dissimilar to the one sent in 1901 by
               that the government of the time, with remarkable foresight,      Sir Joseph Ward’s Department of Tourist and Health Resorts
               decided a national tourism organisation was needed to grow       or indeed by Te Arawa some years earlier – Come now.
               this fledgling industry. Earliest records show 5,233 visitors     Do more. Send others.
               arrived in New Zealand in 1903.

                            Photo Alexander Turnbull Library/Eph-D-TOURISM 1960-02

                                                                                                         Photo Alexander Turnbull Library/Tourism New Zealand/Eph-D-TOURISM 1973-02
                            Photo Alexander Turnbull Library/Eph-D-TOURISM 1960s-01

                            Photo Alexander Turnbull Library/Tourism New Zealand/Eph-D-TOURISM 1984-02

                                   face of



                                to the 1990s
                               The changing

                              New Zealand’s

                              from the 1920s
                                                                                                         Photo Alexander Turnbull Library/Eph-D-TOURISM 1920s-01

                                                                                  to develop a concise message and brand that would
                                                                                  differentiate New Zealand from its competitors.
               100% Pure New Zealand. It is a simple phrase that
               encapsulates all that attracts people to New Zealand.              Tourism New Zealand’s job is to promote all that New Zealand
               It is about the landscape, the people and the stories              has to offer to potential visitors and give them a reason to
               that link those elements which make a uniquely                     come now, do more while they are here and send others.
               New Zealand experience. But where did it come from?                Although people believe that New Zealand is beautiful and

               New Zealand’s tourism message to potential visitors                ‘outdoorsy’, they often still see it as a place to visit ‘one day’

               started off as a simple one. Our landscape and people              and some may even see it as a little tame these days.

               have always been the main thing New Zealand has to offer,          Its job is to inspire our potential visitors with the landscape,
               and how it is promoted as a tourism destination.                   then deepen their understanding of what we have to offer.
               From the first advertisements in the late 1800s, images
                                                                                  So in 1998 the New Zealand Tourism Board, as it was
               of New Zealand included idyllic scenes of mountains,
                                                                                  then, set about defining exactly what it was that could set
               glaciers, lakes and walks all highlighting the country’s scenic
                                                                                  New Zealand apart from other countries. Its aim was to provide
               beauty alongside images of Mäori culture and people.
                                                                                  a compelling reason for visitors to travel half way across the
               Over the years, as the tourism industry developed,                 world, for what is for many a ‘holiday of a lifetime’.
               New Zealand tried to reflect an increasingly diverse
                                                                                  What became clear was that New Zealand’s main drawcard
               industry; marketing campaigns that tried to be all things
                                                                                  remains its landscape. Research confirmed that what people
               to all people. To add to the confusion, there were also
                                                                                  liked about their holiday was the geographical ‘newness’ of
               different campaigns in different countries, with adjusted
               images, slogans and concepts.                                      our country, our unique culture and our warm friendly people.
                                                                                  They used words like scenic, natural, fresh, vital, raw, mythic,
               This created mixed messages about New Zealand and
                                                                                  genuine and uncorrupted to describe New Zealand.
               didn’t give potential visitors a clear reason to visit or choose
               New Zealand over any other country. At this time, competition      We needed a word to describe the essence of New Zealand
               between destinations increased, travel became more                 which would set us apart from other countries and tourist
               affordable and it became clear that New Zealand needed             destinations in the world. That superlative was ‘purest’.

   100% Pure New Zealand is about the
    whole package that you get from a
  New Zealand holiday, not just one part,
           but all parts together.

We also needed to convey the experience of not just being
a beautiful country, but that a visit here will invigorate you.
All this was captured in the phrase ‘100% Pure New Zealand’.

The first-ever global marketing campaign using our single
country brand of 100% Pure New Zealand was launched
in July 1999.

The phrase plays on New Zealand’s beautiful landscapes,
but is about more than just that. As the number one attraction
to New Zealand, the environment is an imperative part of the
campaign. Our marketing work also shows interaction with
                                                                  Above Tourism New Zealand is always looking for new ways to reach
people and activities within that environment and the stories     potential visitors.
the people have to tell. 100% Pure New Zealand is about the
whole package that visitors get from a New Zealand holiday,       There is no need to explain to them that by coming to
not just one part, but all parts together.
                                                                  New Zealand they will have an experience they could have
Potential visitors from our key markets of Australia, the         in no other country. An experience in a spectacular, varied,
UK, the US and Japan understand this. They see the                young country; often a life-changing experience, where they
advertisements from packed trains, congested highways             see life lived the way it should be – an experience that is
and in the midst of urban sprawl.                                 completely and utterly 100% Pure New Zealand.

                                                                                                                                  WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   13
               When the campaign was launched in 1999, it was the first
               time New Zealand had one message globally.

               The campaign was developed to be clear and concise. To give
               a single message about New Zealand, a message the type of
               people we are trying to attract would look at and say ‘that is
               where I want to go on holiday’.

               The forces influencing tourism have been many and varied
               during the first few years of the 21st Century. As the tourism
               world is constantly changing, so is Tourism New Zealand’s                   BRAND AID, NOT BAND-AID
               campaign. Keeping the same core message, it is working in
               new and innovative ways to keep New Zealand top of mind
                                                                                      “When it’s done well, nation branding
               as the ultimate holiday destination for our target visitor.          can create strong and positive associations
               The 100% Pure New Zealand message is a unique one. Many                     for consumers. New Zealand is
               tourism campaigns focus on specific tourism features, attributes
               or products; but 100% Pure New Zealand transcends tourism
                                                                                         a prime example: in 1999 it began
               messages. The message it conveys is about having a unique               cultivating an image of quality and
               New Zealand experience. It is not just about the environment,
               although the landscape is undeniably a key attraction to
                                                                                        freshness with the slogan ‘100% Pure
               New Zealand. Other countries also have spectacular, beautiful,       New Zealand.’ The result has been a boost
               unspoilt scenery. The thing that makes New Zealand unique is
               its special combination of people, culture and activities. This is
                                                                                       to its exports as well as to its tourism
               what creates a unique New Zealand experience – a 100% Pure           making New Zealand a frequently cited
               New Zealand experience.
                                                                                     case study for international marketers.”
               The 100% Pure New Zealand campaign has won awards for
               both the concept and execution. It is globally recognised as
                                                                                      Time Magazine, Europe, June 6 2005
               one of the most powerful destination campaigns in the world.

New Zealand ranked as the 8th strongest
  nation brand in the world in 2006,
        up from 10th in 2005.
“New Zealand has undoubtedly benefited
  from vigorous, well coordinated and
   unusually thoughtful promotional
  campaigns for its products, tourism
   and inward investment offerings
      (under the single banner of
      100% Pure New Zealand)”.

                                          WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   15
               ADVERTISING                                                          digital media, via television and cinema, and more directly
               For many people, talk of marketing makes them think of               through the internet, mobile phones, social websites, blogs,
               advertising. Advertising is the most obvious of all marketing        podcasts and other emerging technologies.
               tools. It has the 100% Pure New Zealand tagline, it shows the
                                                                                    But the central message of Tourism New Zealand’s campaign
               images familiar to those who know the campaign – it is one of
                                                                                    remains the same. If you come to New Zealand, you will have
               the most clear and controllable marketing elements.
                                                                                    an experience you cannot have anywhere else – an experience
               Over the years, Tourism New Zealand has produced 100%                in a spectacular, beautiful and upspoilt country – an experience
               Pure New Zealand television commercials, which have played           that is completely and utterly, 100% Pure New Zealand.
               in cinemas and on television in our key markets.

               In the past, advertisements have also been placed in carefully       INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PROGRAMME
               selected print and broadcast media and on outdoor sites, based       Gaining compelling, high-profile media coverage to motivate
               on which media outlets are most likely to reach our target market.   our target market to travel to New Zealand is the main aim
                                                                                    of Tourism New Zealand’s public relations team.
               With advertising, Tourism New Zealand has control over the
               placement, message and tone of the advertisement and,                Tourism New Zealand’s international media programme hosts
               to a degree, its audience.                                           about 400 international media each year in New Zealand.
               Advertising concepts are conceived through the Tourism               Broadcast media are the main target because they can
               New Zealand Consumer Marketing team based in Auckland,               best capture what New Zealand has to offer, followed by
               in conjunction with Tourism New Zealand’s executive team,            high-profile magazines, websites and newspapers.
               advertising agency and our marketing specialists in each of
                                                                                    Tourism New Zealand is also hosting a growing number of
               our offices.
                                                                                    respected opinion leaders, journalists, writers and thinkers
               In 2006, Tourism New Zealand’s campaign in our largest               who endorse what New Zealand has to offer. Opinion leaders
               market, Australia, took a new turn when ‘What’s On’ was              are hosted with the understanding that they will gain widespread
               launched. Sitting under the 100% Pure New Zealand brand,
                                                                                    media attention in New Zealand’s main visitor markets.
               the campaign focuses on specific events around the country
               to promote new reasons, places and seasons to visit.                 These are the kind of people Tourism New Zealand believes
                                                                                    can cut through the media clutter in people’s busy lives and
               In 2007, the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign was refreshed
                                                                                    reach those most likely to visit here.
               and relaunched, with a focus on a unique New Zealand attribute:
               New Zealand as the youngest country on earth.                        To help media writing about New Zealand Tourism New Zealand
                                                                                    also has the website – – which is
               Tourism New Zealand wants to embrace all that is young, fresh
               and unspoilt about New Zealand. Its culture and history, the         frequently updated with new content, including video images.

               stories of all New Zealanders, are a key part of the campaign.       TNZ staff are now encouraged to work as part of a “global
               Last year also saw Tourism New Zealand shift away from               newsroom” constantly identifying news stories and events
               traditional print media and billboards to embrace new technology.    which enable New Zealand to maintain a strong, and positive,
               In future, Tourism New Zealand will reach consumers through          profile internationally.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Photo: Montana World of WearableArt, Rattle Your Dags by Paula Coulthard and Ursula Dixon
           Photo: Montana World of WearableArt, Equus: Behind Closed Doors, Gillian Saunders

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Beehive Bra, N. Kukreja & S. Bhatia
                                                                                               Bizarre bras, taking Bluff oysters to Sydney, black sand to
                                                                                               London, a taste of New Zealand in Japan and a giant rugby
                                                                                               ball under the Eiffel Tower in France – the events that Tourism

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Montana World of WearableAr t. The
                                                                                               New Zealand is involved in are rather eclectic – but then,
                                                                                               that’s the point.

                                                                                               These are just some of the things that have been in Tourism
                                                                                               New Zealand’s events programme over the past few years.

                                                                                               Catching the attention of our target market is not an easy task.
                                                                                               Advertising and media space is highly competitive – and pricey.
                                                                                               Getting involved in the right events can be a great way of getting
                                                                                                                                                                    Tokyo. Japan’s three major daily newspapers – which have
                                                                                               media coverage of New Zealand and converting that into people
                                                                                                                                                                    a combined audience of 7.5 million readers – covered the
                                                                                               thinking about New Zealand as a holiday destination.
                                                                                                                                                                    opening of the event.
                                                                                               Tourism New Zealand gets involved in events that we know
                                                                                                                                                                    The Chelsea Flower Show is another example of an event that had
                                                                                               our target market will attend, but also events that are likely to
                                                                                                                                                                    a useful function for destinational marketing. In 2004, and again
                                                                                               get media coverage in outlets that our target market read or
                                                                                                                                                                    in 2006, Tourism New Zealand presented a garden at the show.
                                                                                               view. This does not necessarily mean that the events have to
                                                                                                                                                                    Incorporating unique elements of the New Zealand landscape,
                                                                                               be tourism-related; it is often more powerful to create a travel
                                                                                                                                                                    work was done to gain media coverage of the garden in relation
                                                                                               angle on an event that already exists.
                                                                                                                                                                    to what New Zealand has to offer.
                                                                                               For instance, Tourism New Zealand worked with Toi Mäori
                                                                                                                                                                    In 2007, Tourism New Zealand devised and executed one
                                                                                               to present ‘Mäori Art Meets America’, in San Francisco in
                                                                                                                                                                    of its most eye-catching and audacious projects, building a
                                                                                               2005. This event brought together exhibitions, demonstrations
                                                                                                                                                                    giant inflatable rugby ball under the Eiffel Tower in France.
                                                                                               and performances of Mäori culture as part of an integrated
                                                                                                                                                                    The ball, emblazoned with the 100% Pure New Zealand logo,
                                                                                               100% Pure New Zealand marketing campaign across the
                                                                                                                                                                    was in place during the 2007 Rugby World Cup and gained
                                                                                               city. In January 2007, Tourism New Zealand supported Te
                                                                                                                                                                    New Zealand a huge profile through international media
                                                                                               Papa’s Mauri Ora exhibition of precious Mäori treasures in

               Tourism New Zealand’s main role is to raise awareness of          Where the site really adds value is in the
               New Zealand as a destination and to encourage potential           functionality: the driving routes; the interactive maps; the
               visitors to think about New Zealand as a good place to holiday.   suggested activities bundled into themes; and the interactive
               To do this, it is important that visitors have a way of finding    travel planner, which allows users to plan, save and share
               out more detail about what there is to do and how to get here.    ideas for activities, accommodation and transport.

               ONLINE                                                            TRAINING THE TRADE
               The website is the main way Tourism            The best way of persuading someone of something is to
               New Zealand provides information on what New Zealand has          show it to them. Training the overseas travel trade on what
               to offer to potential visitors.                                   New Zealand has to offer is no exception.

               Over 450,000 users now access the award-winning website           The travel trade plays a vital role in ‘selling’ a destination,
               every month, to view the thousands of pages on what there         providing on-the-ground expertise and assistance to potential
               is to see and do in New Zealand.                                  visitors, advice which can be the make or break between
                                                                                 choosing New Zealand, or an alternative destination.
      has won the international Webby Award
               for best tourism site in the world twice for its functionality    Tourism New Zealand brings around 2000 agents to
               and design. The site is designed around the look and feel of      New Zealand every year to show them just what New Zealand
               the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign and the information            has to offer. With the help of the Regional Tourism
               it provides centres on the details of New Zealand tourism         Organisations, an itinerary is put together to showcase the
               operators and activities. These are uploaded for free by the      sorts of activities that we know our target market enjoys.
               operators themselves.                                             Familiarisation visits are organised for both front-line retail
                                                                                 agents and for senior management of wholesalers, the
               Use of online resources is rapidly growing – worldwide internet
                                                                                 people who make the final decision about what goes
               usage is growing exponentially, as are the number of websites.
                                                                                 into their brochure.
               It is no longer good enough just to have a website, you need to
               have a truly excellent web presence, using the tools that the     Of course Tourism New Zealand can’t afford to bring all
               internet provides – interactivity, sound and movement – while     travel agents to New Zealand, so we developed a way of
               keeping the site useful and simple to use.                        training agents using the internet.

                                                                                                                                     Photo Getty
 AWARD-WINNING WEBSITE                                            TOURISM NEW ZEALAND AND THE WEB is Tourism New Zealand’s consumer    website for international
 website. It is now a comprehensive and interactive               media wanting to write stories about New Zealand.
 one-stop-shop for visitors to New Zealand, with the number       Includes story angles and themes.
 of users of the site growing by 19% annually. The site is
                                                         website for
 available in four languages – English, Japanese, Korean,
                                                                  international travel trade. Includes news and updates
 and simplified Chinese. Visitors can use the site to find
                                                                  on trade-related issues and award-winning training modules
 out about anything from accommodation to zoos and
                                                                  to help international trade sell New Zealand better.
 everything in between. The Travel Planner tools allow
 visitors to plan a trip online, with useful tips and maps to website with images
 help them decide. The consumer site has also collected           that can be used to promote New Zealand overseas.
 its share of accolades. In 2006, it won its second ‘Webby’       A registration process enables users to select images
 for the best tourism website                                     and check for usage rights.
 in the world. The Webby
 Awards, based in New York,
 look for the world’s best
 online presence.                                               Trade shows are also a good way of getting the New Zealand
                                                                message across to the travel trade. Tourism New Zealand has
                                                                a stand at a number of events in different countries across
                                                                the year. There are also a series of Tourism New Zealand-
                                                                organised events known as ‘Kiwi Links’. These events take
                                                                a group of New Zealand-based tourism operators to our
                                                                key markets to train local retailers and wholesalers.
The website contains useful
                                                                The small-group structure allows detailed information
facts and tips for travel agents, and award-winning, online
                                                                sharing and learning on both sides.
training modules that teach and test travel agents knowledge
of New Zealand, without them having to visit the country.       See for events coming up.

                                                                                                                     WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM     21
               Getting visitors to come to New Zealand is Tourism
               New Zealand’s main role. However, it is vital that when
                                                                                              Much of Tourism New Zealand’s
               visitors get here their experience reflects what they have
               been promised. This is where research, providing a quality                   work takes place offshore – out in the
               experience and information come into play.
                                                                                             marketplace among our consumers.
               WORKING TOGETHER
               The Kiwi ‘Number Eight Wire’ mentality has served
               New Zealand and the tourism industry well. From the bungy                AT HOME
               to the invention of the jetboat – New Zealanders have been at            Communicating with the New Zealand industry is an important
               the forefront of the innovations and developments that have              part of what Tourism New Zealand does. Our marketing
               assisted in the growth of the tourism industry in this country.          activity, our research programme and the fact that we have
                                                                                        staff who are expert in our key markets means that Tourism
               The New Zealand tourism industry is made up of 10 major
                                                                                        New Zealand has much useful information to share with the
               publicly-listed companies and between 13,500 and 18,000
                                                                                        industry. The more the industry understands our international
               small to medium-sized enterprises. Tourism supports nearly
               one job in 10 in New Zealand, with around 90,000 full-time               visitors and increases the standard of the visitor experience,

               equivalent jobs provided directly through tourism and an                 the more New Zealand will be able to satisfy our visitors.

               estimated 60,000 indirectly.                                             Industry Seminars are coordinated by Tourism New Zealand.
               Combined, that is a significant impact in a country of only four          These workshops include representatives from the Tourism
               million people, but we are still a tiny player in the global industry.   Industry Association of New Zealand, the Ministry
               There are over 800 million travellers in the world – New Zealand         of Tourism and Qualmark who travel around New Zealand
               gets only a fraction of these. New Zealand is a small country, with      educating businesses on the latest trends and helping those
               less resources than most major destination marketing agencies,           looking at expanding into international markets. Topics such
               so we rely heavily on the input and assistance of the New Zealand        as the tourism distribution chain, quality standards, increasing
               tourism industry to have an impact.                                      profitability and how to use tourism research are covered.

Tourism New Zealand’s chief executive and executive team           WORLDWIDE
also meet with tourism industry groups and other interested        Much of Tourism New Zealand’s work takes place offshore
parties regularly. Staff from various teams present on a regular   – out in the marketplace among our consumers. Trade and
basis to industry groups and sectors on Tourism New Zealand        consumer travel shows and training offshore travel trade are
activity, market and issues updates. Regular communication         an integral part in helping New Zealand’s brand message
with the Regional Tourism Organisations is also coordinated        to get through. Regular updates are provided to keep the
through the Corporate Communications team, keeping the             industry up to date with New Zealand’s new offerings and
regions up to date with tourism marketing activity.                marketing activity.

                                                                                                                      WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   23
               IN PRINT
               Tourism News is Tourism New Zealand’s key publication
                                                                                        The aim of research is to increase
               to keep the tourism industry up to date. A bi-monthly                        our understanding of our
               magazine, it is distributed to more than 6,000 readers across
               New Zealand and a small number offshore. The publication
                                                                                         target market, and to help the
               contains in-depth market reports, details of Tourism                    New Zealand industry do so as well.
               New Zealand activity, tourism tips, market developments,
               tourism issues and events. Tourism New Zealand also produces
               an Annual Report and this publication, the Corporate Profile.      MÄORI TOURISM IN NEW ZEALAND
                                                                                 New Zealand’s Mäori cultural identity is a cornerstone of who
               Regional Rap is a bi-monthly email publication which provides
                                                                                 we are as a country and a unique selling point we have as a
               those in the tourism industry with an interest in international
                                                                                 visitor destination. Tourism New Zealand recognises this and
               marketing with an anecdotal update on New Zealand’s key
                                                                                 works with the New Zealand Mäori Tourism Council and the
               tourism markets.
                                                                                 Mäori Regional Tourism Organisations on a regular basis.
               Give it 100% is a new publication designed to help operators
                                                                                 Tourism New Zealand’s activity in this area concentrates on
               market their business effectively. The publication is a new
                                                                                 building the internal capability of the organisation and working
               version of a booklet called Getting Started in Tourism, which
                                                                                 with the industry internationally to raise the awareness of
               was previously produced. The Tourism Industry Association
                                                                                 Mäori tourism.
               of New Zealand has produced a complementary publication
               called Tourism In Action with tips on how to start a business
               and the safety and regulatory information required.               ONLINE
                                                                                 The Tourism New Zealand website,,
               All Tourism New Zealand publications are also available on
                                                                                 offers access to all of Tourism New Zealand’s research, a
                                                                                 calendar of offshore tradeshows and detailed guides to all of
                                                                                 the key countries in which Tourism New Zealand engages in
                                                                                 marketing activity. Tourism New Zealand publications and
                                                                                 news releases are also published on the site along with

information about Tourism New Zealand and key contacts           The aim is to increase Tourism New Zealand’s understanding
in the organisation.The site aims to keep the New Zealand        of our target market and to help the New Zealand industry do
industry, government and other interested parties up to date     so as well. If New Zealand tourism operators can capitalise on
with Tourism New Zealand activity and to help to educate         this knowledge, potentially we can influence the quality and
the industry on our key visiting markets.                        enjoyment of visitor experiences in New Zealand, and send
                                                                 more visitors home raving about what a great country we have.
Anyone looking for information on New Zealand as a
destination should visit the website

If you are going to try and sell something to someone, you
need to get to know them. You need to know not just what
they enjoy doing on holiday, but what they don’t want to do.
In order to place advertising and decide on how to market
to them, you need to find out what they do when they are at
home – what magazines they read and what sort of television
shows they watch. What activities do they enjoy doing as
hobbies? Do they use the internet? Or do they prefer reading
material in hard copy?

This is where Tourism New Zealand’s research team comes
in. The team evaluates perceptions of New Zealand among
potential visitors, looks at how they plan their holiday, what
they do when they come here, what they enjoyed and what
they didn’t enjoy. The results give us a picture of how the
100% Pure New Zealand campaign is doing and the right
direction for Tourism New Zealand’s future marketing.

                                                                                                                   WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   25
               i-SITE VISITOR CENTRES
               Getting to New Zealand is the first step for international
               visitors. But once they arrive in the country, they need to
               find out what to do and where to go. As leisure air travel is
               becoming more accessible, increasing numbers of travellers
               are becoming more ‘mature’, leaving the booking of many
               activities until they arrive. Provision of good quality, useful
               and relevant information is vital to cater for these visitors
               and to ensure that their experience in our country is
               stress-free, easy, safe and enjoyable.

               In 1990, the Visitor Information Network (VIN) was
               established by the New Zealand Tourist and Publicity
                                                                                 In 1996, VIN developed its own nationally-recognised
               Department (now Tourism New Zealand). Its goal is to
                                                                                 qualification in conjunction with the Aviation, Tourism
               ensure that accurate, quality information is readily
                                                                                 and Travel Organisation (ATTO) and has since introduced
               available to all visitors to New Zealand and its regions.
                                                                                 a workplace training scheme.
               i-SITE New Zealand visitor centres provide up-to-date
                                                                                 i-SITE New Zealand currently consists of over 80 centres
               information and a comprehensive booking service for
                                                                                 located throughout New Zealand. All play a key role in
               attractions, transport, accommodation and events. Most
                                                                                 helping manage the experience that visitors have when
               i-SITEs have internet facilities and some have cafés nearby
                                                                                 in New Zealand.
               so visitors can sit and relax over a cup of coffee, digesting
               the information they’ve obtained, or email friends and
               family back home.

               Being an accredited member of the i-SITE New Zealand
               network means each individual centre has met network
               standards, which includes ensuring staff are well trained,
               knowledgeable and provide objective, quality information.

QUALMARK                                                     offers market research
New Zealand has a great reputation as a tourism destination           including background on all New Zealand’s key markets
and in the last few years as this reputation has grown, so has        and information on New Zealand. This site is Tourism
the number of visitors coming to New Zealand. Alongside               New Zealand’s corporate website and includes information
this, the number of operators has also been growing to meet           on what we do, media releases and events.
demand. This growth adds variety to the choices available
to potential visitors, but it also makes their life more
                                                                    In 2001, after consultation with government and the tourism
complicated. How do they choose what to do? How can they
                                                                    industry, the industry’s quality strategy was developed with
decide which activities would be good to take part in, which
                                                                    Qualmark as a key component. The Qualmark Development
accommodation they should stay in, or the transport they
                                                                    Forum, made up of members of the tourism industry, was
would like to hire to help them get there?
                                                                    convened to provide direction and to champion the cause
Helping visitors ‘book and buy with confidence’ is one of the        for the quality programme.
aims of the Qualmark® – New Zealand tourism’s official mark
                                                                    Qualmark New Zealand Limited is New Zealand tourism’s
of quality. All accommodation and tourism businesses that
                                                                    official quality agency. It is a government – private sector
are Qualmark-accredited have undergone an independent and
                                                                    partnership between Tourism New Zealand and the
rigorous assessment against up to 400 criteria to ensure their
                                                                    New Zealand Automobile Association.
professionalism and trustworthiness, thereby giving visitors a
                                                                    It is run on a not-for-profit basis
tool to help them make decisions.
                                                                    as a service to travellers and
Giving visitors a great experience in New Zealand is also a goal    the tourism industry.
of New Zealand’s tourism strategy, to enhance New Zealand’s
                                                                    For more see
reputation as a world class visitor destination. The challenge is
to continually improve standards and products, so that we not
only meet, but exceed, visitor expectations.

                                                                                                                        WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   27
                                                                                                                 Travel between Australia and New Zealand has grown in both
                                                                                                                 directions after a period of sustained airline capacity growth
               Tourism New Zealand targets its marketing to a number of
                                                                                                                 and expansion of the gateway airports. Australian travel to
               key markets. These countries traditionally provide consistent
                                                                                                                 New Zealand is expected to rise on average by 3.7% annually
               visitor arrivals to New Zealand, and have a large number of
                                                                                                                 between 2007 and 2012, with 1.1 million Australians
               potential travellers who fit the characteristics of Tourism
                                                                                                                 expected to travel to New Zealand in 2012.
               New Zealand’s target market. That is, they are looking for
               the sort of holiday that New Zealand can provide.
                                                                                                                 UNITED KINGDOM:
                                                                                                                 The UK is the second largest source of international visitors,
               AUSTRALIA:                                                                                        and of visitor expenditure for New Zealand. There were just
               Australia is New Zealand’s largest source of international
                                                                                                                 under 295,000 visitors from the United Kingdom in 2006,
               visitors and visitor expenditure.
                                                                                                                 and they spent around NZ$947 million in total, and
               Just more than 903,000 Australians crossed the Tasman                                             NZ$3,534 per person. In 2007, arrivals dropped to 292,717.
               in 2006, leaving behind a total of NZ$1.47 billion. In 2007,
                                                                                                                 Visitors from the United Kingdom have a reasonably long
               arrivals rose to 950,206. The average spend per visitor is
                                                                                                                 average length of stay, 28.2 days in 2006 compared to
               around NZ$1,795, and a spend per day of around NZ$160.
                                                                                                                 20.4 days for total visitors.
               While Australian visitors have a relatively low average spend,
               their short length of stay means that they have a relatively                                      Like visitors from Australia and Canada, visitors from the

               high spend per day while they are in New Zealand.                                                 UK tend to favour a relatively independent style of travel.
                                                                                                                 Just under half of travellers from the UK (48%) travelled
               Over half of all Australian visitors to New Zealand (52%) travelled
                                                                                                                 to New Zealand as an FIT.
               as a FIT (Fully Independent Traveller). The age profile of
               Australian visitors is relatively evenly distributed with visitors                                Tourism New Zealand’s target market in the UK is likely to

               aged 25-34 years, 35-44 years, and 45-54 years each                                               belong to the higher socio-economic group and be under

               accounting for approximately 20% of all Australian visitors.                                      25-34 years and over 50-64 years. It is estimated about
                                                                                                                 34% of the long haul travel market (6.7 million) are a
               Around 61% of travellers out of Australia fit into New Zealand’s
                                                                                                                 match with this group.
               target market.

               All results based on the International Visitor Arrivals (IVA) and International Visitor Survey (IVS) which are up till YE December 2006.

UNITED STATES:                                                      There were around 136,000 visitors in 2006 from Japan,

In the year ended December 2006, visitors from the United           who collectively spent NZ$475 million in New Zealand.

States contributed NZ$696.5 million to the New Zealand              They spent an average of NZ$3,739 per person in 2006.

economy and had an average spend of NZ$3,513 per visitor.           In 2007, Japanese arrivals fell to 121,652.

Visitors from the US have historically had a high spend per day     Japanese visitors to New Zealand favour packages,
($185 in 2006), due to a combination of a relatively short          with 31% travelling in this style, while 28% travelled
length of stay and a high overall spend.                            as Semi-Independent Travellers and 26% as FITs.

A total of 61% of US visitors said the main reason for visiting     The most common age groups are 15–24 and 55–64,
New Zealand was for a holiday. US visitors prefer to travel as      each making up around 21% of total arrivals.
either a SIT (Semi Independent Traveller) (43%) or FIT (37%).
                                                                    Just over 2/3 of Japanese visitors are visiting New Zealand
The age of US visitors to New Zealand was quite evenly spread       for the first time. Most (70.5%) Japanese visitors in 2006
with those visitors aged 15-24 years, 25-34 years, and 35-44        indicated that they would like to visit New Zealand again
years each accounting for approximately 14% of visitors.            in the future.
Those aged 55-64 accounted for 20.5% of US visitors.

A high percentage (58%) of US visitors to New Zealand visit at      GERMANY:
least one other country overnight during their travel to or from    Germany is New Zealand’s seventh-largest source of
New Zealand, compared with 36% for total visitors. This             international visitor expenditure, and one of the largest
reflects the relatively long haul nature of travel from the US.      sources of European visitors. Just under 60,000 Germans
                                                                    visited New Zealand in 2006, spending NZ$267 million in
For the majority (72%) of visitors from the US it was their first
                                                                    total. In 2007, 59,765 German visitors came to New Zealand.
trip to New Zealand. A large number of US visitors (75.8%)
say that they would visit New Zealand again in the future.          Visitors from Germany have a very high proportion of holiday-
                                                                    makers, around 71.5% of all visitors. These visitors are
                                                                    consistently younger than visitors from other countries. Around
                                                                    half (46.8%) of German visitors are aged under 35 years.
For many years Japan has been New Zealand’s fourth-largest
source of international visitors and visitor expenditure, and       The type of traveller that Tourism New Zealand targets in
New Zealand’s largest source of Asian visitors and visitor spend.   Germany tends to seek active interaction with untouched,

                                                                                                                        WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   29
               natural environments. They are financially prudent yet willing     The most common reason South Korean residents visit
               to pay good money for authentic experiences and are likely to     New Zealand is for a holiday (69.6%).
               be in the 18-30 or 50-65 age groups.
                                                                                 Eighty-one percent of South Korean visitors indicated
               German visitors tend to travel in a highly independent manner     that they would return again to New Zealand.
               with around 90% travelling either fully or semi independently.
               Visitors from Germany also typically travel widely throughout     CHINA:
               New Zealand, visiting a large number of places. This diverse      China is now one of New Zealand’s largest sources of
               travel pattern is made possible by the very long average length   international visitors and visitor expenditure. In the year ended
               of stay of German visitors of around one month and a half         December 2006, there were just under 106,000 visitors from
               (43.1 days) per visit.                                            China, who spent a total of NZ$326 million with an average
                                                                                 of NZ$3,341 per visit; in 2007 that rose to 120,804.
               KOREA:                                                            Tour groups are still the most popular from this market,
               South Korea remains New Zealand’s sixth-largest source of
                                                                                 with 41% of Chinese visitors travelling in this way. Over three
               international visitors and of visitor expenditure.
                                                                                 quarters (79%) of Chinese visitors are on their first visit to
               In the year ended December 2006 South Korea contributed           New Zealand with most visitors indicating they would visit
               NZ$327.3 million to the New Zealand economy, spending an          New Zealand again (80%).
               average of NZ$3,458 per person. Total Korean visitor arrivals
               for the same period numbered at 111,361, but arrivals
               dropped to 99,453 in 2007.
                                                                                 There were around 28,000 visitors from Singapore in 2006,
               Twenty-eight percent of South Korean visitors to New Zealand      spending around NZ$60.5 million in total. In 2007,
               travelled alone, with 26% travelling with a tour group. Most      New Zealand welcomed 26,836 Singaporeans.
               are fully-independent travellers (46%), with 16% travelling as
                                                                                 Just under half (45.4%) of visitors from Singapore are between
               part of a package.
                                                                                 25-44 years. Over half of the visitors from Singapore (54.7%)
               Most South Korean visitors to New Zealand in 2006 were            mention holiday as the primary purpose of their visit to
               aged between 45-64 years (41.3%), while 31.7% were aged           New Zealand. The majority of visitors from Singapore travelled
               between 25 to 44 years.                                           in either a fully (43%) or semi (36%) independent style. The

median length of stay in 2006 is nine days.                         HONG KONG:
The majority of visitors from Singapore (94%) were travelling       With 23,570 visitors in 2006, and 22,687 in 2007,
to New Zealand as their sole destination.                           Hong Kong is one of New Zealand’s smaller Asian markets.

                                                                    Average spend by Hong Kong visitors in New Zealand is
TAIWAN:                                                             around NZ$3,173, with total expenditure NZ$71.5 million.
Visitors from Taiwan spend around NZ$98.4 million                   Tourism New Zealand’s target market in Hong Kong comprises
in total in New Zealand and NZ$3,862 per holiday.                   around 36% of the total long haul travel market. They are
In 2007, 25,695 visitors arrived from Taiwan.                       generally well educated, preferring self-drive, and high-end
Holiday is the primary purpose of the visit for over half           accommodation.
(56.2%) of all Taiwanese visitors that come to New Zealand.
More than half (56%) of all visitors from Taiwan travel in a        THAILAND
fully-independent manner, while 21% of visitors choose to           Just over 18,000 Thais made their way to New Zealand in
travel in a semi-independent manner.                                2006, spending around NZ$82.6 million; the figure rose to

A high proportion of visitors from Taiwan (81%) cite New Zealand    20,349 in 2007.

as their sole destination on their trip. Almost half (49%) of the   New Zealand is positively perceived by Thais as one of the
visitors from Taiwan have been to New Zealand before.               safest and best value tourism and education destinations.

In Taiwan, Tourism New Zealand’s target market comprises            While Thai visitor spending in New Zealand varies considerably

around 23% of the long haul travel market and is likely to          by season, at nearly NZ$5,800 it is about 35% higher than an

have a high personal income (over NT $500,000). Women               average spend by Thai visitors to other overseas destinations.

are the main target, as they are still the decision makers for      This implies that Thais who come to New Zealand come mainly

travel products and make up 55.6% of Taiwanese visitors             from the high-end of the market.

to New Zealand.
                                                                    Sources: Tourism Research Council of New Zealand, YE December 2006
                                                           Tourism New Zealand Market Guides

                                                                                                                                    WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   31
               TAP INTO THE 100% PURE CAMPAIGN                                    International travel trade events – Tourism New Zealand
                                                                                  organises and supports a number of international travel trade
      – is a key source of information
                                                                                  and consumer events every year in key overseas markets.
               for potential visitors planning their trip to New Zealand.
                                                                                  To view upcoming events and find out how you can be involved,
               All Tourism New Zealand marketing activity promotes this
                                                                                  visit and click on ‘Events’.
               website. New Zealand-based operators can register their
               business on this website at                Tourism News – bimonthly magazine featuring local and
                                                                                  international tourism news, success stories, new research
      – the Tourism New Zealand
                                                                                  findings and other news that’s relevant to the tourism world.
               corporate website includes information on the 100% Pure
                                                                                  Go to (‘Publications’) or email
               New Zealand campaign, key contacts and research on the
                                                                         to receive Tourism News by post.
               motivation and satisfaction of New Zealand’s potential and
               actual visitors.                                                   Give it 100% – An introductory guide to marketing and
                                                                                  developing your tourism product. To order a free copy email
      – is used by overseas
                                                                         or visit
               and New Zealand-based travel trade. Information is specific
                                                                                  for an online version.
               to their needs, so items like what commission operators offer
               and language capability are available to the trade to view.        Posters – 100% Pure New Zealand posters are available
               Fill in your trade-specific details through your listing in         to buy. For current poster titles call toll free on
                                                 0508 868 747, during office hours.

               International Media Programme (IMP) – this Tourism                 New Zealand Presentation Pack – for business people,
               New Zealand programme brings key media to New Zealand              exchange students or anyone planning to make a presentation
               each year so they can experience this country first-hand.           on New Zealand overseas. Includes Tourism New Zealand’s
               If you would like to be included in this programme, talk to        four-minute promotional video and speech cue cards.
               your local Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO).                    Available at cost price. Email:

               Explore New Zealand Programme – offers free and discounted         Online image library – Tourism New Zealand has images that
               activities to international travel agents, wholesalers and         are available to support the marketing of New Zealand as a
               selected media. It aims to positively ‘influence the influencers’.   holiday destination for use outside New Zealand or on websites
               Registration details on                  for this purpose. Websites cannot be used to source images
                                                                                  for paid advertising. Qualified users can register to use images
                                                                                  from this site.
                                                       TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                      TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                 TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                   CHRISTCHURCH                             SINGAPORE
                                                       Unit 5, 35 Sir William Pickering Drive   391 Orchard Road
                 BOARD MEMBERS                         Burnside                                 #15-01 Ngee Ann City
                                                       PO Box 14 129                            15th Floor, Tower A
                 Wally Stone (Chairman)
                                                       Christchurch                             Singapore 0923
                 Susie Johnstone (Deputy Chair)        NEW ZEALAND                              SINGAPORE
                 Malcolm Johns                         Ph: +64 3 961 4830                       Ph: +65 6738 5844
                 Kathy Guy                             Fax: +64 3 961 4835                      Fax: +65 6235 2550
                 Sean Murray
                 Paul Bingham                          TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                      TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                                                       AUSTRALIA – SYDNEY                       TAIWAN – TAIPEI
                 Glenys Coughlan
                                                       Suite 3, Level 24, 1 Alfred Street       World Marketing Corp
                 Kay McKelvie
                                                       Sydney                                   2F-4, No 459
                 John Barrett                          PO Box R1546                             Chung-Hsiao East Road
                                                       Royal Exchange PO                        Section 5
                                                       NSW 2000                                 Taipei

                 TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                   AUSTRALIA
                                                       Ph: +61 2 8220 9000
                                                                                                Ph: +886 2 2764 8986
                 EXECUTIVE TEAM                        Fax: +61 2 8220 9099                     Fax: +886 2 2764 8977

                 GEORGE HICKTON                        TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                      TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                 Chief Executive                       CHINA – SHANGHAI                         THAILAND – BANGKOK
                                                       Unit 2505, Bund Centre                   Unit 2503
                 TIM HUNTER                            222 Yan An Road East                     25th Floor Tower B
                 General Manager Operations            Shanghai 200002                          Empire Tower
                                                       CHINA                                    195 South Sathorn Road
                 DAVID WILKS
                                                       Ph: +86 21 6335 0097                     Yannawa
                 General Manager Tourism Development   Fax: +86 21 6335 0921                    Bangkok 10120
                 CAS CARTER
                                                       TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                      Ph: +66 2 670 0115
                 General Manager Corporate
                                                       INDIA – MUMBAI                           Fax: +66 2 670 0116
                 Communications                        Office F, Level 15
                 CATHERINE BATES                       Nariman Bhavan                           TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                                                       Nariman Point                            UNITED KINGDOM – LONDON
                 General Manager Consumer Marketing
                                                       Mumbai 400021                            NEW ZEALAND House
                 JANE DENT                             INDIA                                    Haymarket
                 General Manager International         Ph: +91 22 5634 8040                     London SW1Y 4TQ
                                                       Fax: +91 22 5634 5516                    UNITED KINGDOM
                 Public Relations
                                                                                                Ph: +44 207 930 1662
                 KEITH THOMAS                          TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                      Fax: +44 207 839 8929
                 General Manager Corporate Services    JAPAN – OSAKA
                                                       Pias Tower, 15F                          TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                                                       3-19-3 Toyosaki                          USA – LOS ANGELES
                                                       Kita-ku                                  501 Santa Monica Boulevard
               TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                                                       Osaka 531-0072                           Suite 300
               CORPORATE OFFICE
                                                       JAPAN                                    Santa Monica
                                                       Ph: +81 6 6374 8654                      CA 90 401
               Level 22, Vodafone on the Quay
                                                       Fax: +81 6 6374 8656                     USA
               157 Lambton Quay
                                                                                                Ph: +1 310 395 7480
               PO Box 95, Wellington
                                                       TOURISM NEW ZEALAND                      Fax: +1 310 395 5453
               NEW ZEALAND
                                                       JAPAN – TOKYO
               Ph: +64 4 462 8000
                                                       World Trade Centre Building              TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
               Fax: +64 4 915 3817
                                                       Building 12F                             USA – NEW YORK
                                                       2-4-1 Hamamatsu-cho                      222 East 41st Street
               TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
                                                       Minato-ku                                Suite 2510
                                                       Tokyo 105-6112                           New York
               147 Victoria Street West
                                                       JAPAN                                    NY 10017
                                                       Ph: +81 3 5400 1311                      USA
               PO Box 91 893
                                                       Fax: +81 3 5400 1312                     Ph: +1 212 661 7088
               AMC, Auckland
                                                                                                Fax: +1 212 832 7602
               NEW ZEALAND
                                                       TOURISM NEW ZEALAND
               Ph: +64 9 914 4780
                                                       KOREA – SEOUL
               Fax: +64 9 914 4789
                                                       Room 1107-1108
                                                       Official Building
                                                       163 Shinmunno 1
                                                       Seoul 110-999
                                                       Ph: +82 2 3210 1107
                                                       Fax: +82 2 3210 1108


                             WWW.TOURISMNEWZEALAND.COM   35
   Tourism New Zealand Manaakitanga Aotearoa, PO Box 95, Level 22, Vodafone on the Quay, 157 Lambton Quay, Wellington, New Zealand
                             Tel : +64 4 462 8000

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